Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Left 4 Dead.

A yamcha session turn out to be a gaming session, me being stuck at T-Bun now, blogging *that's obvious*.

Okay. I stop going to CC for quite sometime, stop gaming for a freaking long time & today, it turns out, I get to play a new killing game *new for me anyways*. The freaking human versus zombie *which reminds me of Resident Evil* game, Left 4 Dead.

Obviously, its fun to shoot non-stop with the machine gun *or whatever you call it* but it starts getting frustrating to downright disgusting when tons & tons of zombies keep coming up to you & you didn't even know where to start shooting & your machine gun is running out of amno & you got to use your secondary weapon which holds on 15 bullets & reloads freaking slow. Hrmm. And then there's the part when I'm not playing on the human side but the zombie side. I was downright disgusted with me myself and took off my headphone because the sound is getting unbearable and the sight when I die, well, its fun if you hate zombies a lot. But playing the Tank or the thing that throw stones & keep clawing or pushing or biting the human down was way fun. And that's the only zombie which I manage to use & at least hit some person & stay alive. Nice game to release stress anyway. Haha.

I finally got the first & second book for the movie called "Twilight", the first book is named of course, Twilight & the second named New Moon if I'm not wrong. It is way much more nicer & interesting compared to the film. Oh well, when had a film made based on a book had been nicer then the book itself? Sin City is an exception =) Anyhow the third & fourth book is out of stock in 5 book stores I went to this week & its getting frustrating because I'm imagining what the next book is all about most of the time. Yeap, I finished reading the first book in one day & catch only like a few hours of sleep before I continue to the next one. I'm addicted & glued to a book once I get started. Can't wait for the stocks to arrive. I really need some release from all the emotional things I'm going through.

And I realised I used the word "frustrating" quite often these days. I guess I'm getting frustrated more & more easier.

Loves =)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Before I forget, I would like to wish everybody a belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year =)

Anyhow I just uploaded some random but freaking old pictures stolen from other people so just have a look. *Yesh & that means you got to scroll down after this post & not click the cross at the side of your screen but only do it if you're interested* I was planning to blog more but I was really busy & not-in-the-mood to blog recently till honey made me do it so here I'm doing it when I'm feeling freaking tired.

The reason I had been so busy lately? Summer school had just started & the due date for the first assignment is coming up. My aunt & her family had flew in from Hong Kong with my grandparents, tagging my cute lil' just-turned-2-today cousin baby sister.

Happy Birthday Gabriella! You're already clever enough for now so I'll wish you hrmm wish that your hope come true, whatever wish you made before you blew your birthday candles just now. I seriously had no idea what on earth would a 2 years old wish for when she had everything she want.

Besides that, I went out with a lot of people that I had long neglected, attended gatherings, house party sessions, went to new places, had a movie-run, singing lots of K alone *this doesn't sounds attractive but its just what I need* Actually I had been kinda down lately, down might not be the word, confused, stressed-out, lonely, emotional, etc. seems more like the word. A big bowl of mixed-up emotions *yesh something like a bowl of rojak =P* Its not that I'm running away from the problems or what, but I did tried to calm myself down, gave myself some thinking space, what can be done was done, what can be said was said, what can be solve was solved and what was left was something only time can show. So for now, I'm busy babysitting my baby sister most of the nights.

Oh & if you wonder how I spend my Christmas, oh-ho-ho-ho, I spend it, well, watching tv while a few friends played chess around me, went for Connaught's pasar malam & ended up at JJ Bar which isn't a bar but a family cafe where little kids celebrated their birthday & you can sing for hours if you buy a cup of drink & places where they serve funny snacks call Sunflower & Golden Pocket with some friends, me sitting there while they sing their way out. Haha. Man, they could sing. Well, that's my Christmas & if you wonder what's my plan for New Year's Eve, I can tell you. I don't know! I guess it will be another dull one, don't expect something happening from me. I tried to club once but I wasn't in the mood for it, I didn't know why so I ended up sitting in a corner with my cup of drink for the whole night.


I feel lonely. Is that normal? I have my family & friends surrounding me but still yet, I crave for another kind of companionship. I want someone who can understand me & talk to me about my problems. I found it frustrating when I try to tell someone about my problems & when they don't understand all they tell me is that "I understand, I understand"

Loves =)

Random pictures stolen from..

