Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just came back from club/bar-hopping in Sunway area with Roger & his friends.. It had been about one year since I last seen Roger.. That fella had decided to settle down over in KL with his new job.. Wish ya luck ya!! His friend from States came over (Roger used to study in States too) so they decided to meet up with someone over in Bar Flam.. Since it was practically so near to me, I went to meet up with them & got my favourite shots.. Baileys.. Tequilas.. Lols.. But it was like so quiet over at Flam that we decided to switch places and we were too lazy drive so end up walking clubs to bars to clubs to bistro to clubs.. Went to like almost all the clubs/bistros/bars available over in Sunway.. So last stop would be Bar Celona as it was located at the end.. Chill around..

It was practically a long long day for me as I slept for only like 3 hours & woke up at 9 in the morning and went for my classes.. I got lectures & tutorials from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. non-stop every Tuesday.. Crazy timetable.. But anyway manage to have minutes to grab some lunch with Mark, chatted around with Jenny & Kimberly, etc.. Gotta start preparing for my Marketing presentation tomorrow follow up with Microeconomic's assignment then Communication's then Television Series's one.. Aiks.. Gonna be hectic.. But I'm gonna stay focus (unlike last sem)!

Off to bed then.. In these 3 days the total sleeping time of mine will be sum up to only 6 hours!!! No classes tomorrow.. Heaven! Gonna sleep till the sky falls off.. Nobody is gonna wake me up (beside K cause I want his Psp.. Haven't got the time to buy my own.. I wanna play some game!!)

Nahhhhh nightttsss~

Loves =)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moments of lost & confusion..

Feeling a lil lost.. A lil confused.. A lil lonely.. A lil of everything.. All kind of mixed-up emotions..

Sometimes I just think too much.. But I can't help thinking..

There's a lot of 'what-if' & missed opportunity..

But feeling regret is just useless sometimes as it don't change the facts..

But that doesn't mean that I won't be feeling down, unhappy, lost, all kind of negative feelings..

Sometimes I know I'm being selfish.. But I just can't help it..

I try to control and act the way I should, instead the way that I had acted..

I don't really know what I myself really want now.. Whether it is relationship, money, friends, companionship, fun, the list goes on..

But for now, I will try my best to focus on my studies & my family & my close friends..

I had lost faith & trust among some people that really mean alot to me..

It's hard to trust some people again..

And it's hard to give up on people that I really trust & love.. Close friends & family..

Cause they mean so much to me and they are part of who I am today..

Being selfish makes me myself happier.. Doesn't really need to care about others..

But at the same time, I feel like it's wasting precious moments of mine..

Time passed and it's a lost.. Wasted..

But sometime showing my care to other people means you open up yourself to be hurt, to be dissappointed, to be treated like a garbage, to create more problems for myself once again..

I'm really feeling negative now..

And really alone deep down inside..
Had lunch with Kam b4 going to class 2day.. As usual, watched some tv series.. Went for micro's lecture.. Saw my "brothers".. Lecture's boring as usual..

Xue Ying fetched darling to Sunway to find me.. Since so long I see this sis of mine (Xue Ying).. Oh my god.. How I miss those time we played basketball 2gether.. Anyway we went Asia Cafe, had high-tea/dinner.. Headed to Pyramid, planned to catch a movie or something but not much movie anyway so we went shopping.. Bought some daily stuffs, a shirt (I damn suka lah wei) from Forever 21, a Shin Chan comic (loves^^").. Bought Poh Lin a.k.a. luilui's pressie, helped sis to choose a pressie for her friend, lepak around.. End up in KimGary yam cha.. Did some catching up.. Blah blah blah.. Heard lots of updates about ppl I didn't saw for ages.. Lols.. Anyway it's fun hanging out again.. Let's go it sometime again =)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ocean, Beach, Little Italy, U-Mai, Upper Star, ...

For those who know where I went (a tip: I had been there 3 times in the past half year), it had been one of the best week in my life.. The wonderful atmosphere & food, an escape from city life (& some problems) had been wonderful.. Thanks for my potato =) It had been great..

But now, I'm back in KL, it's all about my studies, my family & friends, etc.. But I gotta face the music.. Can't escape from it forever (can I?) I'll always remember those times.. (Gah.. End up we didn't take any picture)!!! Lols.. Anyway its fine.. Pictures are just pieces of pictures created by us human whereas memories are the truest of all still =)

I'm off to bed.. Feeling exhausted after the flight..

p/s: I can't upload the pictures of Kam's burfday, me & ying, Bar Celona, etc.. Lappie repaired but all USB ports spoil?? Gotta send it to repair again (soon) but wait till I'm done with assignments!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's been a long long week..

