Saturday, March 29, 2008

I wan..

As you can see from the topic, I'm tryin' 2 tell you guys I wan sumthing..

Yes.. I have this sudden urge..

It might be due to assignments & all the crazy workload..

Or maybe due 2 the current emo-fied me.. *I found out sumthing I dun like*

I jus wan2..

I wanna CLUB!! Anybody wanna go too T_T??

Let's partayyyy like it's our mother fucking job..

Call me call me.. I dun mind leaving my number here.. All of you guys should have it anywayz..

Hotline : 012-2112835

Anywayz.. Jeanie's gonna be back next week.. It's her burfday.. Gg.. Miss my sister like crazy lar.. Thinking back & counting years, we had been sisters for 11 years & more to go..

B back soon k darlingz..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
- My father^^”

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
- Lolz.. Yeshhh =) The story was me & him.. Inside a lift.. Then……

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
- Cons.. We would gossips lots & lots & act crazy.. Yaggi.. I need a man for survival.. As in.. To do all the hard work =P & the moron who tagged me!! Cause since she tagged me.. She should be stranded wid me too..

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
- Italy for sure.. I miss it there so much.. I wanna go back to there again.. The food.. The place.. The people.. The atmosphere.. Owhhh =C

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- Can have another 3 dreams to be fulfilled =P?

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- Uh?? I do see rainbows after rain =_=”

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
- People that I love & care for..

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- I dunno.. Shopping =P Buying stuffs that I always want & rain my beloved ones with what they want to.. Then invest =P.. More $$ to come.. *kacheeng*

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- I would.. But it gotta better be someone I really love.. But I’ll make sure he loves me too b4 I confess =P I wan no failure..

10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
- Can I say none =_=? Bcox she tagged me & I gotta do this creep.. Haha.. Okay ba.. Kidding.. Beautiful.. Crazy.. & Lovableeee….

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
- Ahahaa.. He must respect & love his own parents lots.. Understanding.. Caring.. & Most important.. He must love me lots too..

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
- I hate backstabbers.. People who only know how to talk & do nth..

13. What is your ambition?
- The world best P.R. & a good wife & daughter =D

14. If you have faults, would you rather have the people around you point out to you or would you rather have them keep quiet?
- For sure.. POINT THEM OUT!!!

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Health & family.. I want both of it.. Cause both of it are irreplaceable..

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
- Yesh.. Which I dun think is a good thing cause it cause me !^$#%*&

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
- Sweetie!!!

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
- The part that tends to make me emo all the time.. Less emo more happiness =)

19. Whats the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
- I forget =_=” Maybe there’s nothing exactly “shocking” that I heard I guess =P

20. What song is stuck in you head currently?
- Low by T-Pain^^”

I tag Sook Lee, Cons, & & & & Hrmm.. Jen =P

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay.. Here's what happened yesterday.. Early in the morning.. Jack Shen woke me up.. Uh oh.. & I was wondering.. What wind blew this guy 2 call me? *bad feeling* Taadaa.. I'm right.. So I went 2 meet him up later.. Then he start telling me what happen.. Ask some question.. Yaadaa yaadaa.. I feel like I'm being investigate by a police =_="

Lols.. Then.. He fetched me over to Lih Yun's house.. To talk to her.. I could see her eyes all puffy.. Serious shit.. I'm confused myself.. & I seriously doesn't wanna be drag into a problem which I thought had been solved!! But somehow.. I was kinda dragged into it again.. If you guys remembered my ex, Ah Po.. You would kinda know how & what happened between me, Cons, & Yun.. Haih.. Pathetic.. Thinking back.. It's all like a child game.. But that was the past..!! Anywayz.. I made it clear.. I want friends & NOT enemy..

So.. When I reach back home.. My mind was all cramped, stressed, emo.. I fell dead on bed.. Sleep sleep sleep.. Jack called me.. Cons called me.. Sorry guys.. Too tired.. Then.. Woke up.. Feeling bad.. Really really bad.. Somemore Elvin's still working.. Haih.. =C No one to turn to.. So.. But sumhow at nite.. The problem was said to be solved.. I hope it really is!!! Yeah..


Anywayz I decided to post some of the pics that was taken a few days ago while makan-ing with Yaggy @ SS 2 @ sum Jap restaurant.. Forget the name dy.. Sushi sumthing? Or sumthing sushi?? Hehee.. Bad memories.. & later we headed to some dessert house "Kei Dak Sek" Read Read in cantonese plss =P Anywayz.. It's nice catching up with Yaggy.. Hehee.. He's funny.. Buahahaa.. & Cute?? =X Or weird =P??*ooo btw.. Yaggy just told me the name of the Jap restaurant.. Sushi Tomo =P*

The shy guy who went dinner wid me.. He's not that shy actually.. But.. Unwilling 2 show his true face..
This pic was taken by the GUY above.. It's nice though.. Looks kinda pro.. Hahaa.. Me likey =)
Starting camwhoring.. First a normal one..
This one was taken by Yaggy.. He took it 4 me..
& the stupid act of acting cute.. Buahahaa.. & I failed again^^"
Our delicious dessert.. Honeydew Sago (Yaggy's) & MY "Guai Ling Gou".. Buahahaa...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The "Music" Movie of Mine =_="

Okay.. Dun get me wrong.. I dun really wan2 do this.. But.. Promise Sook Lee so long dy.. With my lappie back now.. No more excuses.. So here I go..
If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (Mp3, Winamp, Media Player, iPod etc.)
2. Put in on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool!

