Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It hadn't been a good day. I woke up today, late, & the next thing I know, my phone went off in this familiar ringtone meant for someone who wasn't supposed to be here. San called, & well, she's back from UK but with very bad news. Her dad passed away Sunday afternoon & that hit me as well. I know this is called life & people comes & goes, but I never expected it to be so sudden & never expected it so soon that it will be anyone of us parents. Andrew's was an exception case but not another one. I had some good memories with her day, all the dinner & the one drinking session we had in a bar over at Damansara. Still, it just reminds me of how fragile life could be & to everybody out there, please, take a deep breath & think about it. I'm glad she's still breathing & walking & it takes a lot of strength to do just that. Stay strong my girl, no matter how hard it takes, remember there are many of us out there who still care for you. No matter how hard life turns out to be, we still have to live on & if we are living it on, might as well get the most out of it. Take all the time you need to grief & just remember the happy memories that you had with him & all the lessons he taught you in life. It was a good 20 years. It makes you who you are today.

On Sunday, which was supposed to be a study day, K, Brian, Andrew & me ended up studying for a few chaps before we decided to go all-banana-leaf-rice over at USJ. Its really good & it reminds me of the other good ones I had over in PJ. These days, most of my food revolves around Nasi Kandar, Nasi Briyani, Chapatti, Tosei, Roti, etc. & I tell you, its really awesome. This is definitely not the food I'll find in my menu when I'm over at Melbourne. Korean, Japanese, Italian, yes. Malaysia's? Definite nope. Provided I can cook everything up myself, which is a no. I can cook & bake, but I just had to admit my skills are not up to the locals yet. We were too full to continue studying so we decided for a round of dota before the next studying session & well, one things leads to another & we ended up at Republic for a few card game, a cup of Baileys & bottles of Heineken for everyone & of course, the long-awaited Man-U vs Liverpool game. The game ended with Liverpool 2 Man-U 0! Way to go Liverpool. I'm sorry for the Man-U fans out there, I'm brought up as an Arsenal fan due to brother's influence & I'm happy to see Man-U lose. Then we ended up studying till late which leads to dota again over @ FTZ. Overall, its a pretty good day.

These days I had lots of issues going on but at this blissful moment, I can't seem to be able to concentrate on one so well, I'll just leave it out & write about it when it comes into my mind again. Sending my care to everyone out there.

San, be strong girl. While you're still in Malaysia, call me if you ever need anything. It's really hard going through all this, but in the end, you know you can make it & I know you will. They say pain makes you grow & this is definitely one of the lessons you had to learn. Each people might live a different life but they definitely go through the same pain to grow. I love you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I definitely have a lots of unanswered questions these days. Well, our of the few multiple choices below, one might be the answer to my unanswered question, or at least, to the question that is bothering me right now, this second!

A. This is the brand-new-me
B. This is just another stage of life
C. Like the old saying goes, this is called life-and-growing-up *in other words I'm getting old huh*
D. I'm being a freak & is now officially what people called as "lifeless"

Well, so which one its gonna be? Or is there more choices. I bet there probably is but this is all I can think off with my phone ringing since like 12 till now? I need sleep & I'm not getting any. Surprise? Yeah I'm surprise myself! Well the question is just a little something I'm going on through now. Long explanation, lazy to do so now but I'm sure for those who are undergoing what I'm going through now will get what this few choices/answers is about.

Not in a high right now. To make it worst, my emotional statistics is currently way-down. Brother & sis-in-law just left back to Melbourne today due to some emergency. They are not even supposed to be leaving till my birthday! The only pro? I get to have an early birthday present & a big red packet. I rather have them back. Cried over brunch today, cried at the airport today, cried when I was alone at home just now. Not even in the mood for my studies with my first paper next Friday. I think someone should probably take me out & shoot me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

What is going to happen next?

Well, here I'm sitting @ Starbucks *yesh its definitely not my favourite place but its near & convenient & offer coffee* having a cup of Hazelnut Latte *I definitely prefer those I had in Hong Kong's Pan Pacific Coffee* & a sausage mayo. Why sausage mayo? All because of my darling Kay, who loves sausage mayo a lot & it reminded me of her eating it, well just had a short conversation with her & I still misses her lots. Had a long wicked day, trying to get some studies done but so far, I had only managed to cover the freshwater ecosystems in Malaysia & some short/essay questions. H2O's closing so well, next spot, Starbucks.