It's been a tiring week.. Classes starting all over again.. Adapting to new units & refreshing memories of what I have learn during the past sem.. I failed 2 of my units.. Passed 2.. Kinda disappointed as I expect to fail only 1 which is of cox, my ACCOUNTS! Interesting units I have for this sem anyway =) Gonna work hard (& of cox, at the same time play hard) which means less sleep as more time is needed for my studies.. Met up with friends like Mark, Tiong, Abel, etc.. Kinda miss them.. Get to know some new friends too..

Anyway, Jenny is finally in Monash this sem, taking the same double degree I'm taking.. Good luck to you babe =) I'm happy cox there's another dearie fren to entertain me.. Buahahhahaaa.. Went to Bar Celona last night with Amelia, her friends, Tiong, Bryan.. Saw Wei Lip over there too with the usual.. Ahhh.. I'm confused with something.. But just let it be & I guess time will answer everything.. Going over to Bar Celona (AGAIN!!!) 2night.. Bryan is going back Sabah next week & he just finished his last paper 2day.. Been sometime since I had seen him.. Although it's like only 2 months but we used to hang out like everyday so it feels so long..! No Maison 2night for those who had been asking me to go.. & they say there might be quite a mess in KL due to arrest of Anwar & stuff... Gtg.. Pics upload 2morrow..

Loves =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in Sunway^^

Ahh.. Moved back to Sunway.. Classes starting next Monday.. Currently in FTZ now.. Lappie still not repaired yet.. Just finish dinner with Mark, Daniel & Tiong.. Feeling lazy to upload any posts.. Will do it next time..!! Gonna Dota I guess =) Been some time since I dota..!! Guess I kinda 4get how.. Going over to Kam Seng (kor!!) & Kit Yee (jie!!)'s birthday later over at Bar Club.. Can't wait to see kor after such a long time..

- Loves - XOXOXO- Cris - ^^" -

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally get to meet up with Amelia & Matt after so long.. I miss you guys wei T_T It had been so long since well since the day we went for lunch @ Pyramid b4 you guys left for Aus.. Met up with Amelia & Chris for dinner @ Pyramid.. Went to Tar Bush (hope that I didn't misspell it) for dinner.. Ordered mushroom soup & lemonade.. But turn up they serve me with mushroom soup & *lemonade*???? Lols.. I still didn't get the name of the dish they end up serving us.. Amelia's friend came to join us & headed to Zazu Beach Bistro located inside Sunway Lagoon after that.. It's my 1st time there & I kinda like it bside the stuffy weather..

It's supposed to be Amelia's friend, Eileen's birthday & her high school reunion gathering of some sort (if I'm not wrong).. Tons of people turn up.. But of course, the best part is when Matt finally turn up.. I miss him.. I miss Amelia.. Miss the time we used to have when we were in college.. Gotta go Aussie soon =) The place's nice.. I love the entrance (it's so romantic!!).. Plenty of booze.. Comfy space.. Romantic view of Sunway.. Dancefloor.. People.. (But the DJ kinda sucks >.<") Anyway it was fun after all of us get a lil high with the booze and of course, the best part of it is that Amelia & Matt is back!
Pics.. Pics.. =)
The entrance is all light up with candles covered by bags.. Arghh.. It's too dark to get a clear shot.. Anyway those who were there will know =) I love the entrance lots.. Freaking romantic!
The view of Sunway from where we were sitting.. & to my right is the Lagoon beach..
The booze that we were to finish up.. Additions of Black Label bottles & Vodka bottles not in the pic =)
This is the BEFORE picture of me & Amelia.. Not drinking at that time yet..
And this is the AFTER pictures.. OH MY GOD!
Me, Amelia & Chris!!!
My favourite picture for the night!!! Hey darling.. You should had stuff it all in lar XP

The Couple =)
Funny moments...
& Lotsa group pics..

Anyway it was a great night till I left to find my sis.. She's drunk over in Bar Celona.. That's another story all 2gether.. Miss you guys peeps!! Loves =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sick.. AGAIN!!!

