Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to KL.

Not much time to spare once I was back at KL. The same thing is happening over here like it was over in KK. People are all leaving back to heir own prospective country for their studies/work or they had already left! A saddening thought. Decided to meet up with those who are still here for now! The first day after I was back, I got to meet my favourite woman of all time, Amelia Ho! After all, we managed to go over to Bangsar *like how we previously planned before she's back* & met up with Matthew *the magic cards boy. lolz* Had our lunch over at Delicious & we ended up walking round & round in Bangsar Village because it was drizzling outside. Ended up at Chocolate Lounge for some hot chocolate drinks. So far, one of the best I had ever had over in Malaysia. I love chocolate drinks but for some unknown reason *or according to Amelia its because Malaysia's chocolate drinks have too much milk in it*, the chocolate drink in Malaysia taste more like Milo to me somehow ==" Both me & Amelia brought camera along with us but we managed to forget to take even a SINGLE picture. At least, we still manage to see each other once more before she left.

To Amelia if you're reading this, you're leaving tomorrow right? Sorry for the other day, couldn't make it to Asia Cafe with you bunch. Take really good care of yourself when you're back & it'll b very soon till we meet each other again. I'll confirm with you about the date I'm gonna be over there. Stay away from chickens over there. It suck! Lolz. Till then it'll be a goodbye. Oh ya, if you ever managed to meet up with Matthew when you're over there, try speaking Malay with him! Lolz!


Time for my peeps next who'll still be in K.L. for now =D Met up with Brian & Michelle the day after for lunch. I'm being my usual self, forgetful, which means I didn't manage to bring my small gift for them. Michelle's gift is worst, I left it at my mom's friend's car. Till then, she got to wait. I'm not going to post up pictures of the interior design taken over at the place we had our lunch cause it reminds me of Kay, definitely bringing her over there when she's back from UK in a few months time. I'm sure she'll love it there so for now, it'll remain a secret. To those who know, please seal your mouth up or I'll seal it up for you guys.

The weird friend of mine: Brian! I think his mom might had drop him too much on his head when he was young. Don't mind him!
The friend of my weird friend *how anyone else ever stand him is amazing*: Michelle! Don't be bothered with him. We should do what we did that day, which is to ignore & leave him in his own fantasy world!
When a weirdo meets someone normal, this is what happens.
Decided to take pictures while Brian is busy editing a eh-hrmm picture of mine with crown & hearts & animals!
See my nails? First time having fake nails attached to me. I think I failed as a girl. In the first 3 hours, three nails had already came off. Gosh. Anyhow, its a really cheap kind of fun & convenient for those people who are use to short nails but needs their nails done once in a while.
A closer shot.
When he had finished editing the picture, he wants my camera next.
The reason he want it, is for this!
Hmph! He even take 3 shots of his toe! I'm so not going to post that up!

Headed over to OUG next for tea-ing session with Ken. He's leaving this Saturday too =C Sam, Collin & Stephanie was there too. Ken is still the same old Ken. How he managed to survived while he was in South Africa is a wonder. Oh, according to him, he smoke every 30 minutes & slept right after he finish his meal & work. His life > wake up - smoke - work/smoke all the way - eat - sleep & it repeats like a cycle. Amazing!

Falling in ♥ with a new song.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The last few days & last night at BarSu ♥ Birthday wishes to my dear Charlotte ♥

Due to my laziness, I managed NOT TO charge my camera's battery after the day over at Manukan. Bringing a camera which had already ran out of battery means no pictures were taken. Sob sob (T_T) *regretting now* The next few days were spent on eating, yamcha-ing, shopping, hanging around *which is practically equals to doing nothing*. Managed to head over Charlotte's house one night for her younger brother's birthday & BarSu for the last night though =)

While shopping for a face cleanser, there were racks & racks of shades at the side of the department store over at City Mall so we decided to try it on.

Picture #1: Stella with shades
Picture #2: Me with shades
Picture #3: Honey with her lalat shades! Lols!

♥ Last night over at BarSu ♥

Am gonna head back to KL the next day, Charlotte on the day after & Ian following the day after her. Decided to check out BarSu which is located at Waterfront. Passed by it on Valentine's Day with a familiar face spinning for the night, DJ Misty a.k.a Jerryca *Ken's friend*. The decoration is a little similar to Blanc on Heritage Row, white-colour-themed decoration although BarSu is a little more classier compared to Blanc. Anyway BarSu is kinda famous over at KK *according to Charlotte* so thats the place we decided to go. Ian came over to pick me & Siaw Vun up first with Charlotte joining us later after her dinner. It was really empty when we arrived *cause it was effing early* so we decided to take pictures again *I managed to charge my camera for 30 mintues beforehand*

See all the empty seats behind us? It became really pack like around twelve? Typical clubbers =="
Me & honey complaint about this shot because it feels like 2 strangers taking pictures together.
A much better one but still we're not satisfied with Ian's skill so we decided to take ourself =)
Ah ha. You see? Its much more better.
The house wine that I drank & it taste terrible. Yuck! One of the few worst wines I had drank!
And I saw Kilkenny! The beer Daniel talked about but didn't managed to try it!
Me & Ian. My god. He's getting really thin & I'm getting really fat. Should donate some fats to him =P
And again!
So-called-sexy-shot of my honey
Then Charlotte arrived & we switched to Heineken ♥ after that. No more pics taken as it was party time ♥ Oh & we had lots of tequila shots =="

Charlotte dear.. Seriously, I'm running out of words to tell you. I had sent you really long sms-es, called you, gave you card, present, posted on your wall over in Facebook. But its still 11 p.m. over here in KL which means your birthday is not over yet. You're probably singing karaoke over in Melbourne now. WooHoo! I wish you had a great time over there & don't sing too much emo songs k? Sing happy ones^^! Whatever wish you made for your birthday, I wish that it'll come true & whatever you are planning to do, I'll give my full support to you ♥ For more private wishes & talk, I'll save it when I chat with you ♥ Lolz.

