Friday, April 25, 2008

Brief updates.. I'm lazy =P

I'm exhausted.. Seriously.. Gonna go back to my home in Cheras... &.. DROP DEAD!!! Off phone n everything.. Who knows.. I might =P

Monday.. Nth much.. Classes & everything.. Assignment finally done!! Surprisingly.. Nick & Kiat Thai called up.. Went yamcha.. Buahahahaa.. Lots & lots of catch up.. Old peeps neva die =P

Tuesday.. Find Bryan & Ken & others yamcha.. Yamcha dy.. Say wanna sing K.. End up.. Going Flam.. Going Coco Banana.. Going Bar Celona.. They said they wanna have sum drinks?? *as if we haven't have enuff* And some stories happened.. Will post it in another blog.. Wanna do all the bitching & swearing.. Jk jk..

Wednesday.. Went Ruums.. Some frens burfday.. Drank like mad.. Due to the "happening" during Tuesday.. Wednesday nite.. I was gone.. Seriously gone.. Walking in the swaying way.. Vomitted & everything..

Thursday.. As usual.. Ken's working day.. Went over to Bar Celona again.. & I feel so dead now.. But thx to Bryan.. For all the chatting & stuff.. He cheers me up.. Hahaa.. Nice guy =) On my way on falling for him.. As best buddy =D!!!!

I finally got some pics from Ken's hp.. Will post it next..

Love ya guys.. To Ken.. Sleep well.. Haha.. To Bryan.. Stop skipping class & club lesser, sleep more.. To Fung.. It's your off day.. So.. Enjoy =)!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Seriously.. I feel that account comes from another galaxy.. Way out of our milky way.. & the people who understands it are probably aliens?? *no offence to those who love account as if it's their life* But as the main cause of my emo & stress & unhappiness & everything negative, I'm so not going to forgive account.. I can't wait for the sem to end *all I wan is jus a pass* then I'll move on wid my life & 4get account =D

Updates updates.. No pics though.. I left my camera at my room.. Went Millenium Hotel for dim sum yesterday as usual.. Stu Kong makes me try the new dishes which isn't on the menu yet which is so yummylicious.. Then we chit chat bit.. Catch up bit while all the other chef bzbzbz.. Then we decided to go try out other chef's dimsum sum othertime!! Tired of our both taste dy =P He suggested Chynna since he said his friend had left and the new chef over there came yamcha over here that day so he wanna go try it out.. Elvin.. You okay wid it?? Time for you to serve me.. Buaahahhaaa.. Owhh.. Other suggestions is like "Chui Heng" which serves local dimsum & lots of snacks and appetizers in a Hongky style.. Or maybe Ritz Carlton which hrmmm ok ok only ba??

Went visiting my grandad after that.. I nearly cried.. He looked so fragile & everything.. Anyway might be going to Seremban next week b'cox he said that our grandaunty is currently in Seremban hosp, last stage of cancer.. Aiks.. Not having lots of memories wid her.. So.. I'm being evil all the time & think of the yummy beef noodles they have over there.. Back home.. Stress assignment.. Dinner.. Drove back to Sunway.. Went to meet up wid Bryan, Eunice, Ken, Winson, Quennie, Herman over at Pyramid.. Idiotic Ken ordered so much food over at Dragon-i then went ice cream after that summore.. Fuiyoh.. No wonder he's so fat.. Ken still calls me a fish >.<" He said I look like those fish inside Spongebob Squarepants??? Do I look that "putih"??? Lolz..

Okay, here's the potong part.. We decided to watch Forbidden Kingdom.. Headed over to TGV, got the tickets for the 8:45 p.m. show.. Went inside to the cinema.. There was like no show, no screening, no sound.. So we started crapping.. Then the worker announce sumthing bout a problem they are facing.. So we waited still.. 9:10 p.m. The advertisements and preview is finally on.. But.. NO SOUND.. Then the sound came.. Then off.. Then on again.. Then.. The light started to dim to signify the starting of the film.. NO SOUND!!!!! It's already like 9:45 as we watched the beginning part of it.. Hoping that the sound will eventually come..!!!

Went out.. Long Q.. Everybody is bout getting refund, going to GSC, some exchanging the tickets for other show time.. Grrrr.. Anyway saw Kenji after that.. He's another story.. Such a player.. Sucker! And.. Ken looks like the fighting panda or the kungfu panda.. LOLS!! LALALALA... Imagine Master K looking like the funny cute fat panda on cinema.. LMAO!!!

Gotta run.. Assignment due like in 6 hours.. Oh gosh..


Sunday, April 20, 2008


I woke up 2day, feeling like the world had come to an end.. Pathetic rite??? Went breakfast wid parents after emo-ing on my bed for a whole 2 hours!! Gosh!! Came back.. Decided to start on my account's assignment *which I'm still getting nowhere* Couldn't concentrate.. So I grab my laptop & everything I need & headed out to 太子 cafe over at Sedaya.. Sat there, start doing assignment.. Got stuck.. When Nen called me up.. It's like.. GodSENT!!! Decided to meet up over at Station 1.. Went over there around 1 sumthing..