I guess I'm getting old!! One night of clubbing and I feel like a piece of rotten #$%#$! the next day.. End up.. SICK! Thought it was a lil' flu so I decided to head over to Fitness First with my mom to sweat it out.. But all the sweating & working out makes me feel even worst.. So ended up in the bed, feeling hot & cold at the same time, emo emo, can't do much.. Sobs..

Well.. That's yesterday.. Woke up today feeling way better.. Went to Pantai Hospital due to some leg injury.. Got a 2 week supply of vitamins & pills that cost me tons.. Lunch with Gillian & as usual, all we did was talk, and talk and talk..

And as for tomorrow.. I'll recover for sure as I can't wait to meet up with Amelia darling & Matthew (how I miss bullying him^^").. Not sure who's going too but from what I know Chris is going, if I'm not wrong, some other Cempakans and also some other Sunway ppl.. Well.. I'll know when I get there.. But for sure.. My main purpose is to meet up with Amelia & Matt as both of them went to Aussie & will be returning back to there soon.. Can't wait for 2moro^^!
Ian went back to KK for his winter break, but b4 that, he stopped at KL =) The last time I had seen him was in Singapore but that's another story =) Anyway.. I met up with him, went to lots of places like Pavilion, KL Tower, KLCC, Low Yat, Sungai Wang.. Well.. Because of limited time (& a major phobia towards traffic, yesh, I mean me, cox I'm the one who's driving!) We stick around to KL area since he's living at the Renaissance Hotel.. What we did mostly was talking over a cuppa of over-sweetening drink or a glass of wine.. Went for movie & walked around too.. Time's too short for us do much anyway =)

I jus wanna say.. It's 2 of the most amazing days I ever had^^

A picture of me & him in my car, outside the his hotel b4 he went back^^"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's such a small world..

Went to Poppy last night.. And all I can say it's such a small world.. Went yamcha with Gillian & Chris while waiting for J.R. to fetch me over to Poppy.. When I reached there, it was packed as usual.. Poppy's good =) But I only went there few times b4.. It's much more classier and the crowd is hrmmm better??? Well.. Daniel came out & brought me in.. The usual bunch was there.. Derreck, Lich, Jackson, etc.. Owhh.. And finally saw Lich's new gurl (although they seem to be arguing???)

Like I said, it's such a small world.. I ended up sitting on the same table wid.. Bao, Man Chun a.k.a. Sam, Ah Kan, etc... Sam & Derreck seems so friendly wid each other.. Ended up they told me that they just knew each other for 2 weeks due to Euro o_O"" I guess it's the guys gene.. The addiction to football + gambling uh??? Didn't dance at all for the night.. When I look at the dance floor's direction with the amount of people on it.. I don't feel like dancing at all.. Ended up drinking & talking & laughing with both bunch.. Oh ya.. I saw Melvin too.. Surprise that he recognize me uh?

Reached home around 4 and was feeling a lil "wing".. Lolz.. Had fun though.. Had a good night sleep & still feeling tired till now..


Darling's surprise party..

Sek Kee finally came back from UK for her summer holiday.. & for sure.. I'm glad that she's back (glad is kinda mild for how I'm feeling.. I'm out of words) San called me up to tell me they are planning a surprise party for Kay.. So I agree to go with it..

On her birthday.. I fetched her out to MidValley to shop as she said she's feeling kinda low.. We hunted for heels all over MidValley & Gardens.. Went to Aldo & she spotted a pair of classic black which she loved but it was out of her size.. Bought another pair at Nose but compared to the one in Aldo.. Well.. It was hrmm.. As long as she's happy.. Went to have some pancake (which I was really craving for) Walked around.. Bought a book.. Fetched her home after that.. She had no idea on what was going on.. Actually it was kinda obvious but she just can't put the pieces 2gether..

1st: Her mom cooked lots of food.. (Imagine the amount she cooked when the whole bunch of us couldn't even eat half of it) And she even asked her mom why did she cooked that much of food..

2nd: Everybody ended up forgetting her burfday & even told her that they're busy (at the same time)

3rd: When I fetched her home, she asked me, why was there so many cars parked outside her house? She even saw Su Wen's car..