Once again,

Happy Birthday my oh-so-dear friend ♥


Day 5 ♥ Charlotte's First Time ♥ Pulau Manukan ♥

Girls day out to Pulau Manukan

I'm wondering how or where I should start yapping on. Okay, the girls, me, Charlotte, Stella & Siaw Vun decided to hit Pulau Manukan with a few reasons. Remember when I said during the previous post that Charlotte is going to overcome her fear towards to ocean really soon? This is the day she's going to face the so-called-fear of her. Let me introduce this dear friend of mine, her name is Charlotte Wong, her birthday is TODAY, she's already 21 years old, she had been staying in KK all her life beside the ocean & she had NEVER been to an ISLAND or going inside the sea higher then ankle-height water. See, so this is really her FIRST TIME to be in water/island so she said she wants to GIVE US her FIRST TIME & we should feel really happy =="

Anyhow honey got to wake up really early for Yoga classes with Stella since she had missed all her classes since I came so Charlotte came over & pick me up. Headed over to Damai for some food *for us* & bread *for the fish*. Next stop, 7-11 to get some beer, which of course will be Heineken ♥ my favourite. Lolz. There's two place for boat rides over to Pulau Manukan, one will be the jetty & another one will be the Sutera Harbour. Sutera Harbour's boat ride is much more expensive compare to those offer by the jetty & Sutera Harbour is located quite far from the city. Mostly meant for tourists who stay over in Sutera Harbour Resort & Pacific Hotel. Oh, Sutera Harbour also serves as one of the most expensive club house for locals with its own private yatch harbour/club. This is also IAN THIEN'S favourite place to bring people to somehow! Hmph! Charlotte Wong insist on taking boat ride from here. Since its her first time, we kinda do whatever she wants.

A brief side shot of Sutera Harbour. Too much pictures to post so, aiks, f*** it^^"
See our bags? This is the bag I bought from Esprit the day before with Siaw Vun. Its really big & cheap, good for dumping lots of stuff in it. Got the black one so I can just dump my bag on the floor during lectures & tutorials. Honey got the bright yellow one so I can spot her from a far in uni! Lolz!
Snapping while waiting for Stella to arrive!
Honey was begging Charlotte for something *forgot what it is* but its just a random shot. Stella came after that & on we go =) Time to board the boat!
This is obviously, me
♥ Honey
♥ Stella
Oh, this is the best shot. Amazing. Superb! See, this girl I call my dear, Charlotte Wong, is not only afraid of the ocean but boat rides too. She started to freak out when she just board the boat, freak out when the boat was still waiting for the other 2 to board, freak out when the boat start sailing really slow out of the jet area, freak out when the boat pick up speed during the trip, freak out when the boat reached Pulau Manukan *which is just a short trip about 20 minutes or so* & went missing with the help of her friend, Ken, who works over there *to puke I assume* Lolz.
The first sight that greeted us when we reach was this! See the fishes? The fishes are plentiful over here. Only thing that's lacking will be the beautiful corals =C
The second thing that greeted us was this long-stretched beach! WooHoo! While waiting for Charlotte, the other 2 decided to play with sands.
The burial of Stella!
Decided to warm up abit before I swim further out.
Pay back time! Because of my laziness these few months, I grew tired so fast that I ended up sleeping on the beach for one hour and the other side of my thight was sunburnt a little =C Guess I was really tired. I didn't knew that they had taken a picture of me sleeping till I upload the pictures to my pc =="
The water was getting high tide at that time so we headed off to this supposingly-jetty-but-now-under-water-platform thing. We looks like we're sitting on water.
A nearer shot! Well, the fish are plentiful here, water clear & the sits are cooling because you're sitting on water!
♥ Honey & me
Although the sit was cooling, it was really sunny. So I decide to....
Get inside the water. It was kinda deep so it was really cooling starting from waist down. Swam around a bit before going back up for more pictures!
Was smiling for the camera *see the cute little fishes?* & what happen next was..
Honey wanted to be in the picture too!
Decided its much more cooling this way with half my body soaked with water.
Charlotte & me. She's already all wet! WooHoo!
The 2 silly people that had this sudden urge to do yoga in the ocean & decide it was cool to do so!
Charlotte & Ken. Busy feeding fishes!
One of my favourite shot of honey
Stella, Charlotte & me.
My 2 favourite people of all time. I'm missing both of you really lots. Haih. Honey, faster come back KL dy =="
The girl who didn't want to get into water so she decided to use the googles & dip her head in to get a better look. She looked like some weirdo trying to kill herself. Its funny though =D
The tree climbing sessions!!!!
The next.....
And me.....
And I found this declaration of love meant for someone on the beach. Its sweet. Haha. Nice one honey! Carson is a lucky fella.
Oh, while we were packing, getting ready to leave, Ken found this hermit crab on shore. Its so effing cute! Gosh!!
Bye bye Manukan.

Please don't let anymore fishes & coral die =C This time I went was worst then the time I went previously. Aiks. Still good anyhow. More hilarious yet memorable stories happened during the day but well, thats between us 4. Memories are something that nobody can take away from you