Sunday, May 31, 2009

Petrosains outing =)

Heard of Petrosains located at KLCC? The place where you see little kids line up all day long to get in? At the starting of the month, we decided to give it a try *we ran out of places to go*. I skipped class though. Feeling a little guilty about it =X The admission for the place is cheap, kinda interesting if you're interested in learning mostly-physic-and-bio-related-stuffs which are cool =) & experiencing & playing funky stuffs! Bunny! Let's hit Petrosains after our exams XD!

Anyway we went over to KLCC to have our lunch there. Didn't realise why of all place they choose Sushi King though =C The service really sucks over there =C Anyhow, one of the main reason we choose Petrosains is because of this...

Not clear enough?
Eh-hem! Cute??? Definitely a big fat YES! Introducing TungTung a.k.a Ken's daughter =)
Me & Nen =C One of our last trip before he left!
The family. Ken - Tung - Fanice *sorry T_T your name's spelling is too complicated*
The baby getting hyper over a hrmm electronic dinosaur at Dinotrek =P
The two hyper boys who went on a cycle competition!
Sand box for fossil digging =)
Mother dinosaur looking after their eggs?
The dino war! Apparently, according to the explanation provided, there's no way knowing which dinosaur will win because both exist in a different time era =)
Funky games provided with the three big babies hyper over it =)
Entering the Petrosains!
Creating a passage of their own =)
Machos over miniature construction machines!

Feeling really sleepy. Going off to bed =) Nights! To the party people out there, have fun =)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sister & me.

Some of my friends had been asking lots of questions regarding my sister & me this few weeks. Me & her is going fine for now, its not the first time we had went through rocky paths & patch up all over again & I feel she deserves another chance. I know what you people are thinking but I guess that particular problem doesn't really bother me anymore & what's important she's here now & she's trotting down the right path or perhaps a better path. Of all time, she needs all the supports she can get. That's what I know. Thanks for the concern anyway =)

A lil picture of me & my sister =)

Random pictures of April!

Didn't really blog much this two months & when I logged in today, I happened to find something funny in my chatbox. I would just love to comment that my blog is a space meant for me & my friends so I don't really care much about what other people think & say cause I'm still being stubborn, sticking back to the believe that blog is a personal space for me & my friends =) Say what you guys want =) And if nobody did anything, then there is no need to feel guilty and the gossip is just something I heard. No offense meant =)

April had been a hectic month, so is this one. Life in uni is stressing me out *I'm frigging regretting why I choose Monash at the 1st place* and I managed to hand in two of my assignments late, one which if I failed, I will be considered failed for that particular unit which means I'll be wasting about 4k of cash for nothing & retaking the whole unit next semester *fingers crossed* The other sad outcome out of this stressed-period will be I managed to gain extra two kilos T_T Part of the reason will be all the birthday dinners and weddings I went to this month. Yeap! There goes another bachelor, my super Mario! My mushroom man is no longer single & is now wed, expecting to be a dad in 7 months =) Congrats to you & you did a good job during your wedding & ah-hem "bachelor party" *I don't even know thats considered as a bachelor party =="* I managed to meet up with most of my Cheras kakis during the wedding =) I didn't take any pictures because my camera had ran out of battery & it had remained that way since the beginning of this month! I'll wait for pictures from J.R. then =) Will blog more this weekend. Till then, enjoy a lil' random pictures from my phone!

Don't really remember when I took this picture. If I'm not wrong will be before my Telok Gong double Ds session *drinking & dining* with Nen, Ken & his wife. I remember I was waiting for about an hour before they came over & pick me up XD
Me & Sook Lee! Went over to FunOK for a lil' gathering. Always one of my best girls =)
My frigging pale look with eye bag due to assignments. To my oh-so-dear Sook Lee, you +oil for your exam, I +oil for mine. Let's see who dies first XD
Introducing you Sook Lee's lifetime lover, Mr.Mango *its actually a mango sago but according to her, anything that comes in mango flavour she'll still loves it* & my little icy treat for this weather, honeydew sago with our lone cup of ice lemon tea!
This place is actually another version of The Apartment, perhaps a cuter & funkier version.
Anyway I love places which I can sit on the floor =)
While hanging out in the infamous "bus station" of Monash, we spot something! See the chicken?!? Bunny!?!? I want wild chicken for dinner XD
Dinner session with Abel, Bunny & others in Asia Cafe.
The crazy fella who's sedang pening dekat Penang sekarang =) I miss you lots & no worries, everything will be okay k? Time will heal everything, sour or spicy or bitter or whatever taste you're tasting now lar. Eat more cakeys =)
Well, me & him actually went on a quick shopping trip to Pavillion but ended up spending the whole day over there cause we were waiting for both of our stomach to get empty & makan our all-time-favourite Subway!
And this is a new chilling dessert, just right for this weather that my honey introduce to me last month, located opposite Asia Cafe, SS15 on the second floor. Try it out =) Its a Tawainese dessert. Nice hanging out spot anywayz =)

Back to uni stuff then =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Campus food? Yucks!

This would be the sem that I had dined in on campus for the most times! And I can't definitely tell, the food had not improve even a teeny weeny bit! Its freaking expensive & it sucks! Sucks 9 9! Even the infamous Indo Mee Goreng is disgusting me out~ Left San Fransisco Coffee & 1901, but, still, what about the other 10 stores they have T_T? If its not because of the !@#$$%@%@ assignment, I'll definitely not be eating there! Even my high school food taste better! Grrr!

