Monday, June 29, 2009

Check list. Gone.

Shit... I was planning to do a final check list but I realize I'm running out of time.... Arghh... I got so much to write here but but but... Shit.. I'm gonna shower now... Gotta meet up with my Subang boys tonight. Can't wait. And I do REMEMBER about the dinner k? Lol. Got some errands to run during the noon. Will blog tonight when I'm back!! Bye!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New lappie. Shyiok =)

Is at Gilly Cafe yamcha-ing with Gillian and others now! Blogging with my new lappie. Syiok! Finally I manage to get my lazy ass to Low Yat and get my new lappie. Happy =)

It's just something random. Lol. Bye =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So little time left yet so much to do!

The title says it all! I'm freaking busy. There's so many stuff that I need to do before I leave for Melbourne. There's this whole list that goes on & on.

Just wanna say that Michael Jackson's death is such a great loss to the world! Will write more later. Am already late for my nail appointment!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last paper tomorrow!

Finally, the examination is coming to an end =) I'm relief. But there's so many things to do after exams and there's so little time I have. And I still got to pack for my trip to Melbourne which is like in 5 days time? Can't wait to see my brother, his girl & all my babes over there. Gosh.

But first things first.

Right after exam tomorrow, I'm going to do something to my hair. The question now would be how short would I want it to be? Am still thinking =)

Dinner with my fellow Subang kakis is a must too!

Getting myself a new laptop!!

Hanging out with Chin Sook Lee. Too much to catch up. I want details =P

Wants to watch Transformer: The Revenge of the Fallen! *provided if I have the time* if not I'll watch it when I'm in Melbourne then.

Meets Ian!!! He made a list of promises, from yummilicious desserts to Jazz bars to swimming sessions to drinking mode! By one at a time, pllleeeaaassseeee!!!

Find Gillian Ng Choi Yen. Lol. She had been emo-ing me for the past few weeks for ignoring her because of my exams. Sayang balik =)

I got only 4 days left in KL. Shit. The list goes on. I decided not to think about it. Yet.

Back to studies now!

Oh ya, btw, I'm tired of answering the same questions so I'm gonna repeat just once more. I'm going over to Melbourne just for a vacation not for my studies. Another yet. When I leave for my studies I'll definitely tell k? Next question, why Melbourne of all place? Because I miss my brother & babes too much & I ran out of places to go. See, I had been travelling here & there, SABAH for most of my holidays, islands and tourist spots during weekends & lots of Asian countries these days with my parents because they got bored of Europe for now. I'm definitely leaving Europe till I have more money so I can backpack with my darling & my parents is complaining that I had been to Europe twice, yaa daa yaa daa... As for States, I'm still considering the working option during my summer.

Its time.

There's actually 2 hours to go but I just can't relax.

Hence, its time for me to go!

Wish me all the luck ya! And to those who're having exam today, good luck =)

Thinking back.

I guesses I was too tired, decided to take a short break when all the memories that I had kept somewhere came rushing out.

I remembered the day I know you, I was all down when someone make a joke out of us at the end of the night. I thought it was just a joke & you guys were strangers but a few months later, you proved me wrong. The joke wasn't a joke. I was shocked when I bumped into you a few months later which wasn't a coincidence according to you.

It started off really sweet & it might had been more if it wasn't what happened. Regrets? I don't think so but there's time I wonder how it will ends up if I & you were together instead of just friends but a little more. The feelings were clear, the intention was not. Contacts were cut off & for the few months, I knew so much more about you, about your past. Fate brought as back, but we were never more than friends. Maybe that's the way it was supposed to be. I remembered when everything starts getting out of control & you told me what you think. That's the time when I realised you had grew up, instead of running away like you use to do. I'm glad we're still friends now & it had been really long since then =)

Some things which are not meant to be is better to be leave it that way. You brought me back to life at that moment & thanks for every little things you did despite all the lies you told me. I appreciate every little things and though the lies did hurt, I understand what lies behind the lies. I'm glad we're never more than friends.

