Friday, May 16, 2008


For those bananas fren that I have who asked for my beloved song's pin yin.. Here it is =) I still love this song.. Sum things neva change =)

zhe jie shang tai yong ji
tai duo ren you mi mi
bo li shang you wu qi zai bei yin cang guo qu
ni lian shang de qing xu
zai huan yuan na chang yu
zhe xiang nong tai guo wan qu zou bu hui gu shi li

zhe ri zi bu zai l�
you ban bo le ji ju
sheng xia ban kong hui yi de wo zai da fang zi li
dian ying yuan de zuo yi
ge yao yuan de ju li
gan qing mei you dui shou xi ni gen zi ji xia qi

hai lai bu ji zi zi xi xi xie xia ni de guan yu
miao shu wo ru he ai ni
ni que wei xiao de li wo er qu

zhe gan jue yi jing bu dui
wo nu li zai wan hui
yi xie xie ying gai ti tie de gan jue wo mei gei
ni du zui xu de yuan wang hen bei wei zai tuo xie
shi wo hu lue ni bu guo yao ren pei

zhe gan jue yi jing bu dui
wo zui hou cai liao jie
yi ye ye bu ren fan yue de qing jie ni hao lei
ni mo bei wei wo diao guo ji ci lei duo qiao cui
er wo xin sui ni shou zui ni de mei wo bu pei

repeat A, Bx2
Monday - Wednesday - Thursday.. Uh uh.. 3 nites this week over at Bar Celona.. Grrrrr.. Yesterday sucks.. Not the songs though =) The songs were nice.. Spend sum time over at Segafredo *hope I didn't spell it wrong* eating a salad.. Ya.. That's only wat I should eat now =C & doing my assignment =) Everybody was like so happi chatting, fooling around & I just gotta do my assignment.. Went into Bar Celona.. Didn't really club much.. Not into it.. Was just sending greeting all around.. But oh gosh.. Elaine was wild =) Went home early =) Not gonna stay till it close.. Too late dyz.. Got assignment rush summore.. Fui yoh!!!

Assignment assignment.. After next Tuesday *which is when my last assignment is due* it's all about studying & revising for exam dy!! Gotta work hard!! If not dad's gonna kill me.. Sobx.. I seriously hate assignments =C It's like a torture for students send from God =P But in my case.. The God is referred to Monash.. No offense to those who's religious.. I'm brought up as a free-thinker =P But Wednesday nite was fun =) Met up wid Elvin & sum of his frens.. Ken, Bryan, Fung, Elaine, Ah Sa & sum others was over there too =) Piggy headed me.. Got back my perfume & stuffs from Elvin but left my I/C wid him =-=!!

Saturday rave's.. Hrmmm.. Anybody going????

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mui's new hair..

So sis came over to Sunway & dragged me to Cuckoo Saloon.. Sam & Billy's new partnership.. Over at ss 15.. And the waiting begans.. Snap sini sana.. She reached like 5 sumthing.. Finished at 9 sumthing.. Kesian me.. Who got nth to do.. Lucky Bryan drop by.. Buahahaa.. If not might be dying dy.. The process of her hair.. No pics while she doing treatment & cutting though..

Down.. Final product.. Red sial.. I think my mom will get heart attact when my mom see her.. My parents so not up for this modern style.. My mom alwayz said she's the extreme one.. Haha.. I agree =D

And.. After Bryan viewed my blog.. He complaint that there's no pic of me & him.. Serious lar.. I didn't take much pic wid him also.. Maybe is the fact that I see him everyday sudah lose the feeling of wanna capture him in pic.. Haha.. So we agree the next time we go out.. Dun wanna dance.. Dun wanna drink.. Apa pun tak mau.. Only snap snap snap.. Buahahhaa.. Rite Bryan??? But I found this one pic.. Eiei.. I remember dy lar.. In my older post got me n you de pic also lar.. Lolz...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brief updates & sum pics!!

Been MIA for a period of time.. Busy due to assignments.. 2 down.. 2 more to go.. Buahahaa.. Meanwhile I dun feel like bored you guys out wid my nanny stories.. So I decided to try my best to use pics to tell you the "happenings" Hehee.. Actually I'm very lazy to write.. Imagine you had been doing 2 2k words essay.. Brainjuice pun dah kering la bang!

The picture above was taken last nite.. Friday 9th May 08 over at Maison.. Meet 2 new darlings.. Esther and Evelyn.. Kinda fun to hangout wid despite the lack of crowd but I find it kinda comfy compared to packed up places! Bryan is effing drunk.. & Herman took videos of it.. Very very very the funny.. I wonder if I should post it up.. But.. He'll kill me.. You won't rite?? Gg.. Anyway had fun.. I was driving Bry's car.. Then he was like effing noisy as he wanna eat fat chicken.. End up going Old Town over at my area.. &.. He fell asleep there!!

The pics ABOVE & BELOW.. Hehee.. This was taken during our girlie trip to One-Utama.. Hehee.. Me, my dear dear Ying *love her love her love her.. best best* and her boi, Chris.. Haha.. Went makan.. Chit chat.. Then shopping =D And then moviee.. Gg.. The pics taken using Chris's new phone.. Kinda nice =P She's just one out of a zillion???

Mui's back!!! But only for holidays =C Anyway brought her over to club in Bar Celona.. She was too in need for it dy.. Haha.. Maybe being stuck in the wild for a few months could do that to people.. Anywayz.. This is my favourite picture out of all we had taken in the past.. The love in us.. The kiss that we share.. Well.. In case you guys are wondering.. She & Gillian is both the best.. Besty out of all the best I have which aren't alot.. =P Still she's been my effing small sista for like 11? 12? 13 years?? Bah.. Think about it..

KungFu Panda, Gadis Tudung, Fishy fishy *named by Ken*, Doreen

Anyway this pic above & below are all jus random pictures that I found in my camera.. There's still alot of pics anywayz.. From Bar Celona, from Bamboo 9, from Ruums, from Ken's studio, from all the places we went lar.. Imagine going out for everyday of the week.. & drinking our way through it.. Which is.. Really.. Unhealthy!!! Oinkss ^oo^"