Waking Up: 黑色毛衣 - Jay Chou > Even though it's a new day when I woke up, my mind & my heart still stay in the past, holding on to unforgetable memories between you & me..
First Day at School: 我们的爱 - F.I.R. > The song is bout how our love had bcome a burden & had reached a point of no return.. How on earth would I relate it to the first day at school???
Falling in Love: Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boys > Falling in love wid you happens so fast & furious.. Exciting yet dangerous at the same time.. Feels like drifting.. Hehee.. *which reminds me of how much my notti bi loves 2 drift =_="*
Fight Song: Unfaithful - Rihanna > Hrmm.. It don't sounds like what you call a "fight song" at all.. But maybe it will reminds me of NOT to fight.. As it might like brokening a trust or faith between us 2.. Which will makes you walk out of my door =C *I'm crapping*
Breaking Up: 我不配 - Jay Chou > You're too good for me.. I was never good enough for you & I finally realised how wrong I'm.. How wrong the feeling felt like.. No matter how much I love you, how much I tried to make things work, you'll still leave me..
Prince Prom: Never Had A Dream Come True - S Club 7 > Uh?? I dun really get what "Prince Prom" means.. Hrmm.. My dream prince prom neva came true =C? In reality the one is sum1 who sucks?? Lols...
Life's Just: 爱才 - Janice > The trust & faith put on you were broken over & over again.. There's a whole big world out there waiting for me.. But I never give a damn to them all because of you..
Mental Breakdown: Six Days - DJ Shadow > Uh??? Mental breakdown due to six days of pressure per week?? I dun get it!! I dun get the song.. Maybe its like.. If the God makes us rest 6 days per week & 1 day for work.. Then there would be no mental breakdown =P? *This thing is starting to make me frustrated =_=" I'm typing nonsense =P*
Driving: Last Christmas - Hilary Duff > Driving is like uh.. Hrmm.. Always faces sum problem, ARGHHHH... I dunno!!! Becareful??? Uhh?? Then same problem might be faced again???
Flashback: I Think I - I dunno how to type the Korean singer name > I love this song!! Hrmm.. Thinking back.. There's time I might did silly things, saying hurtful words, but I came to realise that I really love you & miss you lots..
Getting Back Together: Over N Over - Nelly > You are always in my mind, bfore & after we got back 2gether.. Always think back of YOU over & over again.. Loving you over & over again..
Birth of Child: Love Me Or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign > Sonny.. I'll teach you wid my own way.. You can either love me as your mum.. Or hate me.. It's your choice =P
Wedding: 是你决定我的伤心 - 李圣杰, 张玉华 > The only one that can made me happi & sad, will be you, my beloved & only one..
Finale Battle: More Than Words - Frankie J > No comment except that this is a superb song =P
Death Scene: 习惯失恋 - Joey > Used to losing someone..
Funeral Song: Buttons - Pussycat Doll > So not related.. Buttons & funeral o_O??
End Credits: Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake > Yeah.. END OF THIS STUPID THING.. PARTYYY TIME..... WHEEEEE..

Okay.. I'm so not going to tag anyone to do this.. I feel its a lil silly.. But if any of you.. Who's freaking bored.. Then I TAG you to do this =P.. Buahahahaaaa

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay.. I'm seriously frustrated..

Some idiotic moron or whoeva or wateva it is.. Deleted all my post from my blog.. Wtf??? When I log in to it, I was like.. !@#!@#!@# Totally gobsmacked/out-of-words..

So this time.. I make my blog private.. Yaya.. I know.. It's like so fussy of me.. But who cares.. I dun care whether how many strangers viewed me or wateva.. I just wanna spill my @!#%$^&% here & let my frens know what's going on.. Haha.. So they can keep track of me when yamcha ma.. If not.. I'll be talking about ABCXYZ then they will be like thinking DEFUVW.. Damn POTONG!!

For now, I'm using back some of the old backgrounds, but most of the side fancy fancy stuff and my beautiful white flower is gone =C Well.. I got like plentisome of assignment.. No time for all this.. I'll do it during the weekends...

Seriously.. Monash.. Grrr.. Assignments.. But.. I'm happi.. I'm more happi about sumthing.. But.. I'll post about it k? I know some of you will be shocked/suprised/bitching bout me bout how slutty I could be/wateva.. But I don't care.. Something is just now gonna work out for me.. So.. Why not chase for my rainbows & happiness now?