It had been so long =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I wonder what I'm doing here.

Seriously, I know I'm in deep shit since I only manage to study like 50% of what I'm supposed to study & I still have the mood to log in & crap here. Maybe it acts as a form of release? I guess so =P There's so much to post, my out-of-sudden Port Dickson trip, a few friend's birthday *inclusive of many belated birthday wishes.. dun blame me XD* & of course my recent thoughts. Anyhow some friends asked me a few questions a few weeks back. One of it was why I never blog about the places and food that I went to eat. Ergh, I guess I'm too lazy to charge my camera's battery & snap pictures of the food because I just dived into the food every time its served? In fact I have some delicacies pictures stored in my computer somewhere but I'm too lazy to post XD And I don't blog about some of the places that I eats in because I'm leaving that for a surprise *and a mystery* for a few of my friends who are still in overseas & promising them a trip to the so-called-makan-tempat? But its true that I do spend most of my $$ on food and I always eat around all the time. I can drive all the way to Seremban for a bowl of noodles then back. Yap, that's what I do & that's what my friend refer to as crazy! Anyhow I'll try to blog more about my food *& also my rising weight?* That's just a promise to try XD

Anyhow, I need release!! I'm so stressed up now. My mind is filled with all this random cases I studied and its getting confusing which is which. I had a long talk with my mom today too. Fuck. This is just so random.

Back to urgh, laws?

Edited: There's so many birthdays this month! I ended up spending most of my time attending them & money buying present! And there is more birthdays to come! I didn't know so many people give birth in June!!!! November is even unbearable but its my birthday so I guess its better than ONLY attending other people's birthday since I get a share of the gifts and fun too XD?

Business Law paper tomorrow (x_x)

I'm so not prepared for my law paper tomorrow. I still have like 19 hours till the paper. Enough time? I don't think so. I'm still in a fucked-up mood and is too depressed to go all hard-core. I'm so dead. God bless me huh? Or maybe I should bless myself? Gave myself a bit relief when I passed by MNG just now and bought 2 tops. But that's just a few minute relief and kinda an 'escape-from-reality-thing'. I feel like I'm once again root the the position I'm now and not moving forward. Maybe its time to take a deep breath and think?!? I think a lot these days. According to some friends, its a little too much. What do I want with my life? Go figures!

Till then, bye!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Like the title says, I'm depressed.

First I fail one paper. Authorship & Writing. I couldn't even manage to be my usual self to blab things out. I answer only 2 questions, others all blank.

Then I ended home emo-ing the whole day, sulking at my bed. To make things worst, my parents started an argument with me later that night.

I really do love my parents a lot. I have done things that disappoint them & I'm truly sorry for those, but that doesn't mean I have to be the daughter you want because I'll go crazy leading that kind of life. I just want to be myself. I'm not sure how I'll end up in the future, but one thing I know for sure is that you guys will always be in my heart & I love you & respect you both no matter what happens but some things just can't be forced.

Its time to get a grip out of myself. Be ready for the last 2 paper. Do my best, that's all I can say.

Just drop by at Ken's place for his birthday a.k.a soft opening of his renovated-studio. I'm glad that I met back all you guys, it brings back lots of fond memories. Couldn't stay long due to papers next week & recent-argument with parents =C Will hang out soon k? Happy Birthday to Ken =) I'm sure you'll be having fun so what I'll be wishing you will be all the best in everything you do k (".)?

To my one & only daddy, its father's day tomorrow. I know you're still mad/disappointed/hurt by/at me, I just want to wish you Happy Father's Day & I still love you despite what I did.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My new hairstyle.

The much-needed-courage popped out of nowhere & I finally cut it short =) Good *a.k.a the damage ends* 4-5 inches off. Anywayz its not that s-h-o-r-t yet. I'm planning to cut another 2-3 inches off by next week. Cheers to my new found courage! Its goodbye to damaged hairs & welcome to better ones! This is how it looks like for now anyway. Picture taken a few days back!