Like I mentioned way before, my camera's memory card went missing hence I wasn't able to take any pictures recently because my phone was stolen way back too. Anyhow I got a new phone now which I love lots, a Christmas present from my parents. Samsung F480 in pink =) I know its already considered as an outdated model & isn't that special compare to other touch screen phones but still, this particular model with its pink colour phone caught my sight & I fell in love with it & I'm loving it more & more.

Anyway I manage to visit a few blogs of people I had been going out with recently *mind you, there's a lot of people that I went out with but sadly they don't blog or upload much pictures in their facebook either* & still I could find a few random pieces floating here & there. I'm still waiting for some of the pictures from other friends' camera so for now, here's some recent shot =)

Be ready to see my new gained-weight-look. I guess all the holiday & eating & sleeping did their job right & I gain weight!

Me & Steph over at MOS. If you know both she & me & had read her blog, I can tell you what I went through wasn't a near-death experience but mentally, its quite right. I'm traumatized & even when I drive now, sometimes its still a little frightening when the scenario becoming similar to that night. Guess time will cure it =)
Steph, Jacklyn & Me. Oh, on another notion, I was dressed for comfy that day. Seriously, I'm still sore at some parts due to injuries from the crash but it was my oh-so-close Abel's birthday & he made sure I wouldn't miss it after all we went through this year but I'm seriously getting tired & bored of clubs, especially MOS!
The world, a small place. Was feeling moody the other day, decided to head over to The Bank *Ken's place* when my friend suddenly tell me that he still got to pick up some of his just-know-friends and end up, they are friends of mine too. Me, Angel & Jessica. All tipsy & red.
I feel like an apple or tomato or something that sort but only in human form.
Group picture of almost everyone but almost everyone is a stranger to me. Vicky, Carl, Thailand & others came later & we were then celebrating Carl's birthday!
Amelia babe 19th birthday!!
Amelia, Christopher & Me over at Zen for dinner!
Later on while heading over to Republic!
Me, Eileen & Amelia!
Another shot again!
Group picture for the night! Can't wait to meet up with you again babe!

P.s. I'm sorry if I offended anyone of you by "stealing" pictures from your blog. Lol. I'm sure you don't mind. Haha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Overslept again.

I'm still not used to summer school. Anyhow I'll make it to the tutorial all the same. But I was just wondering, maybe its not the timing thing that make me overslept but its all because of the boredom this unit gives out, account *roll eyes*. Yes, account sucks & I think those close to me must have probably get tired of me saying it over & over again.

I had lots to say but the time is ticking, gotta run for class soon if I'm to grab a place. Don't wanna stay for the next class. Anyhow met up with Tommy finally during the gathering, now I'm waiting for Yee Yin to be back. I had too much thing pumped up inside me, reaching its limit causing occasionally emotional-wise-breakdown.

Christmas is coming.

It is supposed to be a cheerful one, giving out vibes of blessed-be-feelings.


All I can feel, is like the Christmas tree I decorated.

White Christmas. It feels peaceful but at the same time, it is filled with a touch of loneliness.


Happy Belated Birthday to Billy =) Hope you like the cake although I know its too sweet =X

And to my darling Kay, stop consuming even a lil bit of tea or coffee or whatever that will keeps you awake. & please don't miss your sleeping time & you'll end up staying awake whole night! Its already troubling enough since you're in UK & its expensive to call you to keep you company the whole night talking!

And off to account.

Once more.

Account sucks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blah, blah & blah.

Still haven't got any pictures which were taken during Abel's birthday. On Amelia's birthday I got it but I'm thinking to post it later together with yesterday outing's with Amelia & Chris & with my so called primary-school-gathering later.

Anyhow, I can't wait to go today. Lots of people who I had never seen such a long time will be there. Especially Tommy who's back from Melb =) I met him at Pyramid the other day when he had just return but that's not enough =) Lots of people from Suria who was there for their primary education will be there. The venue is chosen based on one of the place I love the most, a place I practically grew up in & still remains as one of the place I hang out with friends or when I needed time alone, Gilly Cafe. I guess to those who stay at Cheras area will be familiar with it or my close buddies who of course, I had brought there once in awhile.

Was way emo yesterday night about some stuff. Thanks to those who made my night way better than it was before. But still, I still hadn't get the answer me, myself want. I'm hoping for an answer. Or a decision. At least I know what I'm supposed to do by than. I guess the answer will be made when the time is right.