These few days had got my mind going round. First, I spent a night in Sunway, going back to the old way I used to do *minus the drinking part because its exam*, dota-ing till morning, yamcha sessions, McDonald sessions, etc. I really misses the life I used to had, carefree & chilling @ the same time but well, time's ticking by & I got to move on whether I love it. Or not. The morning or should said crack of dawn, ended up by seeing Tiong fallen into another drinking spell of his. All emotional & cracked up at the front porch of his house, listening to the same song over & over again, singing/shouting out loud, waking up the neighbours & their noisy pets. Me & Andrew just reach but Evonne was trying her best to get him cooled down & put him to bed which of course, he refused & ignored. The thing that really put a stop to Evonne's action was well, a single "You're not a guy like me" which she couldn't think of what to argue back. Maybe me & her is not a guy like him, but we had went over situations of heartbreak, how it felt to lose someone who you thought as your soulmate/perfect lover/the-one-that-you-thought-you-are-marrying-to or whatever you call it. It hurts so much that it numbs you after that, for a period of time anyway. It takes time & courage to stand up & move on once again & then you fell into the same cycle again & again till you met The One. But who's really The One? And how are we to know he/she The One when we meet them? And is there really someone out there for everyone to be his/her The One? Or be like Sook Lee, believing in Nickelback's lyrics of Gotta Be Somebody? Well, according to the population of the world which is way imbalance between boys & girls, maybe some are just meant to be gay & les in order for everybody to have their own The One. What really happen next actually? Or maybe there's no next but you just live on with your life doesn't knowing what next. A little heavy thinking for me, well, but for now, its back to my Environmental Science before I fail & of course, I definitely know what will happen next if I fail.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still breathing.

Something terrible happened today. Well, not exactly something physical or something huge or really bad, but well it had taken a blow emotionally wise. Definitely not the right timing for all this. I'm obviously still sulking around, if not, I wouldn't be here blogging. Will probably be studying or sleeping but of course, I really appreciate all the effort my friends put into what they are doing now, attempting to cheer me back up! Gah! I'm okay, just a little break down. Will survive, still breathing ain't I??

Quite some friends had been asking me what I had been up to these days. Sorry for those I ffk-ed God-knows-how-many-times & for those I hadn't been around to meet up with! For the month back, I was busy being my brother's wedding organiser, everything went well, thank you very much. Then my brother flew back to Hong Kong for some business stuff, leaving my sis-in-law with me which obviously leaded to more food & shopping. Other than that, I'm mostly with my few besties, not doing much, just hanging around few of my favourite places for a drink or two and yummylicious food, plain-old-fashioned-chilling. And times with my Subang fellows! All of us wanted to study all the time but well, we always ended up chatting and doing silly stuffs or just hanging around. Thinking back, its had been almost 3 years. Holding on tight, they are friends that are tough to find. True treasure.

If you don't get what I'm trying to say, its normal. This post is just pure random babbling. Mood still deep down the pit. Ewww.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things ain't going the right direction.

Oh well, the title can practically says I'm not having a good time. Things ain't going the right direction, or at least, not towards the direction that I want it to go. Exam's approaching so everything will be put aside for now but like always, speaking is always easier than doing in in reality. Two very important person had left last week, one of my besties, not sure when she will be coming back this time but I believe, no matter how long it takes for us to meet each other again, the memories we had will always be in our mind & heart. Another one had left to pursue his career, his dream. Wondering how you are doing over there, wondering is everything is going on well for you, praying with all my heart, that you will one day find what you are looking for. The day you did it will be the day I see your name, your face, in where I will be. For now, I know its only Malaysia but I believe in you. All of us do.

Had been sick for most of the week, losing my sense of smell completely for a few days, everything became tasteless & seems bleak to me. Whammed my hand on the door this morning, swollen for now. Leg got bitten by some insects, whole thigh now infected. The medicine is not helping much, but at least, it puts me to sleep. The ultimate torture will be losing my sleep, which was what happened a month back.

Starting from tomorrow, everything will be put aside. Exam is approaching & that's what that matters for now. This is not the time to disappoint those I promised & myself. Its time to study. I can start feeling the stress again.

San's "farewell" & Gillian's birthday.

Decided its major time to start blogging back. Might as well delete my blog if I continue to neglect it the way I do. Lol. Uploaded some pictures taken more recent, around a month back. As usual, in the month of September & October, a part of my friends will all start flying back towards Europe, indicating the end of the summer. For San, well, this is her first time flying over there & as usual, when you are in a serious relationship, it makes going away even more unbearable. A heartbreaking scene. Anyway, be brave my dear. I know you're still trying to cope with your life over there now. well it takes time, but yes, the truth is, you will indeed survive =)

So before she left, a few of us decided to have a small gathering over at our favourite place, Gilly Cafe. Not exactly her farewell party, but well, its still meant for her. Just doing the usual of eating, drinking, chilling, playing with cards & mahjong. Talking of mahjong, hand's getting itchy. Lol.