Love it? Hate it? I adore it. But its irritating to me that it isn't short enough! Another trip to Yang's is much needed!
Poser sial =P

Back to my studies! Planning to take a short nap *God knows if I can wake up =P* before studying my Authorship & Writing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lolly Luck.

I'm too lazy to upload any pictures taken while in Port Dickson. Awh, and a specific-made post for my honey's 21st birthday, that takes lots of effort *wink* All that gotta wait. I had manage to attack the 1st paper with all my Cristine's theory but what about the 2nd one? Authorship & Writing. I'm still not in the mood to study. My face is all puffy red now, the back showing signs of being sunburnt when I took all the precautions to cover it all up & lather it all with sunblock!!

Thanks hon for the lolly. Good luck for your paper on Tuesday k? The lolly is going to all the exams with me k? Promise =)

And to my bunnykins, if you're reading this, I'm sure you're gonna ace your management paper tomorrow & pass with flying colours =) I'm confidence of that. You work hard on it, you deserve it =)

Chilling session @ Bangsar.

Came across this pictures while uploading the pics from my camera to my pc. My camera ran out of battery for more than 2 weeks & I didn't bother to charge it anywayz. These pictures are forgotten if not for charging the camera the other day for Soo's birthday & the Port Dickson trip. And I realise I got plenty of pictures still loitering around my pc, waiting to be uploaded to facebook & my blog.

Bah. I'm lazy!

Pictures taken after Mario's wedding. Headed to Bangsar with Jeanie, Anson, Kenny & Kah Mun for a drinking/chilling session. Last moment decision anywayz. Had mahjong session over at my house after that till like 5 or 6 in the morning. Lol. Genting then with Jeanie, Anson & his sister. No longer had the energy for all this spree larh. Old dy!

Me & sis.
The love birds.
Enjoying snacks with red wine. My favourite =)
Random pictures before my camera ran out of battery.
Another one of Kenny's.

Anyway for those who ask, I don't have any pictures taken during Mario's wedding or AJ's birthday. I didn't have my camera with me at that time. Wait for either JR's or Boy's one k?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Port Dickson, here I comes =)

A last minute decision. Gonna celebrate Zhi Fu's sister's birthday over at Port Dickson tonight =)

Anyway I'm officially done with my first paper filled with Cristine's theory *I hope I pass anyway*. 3 more to go & I'm off to Melbourne. Seriously, I can't wait to be there to meet up with my darlings, especially Charlotte & Amelia, my brother & his girl =)

A road trip to Port Dickson sounds relaxing though although the ocean isn't that clean but still, its better than no ocean at all. I miss the sea so so so much!


To my honey, Ms Soo Siaw Vun: I'm still not saying the few words =) I'll say it when I feel like it! BooHoo!!!!! "Lei chui argh?!?" For now, just enjoy your animal dinner at the "zoo" with the bamboo, monkey & whatever else they are =) Love you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight's gonna be a special one =) Although its not much, I still can't wait!


Btw, its my first paper tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Long night.

The title says it all.

This is gonna be one hell frigging long night & I'm not in the mood to study at all.

Oh ya, to those who asked, I did cut my hair short like last week? or 2 weeks back? But it ain't that short although its considered the shortest I have had since 3 years back? or 4? I'm gonna make it shorter *hopefully next week =)*

Anyway God bless the unhappy souls out there tonight. There are too many hearts broken & too many tears fallen. The world still goes round & round & the time ain't freezing, so life still goes on no matter what. When fallen, take it as a lesson learn & stand up once again & start walking/crawling/rolling down the path once again. All I can do is offer you a ear, a piece of advice, a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand for you to lean on while you're trying to stand. That's all.

Nobody's perfect. So am I. So do all of you. People make mistakes. So do I. The same goes to all of you.

This is life =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

First paper this friday?!?

Public Relations Theory & Processes...


Its a freaking dry unit. No choice though..

And its someone's birthday today! *winks*