And finally, oo, I found someone who hates me lots. WOW.

Loves =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday to my darling babe Amelia!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Happy Birthday to one of our "Able family" member, Abel!

You should feel happy that I went MOS yesterday for you! Gosh! I was freaking tired, just getting off the plane & stuff & still I went. Touched?

Happy Birthday to... Shit. I didn't know how to spell his name. _______ A blank space first. Wait till Bunny tell me how to spell it.

Surprised that you recognized me when I don't recognized you! Lol. I won't forget your face the next time. Promise!

Of Phuket & Singapore.

Finally back from Phuket & Singapore. The trip was awesome. Like I mentioned previously, my dad took me & my mom on a cruise trip which stops at both these places, Phuket Island, Thailand & Singapore. Time on the cruise was mostly spend on the deck sun-bathing *I'm turning tan which irritates my parents lots*, swimming, absorbing the sun & the calming ocean breeze. Other time is spend on eating *the offer lots of food, 6 meals per day but the best is the western cuising offer by Four Season & trying my luck on the slot machine & roulette table =) Dad & I were like screaming for our lucky numbers. Lol. Other days were spend on both Phuket & Singapore.

Phuket changed lots since my last visit which was the time before the tsunami hit. It looks even nicer now. Way better than before. The food there is still awesome, I love Thai food =P & their cocktails. If you ever go there, remember to try out their mix-fruit-blend which is freshly squeeze tropical fruits juices blend together *you can choose the alcohol-free ones if you are not a fan of alcohol* Went on a round-the-island trip on one of their taxis which is diff from those over in Malaysia. Oh, another must-do over in Phuket is their massage. For those who like to endure in the painful yet relaxing one, go for the traditional Thai massage but for girls, I highly recommend their oil massage which comes in Tangarine, Conunut & Cream flavour. I chose the Tangarine one, which smells refreshing & sweet. Headed to shop over at Patong Beach after that. Bought lots of stuff, a dangling navel ring, a few summer-flowery dresses, flops & bikini! They have much wider variation in bikinis & much cheaper compare to KL. My dad refused to give me any advice during the bikini part because he doesn't really like it or should say, he doesn't really like it when I wear it. Anyhow, I still bought it =) By the way, if you are a fan of pirated/fake stuff, I guess Thailand will be like a heaven to you. Too bad, I'm not interested. Like what my dad say, either you use an original one or if you can't effort to use an ori one, just DON'T use! Way to tempting to be ignored. Their McFlurry taste better than the one over here too. Headed over to the beach to sunbath again!

Next stop, Singapore!

I still don't get why Malaysians love to shop over in Singapore & some people start bragging on how they shop-till-they-drop over in Singapore. Yes, I do agree that the branded stuffs over there are cheaper compare to KL, but other than that, I found everything is basically the same. The price of Manga & Zara's product over there are the same as KL so is most other brands & if you are thinking that Singapore have lots of brand which KL doesn't have, I guess you're wrong. It's basically the same! Anyhow someone special met me up over there & brought me for dessert. Yes, I was craving for some =X Went shopping after that, ended up I found this mall which is filled with local brands *which feels like Sungai Wang for unknown reason* & manage to buy a dress which is kinda cute I guess ==" Headed over to Singapore Flyer next! Awesome view which took us 38 minutes or something for a whole round. Its dissappointing in the part where you got to share your sit or coach or whatever you call it with other people because each coach can hold up to 2X people. I prefer those small cozy one which max hold 4 people. Way more romantic. Don't you agree *wink*? Lol.