We started chitchatting & crapping like crazy.. Till 5 sumthing.. He made me think bout lots of things.. Mind start clearing up.. Went home.. Then went to visit my granddad who's in hosp.. Dinner after that wid my parents.. Talked bout my plans going to Aus.. Talked bout my future.. Talked bout my bro who's over there & his plans.. Till now, I had no idea on when I'll go over to Aus.. It's all up to me, my parents said so.. Drank wine wid my dad.. Came home late..

Gillian came over & fetch me & went yamcha over at 茶屋.. She always know when I needed her the most.. Talked talked talked.. Or should say I was singing over there.. Thinking sum stuff over.. & I feel much better now.. I finally came face to face wid it.. Glad =) It will take sum time for me to get you out of my heart completely.. But I'm rdy to be frens wid you if you wan it..

Friday, April 18, 2008

It came to an end..

I remember the 1st day we were 2gether.. It came so unexpected, so fast, so innocent, so unintended..

I remember the short precious moments we spend 2gether when our love still burn like a razing fire deep inside us..

I remember the later days when I started to feel like I'm all alone in this world and the feelings start to fade and mixed up wid other emotions..
I remember the day when our story had reached its end..

I remember starting to drown myself in alcohol.. The bottle of Absolut I kept wid me, came in handy.. I started drinking..

I remember tasting my own tears, I remember how I wanted everything to be jus a nightmare..

I remember telling myself it's the best for us 2..

I remember getting myself lost in the world of drunken bliss for 2 days..

And now..

I remember waking up this morning, lying there, my mind sobering up..

Lying on my own bed, I came to a few answers..

I wanna say 10x to you, for loving me so much..

I wanna say 10x to you, for creating beautiful memories 2gether..

I wanna say 10x to you, for being my friend =)

And I wanna sat 10x to Gillian, Constance, YoYo, Sook Lee, Simone, Bryan, Sam, Ken, Fung, Kenji, Darren, Fung, Hoi, Loon, Daniel, Jackson, Dee for being there for me.. You seen the fallen side of me, seen me crying like a child, seen me emo-ing like a freak, seen me drunk like a madwoman, seen me crapping like a idiot.. But you guys was still there, offering me a hand to pull me up when I fall.. For that, I'm grateful because during the darkest moments of my life, you peeps showed me care..

I nearly had an accident just now, I was driving, & my mind wanders off to you again.. I didn't realised that I steer the wheel too hard.. Crashing the side, nearly got hitted by a car & crashing the traffic light..

At that moment, I finally woke up, I realised that losing you makes me breakdown inside.. It's useless to be 2gether if it makes either one of us sad.. I doesn't want that.. The wound inside my heart, will cure itself as time passes by..

10x for everything you had given me..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bill's official burfday...

Yaya.. 2nite.. Struck 12.. It's gonna be Billy a.k.a Malaysia's Bruce Lee's burfday.. 1st.. Yamcha at KimGary.. A lil pic token.. Then stolen of Master K.. Wheeee... Hahaa.. Next stop.. Bar Celona.. It was like a last minute decision.. All's afraid of alcohol.. Geeee...

Now.. Let's the pic speak for itself....

Bill (Burfday boi), Me & Ken... Hahaa.. Bill's high dy.. Lolz
Another pic of me & Bill wid one of his friend*I 4get his name.. Sowee.. Not goot at remembering name..* Me & @#!@#!@#@!#@ I always forget ppl name.. The next pic also I 4get his name dy.. Haih.. Too many names to remember lar.. But the below pic is 1st time meet only de.. Buahahaaa..

Bill*all tipsy, drunk & high like how a burfday boi should be*, Coco*Bryan's sis* & Me..
Here are some pics of other ppl.. Sam*my current hairstylist* Oh ya.. Btw Bill's a hairsylist too.. & Sam's gurl.. Hottie hottie.. A make up artist..
Bill doing sum stunts.. Hahaa.. If I'm not wrong.. Behind him is Sam.. Another Sam this one..
& last pic.. Sam.. Bill.. & Bill's friend.. Sam's all cute.. Hahaa.. Adorable.. Sam look so goofy.. EEEee...

Saturday =_="

Went to Jeanie a.k.a. my dearest sister 18th burfday.. Boohoo.. No pics due to some private happening.. Haha..

Fetched Elvin to Hang Tuah over to his fren's place.. Next round.. To Ruums.. Bill's informal burfday.. Yaya.. Why Ruums?? The only reason is bcox Ken's spinning over there that nite =C I wasn't even dressed up at all.. No make up.. Nothing.. Ahhh.. Who cares.. Pics will speak for itself =)

Bill wid his burfday cake.. It was 3 sumthing when we cut the cake at the club.. Haha.. Gotta wait for Ken 2 finish his work..
Me & the burfday boiii... Wheeee.. See my so unfit dressing for club? Lolz..

Next we moved on to Ken's studio for next round.. Haha.. Pics taken at his studio.. All guys are gila gila drunk dy.. Ken.. Bryan.. Bryan.. Bill.. & another I 4get his name.. Posing.. Hahhaa..
If you find Ken very familiar, he's also known as Master K if I'm not wrong.. Spinning at Bar Celona.. Hahaa.. Ken & Bryan giving Billy his burfday kiss...

And out of random.. A picture me & Bill & Bryan took during Thursday when we went over to Bar Celona in pyramid.. Haha..

Nice??? Hahaa... I know what you gurls are thinking.. Bryan's such a hottie.. Yeah.. True.. But.. 2bad.. He's a player.. Boohooo....