The new addition to UK.
A kiss for her to make sure she don't forget this friend of hers!
Two in UK & the other one *obviously me* is left in KL. Dah emo betul ni.
My high school mates. Anyway I left early because.....

Well left early to Telawi Street Bistro @ Bangsar. Nope, don't think me the wrong way, didn't ditch a friend just for a cup of drink. The reason, oh well, is because..
...of this? Nope, its something much more than wine *although wine's my life. No wine = no life for me*
This is the reason why. Its the 20th birthday for my dear. Introducing Gillian Ng Choi Yen. Well, she had been introduced for quite a few times, no harm doing it again. One of the best girlfriends I have, one that I will never want to lose.
And its also the belated birthday for Christopher *her boyfriend* too. Their birthday is only a few days apart =P
Kisses is a must for her. Words can't describe how I feel towards her.
And a friend who had seen me through one of the few darkest period of my life & believing in me even when I stop believing in myself.

♥ Me & the birthday girl ♥
♥ xoxoxo ♥
Opt for Hoegaarden since Chris is feeling unwell & decided not to go for a bottle of wine. The house wine they provide over there is kinda sucky. Both Chris & Gillian are usual Guinness drinker, well, for unknown reason, white beer repels them but they decided to take a sip of mine to understand why would I order a pint all to myself!
Him taking a sip.
Her taking a sip.
And well, they ended up loving it much! Just like me ♥
A little surprise for them ♥
Happy Birthday Gill & Chris!!! Both of you are now in the 2-x- group.
♥ 3 of us ♥
Make a wish dear & may your wish come true
Ending this post by telling you how much I ♥ you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Can feel its coming back.

I can feel the shitty feeling is on its way back for me. Just when I thought everything is taking a better turning, thought that I'm standing back up again, I can feel the feeling is hovering near/around me. The news wasn't a bad news, but for some reason, it just brings me down but I know how much it meant. This was what we all had been hoping for all these while but I guess, I didn't hope for the news to be @ this time, this scenario.

"Out of difficulties, makes miracle"this is what you are thinking & hoping for! work hard for it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just had a great Mid-Autumn Festival with the family. Time passes by really fast, it had been around 6 years since my brother first left for Melbourne & its 6 years of spending this festival without his presence. This year there's a new addition, which is my new sister in law, Michelle! Holiday is ending soon, I want more of it!! I barely get to call this a holiday because I was busy almost everyday for the wedding! Unfair! Hmph! Everybody get to go on trips & rest but I couldn't!! Uni starting on Monday!! Grrr..

And after running through all the pictures I had, excluding the ones in my friend's camera, I realize its accumulating in a scary way. Time to upload it in facebook & over here! Tried uploading in facebook but the message "Uploading Failed" keeps showing up, decided to do it tomorrow. Whereas for here, well, let's see how many is lining up. Hoping to finish blogging all these below before I get more pictures from honey's camera & boy's camera & from the photographer =P


#1: Melbourne pictures taking during the winter break. I know its very long ago but its really a little too much. Forgive me.
#2: Quattro night out with my sweet stuffs & buddies on the 2nd of Sept if I'm not wrong =P
#3: A lil' small gathering @ Gilly Cafe before San left for UK! *which reminds me theres some pictures still with her if I'm not wrong*
#4: Gillian's birthday 11/9 a.k.a. 911 @ Telawi Street Bistro!#5: The Big Day! This is another scary one. Haven't got all the pictures yet anyway =P

#6: Evonne's 21st birthday @ MOS!#7: Tonight's celebration!!! Mooncake festival!!! Wheee!!! Such a round moon. Thanks God the cloud cleared up for around half an hour. At least we get to enjoy a clear view for half an hour =P

Stick around for more =P That's for tonight anyway. *Yawn* Time for my beauty sleep. Dark circles & eye bag is becoming a major problem for me. Gosh! Oh! Sook Lee, if you are reading this, don't feel like you are being lied to k? I didn't say anything about uploading all the pictures one shot =P This is what I meant. LOL! Feel a little being lied to? Sorry to keep your expectations up larh =P


Friday, October 2, 2009


Cristine a.k.a. ME had gone missing for quite some time! The BIG DAY had been a great success. More about it later. I'm finally now back!!! Will blog more later!!! Brain jam @ the moment!!!