The whole family was way tired after that. I was awake since 6 a.m. & my parent decided to skip the way back out of the cruise & bought air tickets back to KL. Anyhow, my dad kinda regretted buying Air Asia tickets because the plane got delayed & we reach home at 4 a.m. I felt dead at that time, being awake for 22 hours straight but taking the plane is still much faster compare to the cruise.
Some shots from the cruise deck. Spend most of my time over here. Refreshing ocean breeze & awesome sun-rays during day time & starry starry night with cooling breeze at night.
Heading to Phuket on smaller boat!
Windy windy!
Charming cruise people. Ended up I did know a few of them who's from Phillipines.
Serious, the picture on the left is just a shot of the ocean. It looks so tempting. I miss my island-days. Awh. Can't wait for the next trip to any islands. I'm addicted to beaches & sea for your info =)
Shots of Patong Beach from the boat. Silly picture below. Didn't know why I decided to do the thumbs-up thingy. Lol.
Since the tsunami incident, you can see all these boards throughout the street of Patong. Tsunami evacuation route. Charming =) It never hurts to have some safety route but of course, I hope that all this natural disasters will take a break for now.
Shots from the "taxi" that I was riding. You can see that their streets is way more cleaner than ours in KL =C
Me & the taxi driver & the pink taxi!
The famous Patong Beach that stretch damn freaking long.
Next stop, Singapore!
This is what my darling took me to eat. Delicious chocolate crepes with nutty ice-cream & caramel. The strawberry tea taste a lil bit weird though, I prefer thoe over at Gilly Cafe. Anyway this place is nice, they offer nice desserts & cakes. Check it out if you're going to Singapore soon. Located near Orchard Road, name Canele.
Orchard Road.
Singapore Flyer.
Shots of Singapore night-view from the flyer.
Thanks dad & mom for the trip =)
And finally, thanks darling for everything. Loves^_^!

Christmas's just round the corner!

Before I headed off to Phuket, I did this! Its my first time doing it so it might look horrible to you but its definitely something I'll do again next year =) I went off to Uncle Hing's shop & bought a Christmas tree & decorations for it! Anyhow its a lil confusing for me at the beginning because when I opened up the box that contain was supposed to contain the tree I found just two pieces of sticks. Gotta twist & pull the twigs & leaves out of it to form the shape of the tree. Ahh. I know I'm dumb & inexperience. It take me freaking long to figure the right way to do it!

In a movie I once watch, a girl commented that Christmas trees must not be those specials ones with lots of creative juice pump into it so that it look like states-of-arts-design but simple one which can gives out the feeling of happiness & blessing is way more than enough. I agree =)

My Christmas tree after much work of twisting & pulling.
And the final product. TaaDaa! Anyhow I'm still looking for a nice angel decor. Can't find one that I really like. Didn't know why I'm obsessed with finding an angel for my tree, but it feels incomplete without an angel on it. Anyhow the base of the tree still seems weird so I'm planning to get some cotton & gift box to fill it up.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

And I'm back.

Just got off the plane from Singapore.

Lots to talk about..


I'm awake for almost 24 hours dy so I'm feeling tired....


I'm back!

Loves =)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

And I'm off.

Leaving like in an hour time.

A much needed 2R(s)' after all that happened recently.

To rest & relax.

Phuket & Singapore.. Here I comes =)

And to those who ask how I'm feeling, mind & heart still a little traumatized. Getting nightmares & finding it difficult to fall asleep. Physically, major lol. My neck look like the neck of those old woman [from what my dad says] cause its filled with plasters & smell of medic. It looks a little larger on the right side & the pain is kind of inbearable when I lift my head up.

Anyhow. I can't wait for the trip. McD for breakfast. Whee.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Of car accident. Still traumatized.

I can't sleep. Might as well write on what happened yesterday night. I was driving & ended up got trapped inside some kind of traffic. Saw the jam over at the front & there's no other way for me to use so started to break. Came to a complete haul & waited for the cars to start moving.

Could feel the light of the car behind me getting brighter.

A glance at the rear-view mirror.

I know it was bang-bang time.

I couldn't do anything since I was caught in between.

The next thing I know, me, myself was being pushed forward *so is my car* & when my car hit the other car over at the front, I was pushed backwards again *the force of being hit by the car behind & hitting the car in front* The sound was $#^$@!#!.

I was shocked, rooted to my sit. After taking a few deep breath, I got down the car. Four cars were involved, with mine being the third car. My legs was shaking & I silently swear later on for wearing heels. I thought I was okay. Got down the car, started talking to a friendly lady whose car is the first one. She was fetching her kids & she was telling me that her kids were telling her this.

"Mama. Someone pushed us from behind." *Lol*

Suddenly I started vomiting at the side of the road. Feeling dizzy & everything. I asked Daniel to come over & he came over with Jackson. I went into shock I guess. I called my dad up, after explaining everything to him in a perfectly-calm-voice, I suddenly burst up & started to cry. Literally bawling in the middle of the road. Later on, the man whose car is in the front of mine, offer me a paper & pen to write down all three car plates number, owner's name & phone number. Only then, I realized my hand was shaking so badly that I can't even write. The man copied everything down for me.