If any of your friend happens to ask you to pop by Monash to have a quick lunch with them, don't ever fall in to the bait! You'll regret 10000000%!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gossips =P

Juicy gossips for my dear friends~

I just found out that the girl *this is meant for my friends so they would know who they are, I'm definitely not writing out the girl's name because I don't want to be known as a bitch or watsoeva* who went all the way to break up with her boyfriend with all the dramas for the past week, giving tons of excuses & stuffs is all a lie =) She might say she doesn't want to be committed & wants to have fun but the main reason she wants to have fun as a SINGLE is because she have eyes on this brand-new-fella & they happened to be at the club last week & she acted all drunk just to make him bring her home. Go figures out what happened! *wink*

This post is not intended to harm anyone, so no harm meant!

Loves =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Its Mother's Day so get your lazy ass up & be a good son/daughter to your mommy =)

Anyway I didn't mean that you should wait once a year for this special day to give your mom a sweet treat but you should do it all year long but since today is meant to be special, use up your brain juice & your savings to do something a little special for your mom. Something made by your own hand will be the best though if you have the time =)

Am heading to Genting Highland because of some invitation by the Elite Club for some special Mother's Day dinner/event.

To all the mommies out there, I wish you all a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, especially my OWN!

A post for my awesome Subang muskeeeters =)

You see, due to my lazy-ness & busy-ness, the Subang boys are emo-ing me. I'm really really sorry & is sincere with it! Please, please don't be jealous that I didn't blog about you guys & that doesn't mean that you guys are not important to me =P And there's no need to start a blog war lar bunny =P And I still remember all our Benta moments, Telok Gong reunion dinner, hokkien mee, Left4Dead sessions... The list goes on.

You guys are as awesome as any, buddies & brothers of mine although you guys treated me as aman & not a woman, I still love you guys a lot. I didn't mean to neglect you guys so don't think like as if I have forget you all larh! I don't want to be the bad guy =C I remember all the time we spend together & treasure it a lot & please, please, please don't put it in a way like I'm some cold-blooded person =P

Running out of brain juice, will blog about you guys again soon =P

Just a plain... Simple.... You guys are the awesome Subang muskeeters of mine.

You guys know who you are *wink*

Poppy again on the 25th April 09.

I guess I'm becoming a frequent customer of Poppy's despise all my complaints. Lol! I was actually planning to stay at home that night when Stephanie called me & ask me to Poppy with the girls. Mom just went back to Hong Kong & dad's away so I decided to go last minute with them. Drove over there & met up with Jacklyn & Jeanie. Bump into freaking lots of people that night, Ah Loon, Xian Zhi, Kean How & the whole bunch of my Cheras boys, Daniel & Andrew & the PJ darlings, Ken & many many others! It was a happy night, well till the drive home & something unpleasant happened. Anyhow I heard lots of juicy stories, seen lots of drama, to conclude it, a damn happening night lar weih!

And here is something I didn't upload for a long time. Pictures!
This is my favourite picture of the night! Kenny was laughing really loud when he saw this particular picture. Try to imagine what he's thinking when he saw this!
- Me - Stephaine - Cally -
The other babes =P
The peace pose! Acting cute but failed =C
Btw, some of the pictures is contributed by Kenny's camera so the colour's a bit different! I'm the only one looking normal in this picture! Oh-ho!
Me & my sister. She's starting to grow up at last, glad of it =)
Sisters in the back, still sisters now, & hopefully so is the future =) 12 years & counting =P
Me & Jacklyn =P
- Kenny - Jeanie - Me -
The three of us again!
Someone that didn't appear in my blog for a long time! The missing friend of mine that become a 24/7 perfect boyfriend to Ashley, his beloved babe! Lol! Ken!!
The party people =)
The 3 babes =)
And here come the chau tut pictures =P There's more of it but its all in my facebook =P
Haha. I hate Kenny who spend the whole night taking all this chau tut pictures larh!
Wondering what the heck I was doing =P

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A little peek.

Never really bother to blog much these days. I'm on a emotional-rollercoaster that goes up & down. Don't really know what I want to blog about now anyway. Am really glad that my honey is here to spend the night with me. It feels good to have a companion beside me to accompany me through this long night instead of.....

A little peek on my tipsy look last night after dad's birthday dinner =)
Ended up taking all this chau-tut shots of my own. Lolz.

That's all for now I guess.

Oh. And Happy Birthday to you. I really, really do wish you have a great one even after all that had happen. Life is never perfect but I'll wish that you have a great one. There's one thing you must really learn is you can't always have what you want. Happy Birthday my friend.

Happy Birthday to my one & only Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Thanks for the 20 years of love & care that you rain on me =)

You're the best dad in the world!

I love you, I love you & I LOVE YOU!

Lots & lots!


Monday, May 4, 2009

It still hurts.

At this moment, I got to admit, I still doesn't have the courage to face some of the ghosts that still haunt me.

I still need time.

I thought I'm facing it all but I realize that there's still some part I'm avoiding.

It still hurts.













What does all this truly mean?

Especially love.

At the end, does all this matters?

Maybe it do.

Or it just doesn't.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Conunut wine is the good!

Conunut wine is the best =) It makes you go right round right round right round~


Just got back from so-called dinner with Ken, his wife & Nen. Who the hell on earth have dinner at 10 p.m. and makes it a usual? I feel bad when we do this to the waiter & waitress~ We make them work extra hours. And the kitchen always ran out of ingredients like the day over in Marche & today over at Telok Gong!

Counting days till Nen's leaving to Penang for work. Gonna miss this crazy fella like mad! Who's gonna play UNO stock like we do with me =C?

Crazy yet true friends are hard to find.

Night night XD

Loves =)