My car. It needs to be towed. My beloved Peugeot 206 cc. Lucky I was driving a Peugeot I guess. My back wasn't that bad, the boot dented & a light broke. But the car who hit me, the fucking Proton Saga who was drove by a equally-dumb-fucking-young-lady, well I guess, its bad enough that all 3 cars is going to claim their insurance on her's but at the same time, 3/4 of her car's head was gone. Like everything gone. All smashed to bits & bits over at the road, with pieces of glasses sticking to my car. But the worst part was that my car's front, the thing that contains water *sorry for my description because I really have no idea on what it is called* starts leaking. The car needs to be towed. Fuck. Anyhow what happened after is like any accidents, police reports, pictures taken, etc. Daniel sent me home.

I seemed okay at that time. Still in shock. No visible injuries beside having on of my hand feeling a little pain. I was out of words. Literally drowned myself with a hot-water shower. It was after the shower when I start feeling the pain. My neck, my hand & my leg. Mom & dad decided to send me for X-ray the next day but I was feeling sick & scared that I stayed at home the whole day. Called my brother up over at Melbourne where he start comforting me. Anyhow I couldn't sleep the whole night. I was feeling tired but everytime when I close my eyes, flashes of what happened appeared on my mind & with the pain my neck is giving, I ended up rolling on my bed the whole night, falling asleep when the sun's about to rise.


My neck still hurts now.

I guess my car's injuries is even worst than mine but mom say X-ray is a must cause she's afraid I'll suffer from internal injuries *which she says do happen* but so far, my neck & my hand is giving me the worst pain.

I wouldn't be around for five days. Heading over to Penang, Phuket & Singapore in a cruise trip with my family. I guess I can relax at that time. My neck's hurting again. Better lie down.

Ouch. And sob =C. Fucker Nina. Yeap, that's the name of the lady who bang into my car. I hate you & your driving skills. Please re-take your driving test. Gosh. The guy who gave you a pass must be blind or something or did you had sex with him or gave him a blow-job or something that made him gave you a pass?

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm fucking scared out of my mind.


Words can't describe my feeling.

I didn't had flashes of anything when it happened but..

Words can't describe my feelings now.

I'm really freak out.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results out?


I'm freaking scared.

Results is going to be out soon & I'm dead nervous.

All I want is just all [Pass].

Please. I hope I get it.

Anyhow, lots of peoples are finally back from Melbourne! Gembira sial betul! Can't wait to meet up with them! God. But I really got to remove my ass from my chair. I had been hunching over all my collection of novels again & for around four days, I had been non-stop playing tons of minigames. It feels like me back in high school, ignoring everybody & playing my online games non-stop. It feels good at time since its holidays =) Had been so-called-socialising too much throughout the year.

Geez. But I still can't wait to meet up with lots of people.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Nineteen *wink*.

Finally decided to blog after all the sleep I had. I had a valid reason to sleep non-stop. After my crazy nineteen, I fell sick the following night, shivering & ended up with a fever that lasted for two night *Yes, please feel guilty if you are one of the lots that make me drink alcohol as if its water!*. Went home the third day & accompanied my dad to some dinner because mom was tired & I got food poisoning *or according to my dad, water poisoning because the whole table was drinking liquor & I was the only one drinking Chinese Tea because I feel sick even from the smell of whisky & brandy*. The food poisoning lasted for 3 days & the only good thing that came out of it I guess was that I managed to develop a very close-relationship with my new lover, Mr.Toilet Bowl, from all the vomit & s**t.

My nineteen over at Bar Celona was a blast, despite of the club & crowd. Sadly, I can't think of anything that I can't do while I was 18 and can do while I'm 19. So life's still pretty much the same after 18. I'm touched with all my friends who managed to came although I did cried like an hour before I went to Pyramid because Tiong, Mark & Julian were stuck in Kuantan. Thanks guy for speeding all the way back to KL for my birthday. I'm touched. Thanks Bunny for baking the chocolate brownie as a cheer-up-gift. Thanks Wei Hua for surprising me with it at the car & both of you singing birthday song in all languages over at Steven Garden. Thanks to.. Shit. Plenty of thanks. Awhh. I think I'll show my appreciation in another way then to thanks everybody one by one here!

Tons of friends were there whether they were invited or not & bottles were finished till the last drop. I didn't know how many bottles we managed to consume but as far as I know the digits is in double. Gosh. I can say out loud that everybody was awesome & you guys make the night out of everything & nothing. I'm really happy despite all the up & down I went through.

Before you guys move on to the pictures *beware, tons of pictures showing my red-as-an-apple-face & drunken smile*, there's a few things I would love to say.

1st: Below 42 Vodka sucks! Please do not ever order it. Water *which they say is tasteless* taste way much better!

2nd: The songs were lovely that night, thanks to DJ Ken. Lol. Even while I was kinda blur, I hear tons of Happy Birthday from Ken at intervals. Lol. Thanks lots Ken!!

3rd: Awhhh. To those who made it, I'm touched! Really! Sorry for all the emo words I threw at you guys!

4th: For those who can't made it, it's okay! We'll all see each other soon =)

5th: Thanks again to all my dear friends! Thanks for everything. Especially the Gucci necklace! Now I'm sounding materialistic. Haha. Nah. I just love the necklace. Even my parents agreed that its nice.

Picture time!
Cake cutting moments. Sadly to say, on the same night next year, there will only be TWO big candles grazing at my cake. I guess it's time to admit I'm growing up =C
Chuck San, Jeanie sis & Me! Gosh! Been so long I since you girls lar! Sorry if I neglected you guys that night!
Few of the girls again! Including my dear, Gillian this time. My sis's hug's one of the best *wink*
Well, actually, this picture which I forgotten was taken by whom, most probably Kenry, he was supposed to take the picture above but he took our legs. ==" Lol.
Me & my 13 years-counting-on sister! Love you lotssss!
One of my babe! Thanks for the lovely night!!
Catherine's friend, me & Catherine! Thanks for coming. Why lah leave early?
Group picture!! Me, Kor, Renee, Kenry & Sis!
Some of the snap-snap moments!
A sister that I never had, the love of her life & me. Congrats once again on the opening of your shop =)
One of the attendant that night. Lol. He was going on non-stop fetching glasses, ice, mixer, stuffs you need. Lol. Poser betul!

Funny moment!
Home-made brownie. Thanks!
Lastly. Make a wish. I seriously hope that my wish comes true. I'll tell you guys if my wish did came true.

There's more pictures but I'm lazy. Sorry =)

Loves!! Time for bed!!

Dear's boutique opening!

Firstly I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS MY DEAR!

You're taking another huge step forward in your life & its time for you to learn. With your new shop opening, there is more for you to learn & do. Put in your all effort, love & everything you have into it & I'm sure you'll be rewarded more than you can imagine.

Lol. Headed over to Summit, Subang the other day to participate in the private opening of my best friend, a sister that I never hard, boutique. Not much people were invited that day, something private between a few close friends & relatives & family. Everything was kinda rush but it ended up okay. For your info, the boutique is selling more to casual clothing such as t-shirts & short pants, caps & shoes. It's not like those in Bangsar & currently have more male clothing compared to female's. If you guys prefer plain T-shirts & pants, feel free to drop by & have a look. The price is affordable by mostly everyone. If you need more info, just ask me =)

Anyhow, I was surprised when uncle gave me the task of "pulling the red cloth" which covers up the shop's name. The shop's gate had to be opened at 1:00 p.m. sharp & the red cloth to be pulled right after the 3 gates were opened according to prayers *which I'm not so sure*. I had to climb up a chair, wearing dress & heels, waited for the clock to strike & them to open up the gate & tear the red cloth away. They say it brings luck to the person who did it. I hope so =) Thanks uncle!

Below is a few pictures of the boutique & of me tearing the red cloth away!

Loves =)

Birthday with parents.

Birthday with my parents was simple & pleasing. We didn't invite any cousins or relatives but headed of to Le Meredien for dinner where mom had secretly ordered me a cheese cake from the hotel's chef. *Sadly I still prefer the cheese cake from my last year birthday which was from Millenium Hotel* It was a simple yet pleasant dinner & we had plenty of talks & talks. Mom wanted us to go over to Zeta Bar *which is located at Hilton Hotel right beside* for a drink but we was too tired that we decided to head home & continue our talk =)

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. Although I might be a lil' naughty & rebellious at times, but I still love you all with everything I had & if given me a choice, I will still have you both as my parents. Muacks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The conversation with him.

Had a long talk with Ian last night. Halfway through it, a argument-like thing started up but he had his reasons & rights & I had my way of thinking so we never exactly screamed or snap at each other *but I did cry*. Instead, like most of the time, we talk things over, trying to tell each other what's on our mind *although some of it do hurt but its better to know now than when its too late*. I'm not going to post the content of our conversation here but only bits of the last part.

Something about reality, classes & people. The upper-society or the lower-society? Its too realistic or cruel at times to judge people & classified them these way. I guess I don't feel that the lower-society is something to be ashamed of & the upper-society is something superior. Both side consists of living people, trying to live their own life. Sometimes it doesn't really matter which side you are on, as long as you are happy. It depends on the form of your happiness. To some people, it might be the form of money, fame, family, life, etc.

To me, its simple. Make life simple. I know it might sound funny to you *directed to Ian* or weird that I said the word simple when you thinks that I always make things or tend to think things the complicated way but its true. I just want a simple life. In life, there's tons of failures, holes, walls that nobody can avoid but at the same time, there's many barriers of these are created by us, our self.

I wanna say sorry & apologize if I say anything that hurt you last night, baby. I know its your exam tomorrow & you're in bed now. I just wanna tell you to try your best & do everything you could & I'll be supporting you over here.


Anyhow I went to celebrate my birthday earlier with my parents over at Le Meredien today. Had our dinner there with the hotel's infamous cheese cake as my birthday cake. I made a wish. Pictures up soon. Good night.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Of facial & birthday.

Went over to Beyond Beauty for my supposingly-monthly-facial today but instead of using my usual triple-action treatment, I tried a new one called "MR" today. The beautician said I had missed my monthly appointment for too long *due to exams* & there is lots of dead skin & MR will suits me better. It works well. Its a fast treatment, using machine and a tube where the opening is filled with crystal dust & they suck/absorb *out of words to describe the feeling* from your skin. The process is pain-free but its not something you will enjoy like the normal pampering kind but its good in someway because this treatment is finished with double mask, one for soothing & moisturizing & another one is mixed according to the requirement of your skin *mine is always filled with peppermint because its a little too sensitive* & finally, a shoulder massage =)


Back to another topic..

My birthday is approaching and I was thinking previously on not celebrating it because I don't feel like doing the organizing & calling & arranging thing. And another reason is because I don't feel like asking my dad for money.


It's going to be my last birthday over here in K.L. & the next 3 years are most probably going to be done over in Melbourne or wherever I'm going to study. So I changed my mind again & decided to celebrate *insisting on not asking my dad for money. maximum. drink lesser.* but I'm starting to regret. Calling up people & not getting a 100% confirmation *when they are the one who ask me to celebrate!* is hard to plan anything.

Give me some advice.

Should I or should I not celebrate?

Friday, November 7, 2008

A long day.

I'm dead tired now. Gonna resume my hibernate mode after this post =) If you guys have noticed, I have not been posting any pictures for freaking long & I have a good reason for this. It's a long story, but skipping to the end is I have my camera with me but my camera card is still stuck at some machine but I decided to try out my mom's new Canon Ixus 90 IS camera which she bought while we were in Hong Kong.

Exam is done for now & I have a few weeks of break before my summer classes are starting. Yeap, I'm taking summer course so I doesn't have a 4-month long break like most others do but I might as well make use of my time since my double degree course is already eating up 4 years of my time. I had only 3 hours slept before I woke up & joined Angel. Had chicken crossaint, fruit salad & tiramisu from Hilton Hotel because she was there that morning & end up taking-away some breakfast for me. Headed over to Pyramid after that.

Oh ya, before I forget. I know some of my friends who had heard about my family financial problem is kinda worried about me. Well, everybody at everywhere is facing financial crisis now due to the recession over at U.S. & for my dad, it's consider the 2nd wave of tsunami because he was hit by the 1st wave at the beginning of the year. Well, it's okay, we will still survive, it's just that I'm going to spend less, eat less & is moving back to my house next year.

Back to the topic. I decided to pamper myself & try out something which I had never tried. It's nothing special because most girls have tried it these days but I was not into it at that time & since it's after-exams & I'm bored with what's there to do, I decided to head over to Shu Uemura & try out their fake eyelashes. Seriously, I had no confidence towards other fake eyelashes in the market, like those they sell in SaSa or nightmarket or online shop or whatever. I'm very picky when it comes to anything that goes to my face, even if it's just extension. Selina is currently working over at Pyramid's branch so she was explaining me to the type of eyelashes they have over there & the typical me of course choose the most natural one BUT not the one that is seperated as in a few eyelashes, a few eyelashes, ergh I don't really know how to explain it. I bought another blusher from her too. I'm really interested in Shu Uemura's blusher and I have 2 shades of their pink and 1 shade of their violet. I'm currently using another blusher from Christian Dior for day use, remember the puffy one? It's very natural & gives a healthy glow. Chose a orange blusher this time, should say peach in colour.

Next stop: Shoe! I saw a pair I really like but it went out of size 5. Had them reserved for me & it's available at Sungai Wang branch. Gonna go over there & pick it up.

Drop Angel home & headed over to Summit to keep check on the renovation process of Gillian's shop over there. Had lunch with her, Chris, her mom & sister. Took us up for quite some time because we ended up shopping over at Cold Storage, stocking up on junk foods ==" Went over to Bunny's house afterwards & waited for Wei Hua to reach home before going over to fetch him along. Telok Gong, here we comes =) The seafood is awesome & cheap if you know how to order *but beware there is lots of shops there & make sure you pick the right one you go to*. I forget the name of the restaurant I went into but me & my family went there often enough so I know the way. Drain all the food & their famous alcohol known as "coconut or according to Wei Hua conunut flower wine*. Took a short nap on the way back before heading over to MOS. Lots of people were there. My Monash mates, friends from Inti, from Metropolitan, from Segi, my pet brother, Kam Seng, my pet sister, Jeanie & her boyfriend, Kenry & their daughter, Jacklyn, Wei Lip & his friends, Tiong, Mark, Abel, K, Julian, ergh the list goes on & on. Lots of things happen but end up everybody was happy =) Asia Cafe next for yamcha sessions with my Monash "family". Headed back to Condo with Chia Ee & fall asleep at around 5 something.

Lots of pictures since I didn't post any for quite some time! Enjoy =) Hoho!

My fake eyelashes & orange blush =)

Camwhoring dekat Bunny's car while waiting for Wei Hua to come down. The eyelashes wasn't that obvious in this picture. The next one worst =="

Very-de-obvious fake eyelashes. I still can't really get use to it but it's just for the fun of it since I never tried before.

All the food we ate. 3 of us & we ordered 1 salted chicken *whole chicken nia =="*, fried oyster-cake, fried "lai niu ha" with oats & a vege. Gone case. Fattening betul!
Me & Jacklyn! Gosh, she was tipsy at the end of the night!

My beloved sister & I. I had not seen her for a long time. Me with my exams, me with her new boyfriend. Anyhow it was fun BEFORE she left early. Her new hairstyle is funky! *counting years of our sisterhood, 13 years & more to go!*

Me & Pei Yee! This is a small small world. She's Abel's friend but end up following kor's friend over. I'm surprised that she still remember who I am. Met her once over at BarCelona only =)

Me. Sister. Jacklyn.

Another pic while chilling at The Deq.

Hoho! Me & my pet brother, Kam Seng. Currently single & available. Anyone interested? But seriously hor, he sayangs me lots! *counting years of sister-brotherhood, 7 years & more to go!*

Me & Daniel. He's not my boyfriend. Please don't misunderstand. I don't want to be murdered. He's just my sister =) Don't emo =)

One of the few that make my Monash days memorable. Please don't be sad for too long k? If she doesn't know how to appreciate the good & just can't stand the long distance, its her lost. I had tried once & regretted it.

Me & Mark. He look so gone ==" You are the one who should BEHAVE!

Abel & me. See his new hairstyle! Damn Q I tell you! Make him looks so kiddo. He's always Q but this hairstyle makes him look even cuter! My god. I wonder why Ah Yang cut this hairstyle.

Me & K!! Sorry for not replying your messages & answering your calls before this! You lar! Call or sms the wrong time. Always find the time I'm busy sleeping then you find me. You know, during pre-examination-preparation period, every minute I can sleep is precious!!

The birthday boy with some Monash, some Metropolitan, some KDU or HELP *which I forget*. Rojak betul.

And finally! Kenry posting for my camera. I was testing my mom's camera because I couldn't really grasp the way it functions so was testing around & he was posing. Gosh!

A long day AND a really long post. Hoho.

Naaaahhh niggggghhttt

Loves =)