4th: I told her at 1st the I'm only sending her home but when I ended up parking and following her into her house for no reason she jus thought that I wanted to talk to her mom.. (Me & her mom was kinda closed actually)

Well.. I can only say she's kinda blurred out.. Anyway.. To my BELOVED DARLING:


Her reaction was funny when she realised that we planned something for her.. She was kinda down & even ask her mom to buy her a cake so she can make a wish.. And her mom ask her to buy her own =_=" Lolz.. Imagine that feeling.. Anyway she looks mad.. She looks surprise.. She looks like as if she will cry.. Anyway she ran to her room.. & I regret following her.. Because she was screaming and pacing like mad inside.. & when I entered, she hitted me like crazy b'cox she said she was with me the whole day & I could act as if nothing happened.. Sorry darling.. I didn't meant to hurt you that way.. Please look what I have to tell you at the end of this post k? It's a message dedicated to you..

Her stunned look when she enter her house & everybody surprise her...
The cute Jelly cake that they ordered..
Kay making her wish.. She took REALLY LONG time to make her wish.. I wonder how many wish did she made.. And she was really serious at it!!!!
The group of us.. I brough sis along to her burfday.. Others are all Surians =)
A random pic of me & sis at Kay's room... Lolz..

To: Sek Kee a.k.a. my darling Kay..

Happy belated burfday to you.. And I'm sorry if I hurt you in some way.. You're the longest friend that I ever know in my life, and even though we didn't spend most of our time hanging out 2gether like you did wid San, Jeleine & Wen, you were always there when I needed you & vise versa.. I remember all the your "problem" times & how you will tell me everything & anything and me offering you my comfort like a sister.. I love you alot my darling.. (Not in the lesbian way but sisterly one)

And there's something I really wanna tell you.. Please don't think that I took you shopping just bcox of the party.. I took you shopping because I wanted to spend some precious time alone with you and ONLY you.. I kinda forget about the party during the shopping time because I really mean to spend the day with you.. All the things we did, the conversations we had, the sweet time when I lean on you.. Everything is from my heart & I mean it..

Muacksss... Kisses & hugs for you.. Well keep the hugs and use it during the cold winters when you're alone in UK & when you miss me.. You WERE part of my sweetest memories, you ARE creating more memories of me & you 2gether and you WILL always be someone special in my heart..

Happy Belated Burfday my Darling^^

The girl with white stockings & green bag =)

Bar Celona!?!?!

Once again.. It was Thursday (and if you guys remember, my darling sis got black-listed over at Maison) so I decided to go Bar Celona.. Went over to her house to fetch her, Connie & Keman.. Chilled around while waiting for them to prepare their self up.. It's Keman first time going to club =) Headed over to Darusalam since it was too early & for them to have their dinner.. Camwhored all the way there while I was driving..

It was kinda packed over at Bar Celona as it was ladies' night.. Went in & saw Ken & his crappy new hair.. Lolz.. It was kinda too short.. I preferred his previous style.. Chatted wid him at the bar.. He grew fatter (again!!) The guys (in which name I'm not allowed to publish due to various reasons) came to meet us up.. Oh ya.. I can't even publish their pictures too =_=" It was kinda fun till the moment when MPSJ came to check the club's license.. 1st time since I clubbed there that these things happen.. The party resume over & everybody had a great time.. Ken's song is getting better & better.. Fetched the girls home and went back to Darusalam to meet the guys up and saw Julian, K & others too.. Did some catching up.. Can't wait for classes to start =)

The camwhoring moments while I was driving..
And some pics of us in the club.. No pics of the guys though due to various reasons..

Joey's Concert @ Genting

Dad bought Joey's concert ticket for me & mommy.. So went to Genting for the concert.. Went to Olive for dinner.. I love Olive's food =) It's wonderfully delicious.. How come they don't open one over at KL T_T? Anyway it was kinda rush for us as we tried not to be late for the concert.. Anyway the beginning part was boring though.. It was only till the end that the nice songs came..

Called Kevin up after the concert & he asked me to meet him up over at Olive cox he still got some work to do.. Treated me Olive specially prepared chocolate.. If you are a great fan of chocolate.. You should really try it.. Chatted wid him about food, drinks, etc.. He said he'll call me if he ever come to KL.. He said he's gonna come for some wine thingy????

Arrival of Keman =)

Sis woke me up around 8 & met her up over at Tasik Selatan LRT station and waited for Connie =) Took a cab over to Pekeliling (not sure if I spell it correctly) and met up wid Keman (Keman is Jeanie & Connie's friend from NS) and I gotta agree that she's funny & friendly.. Headed over to some Malay restaurant while waiting for Jason to pick us up..

Next stop, Times Square..

It had been some time since I went there & nothing much had changed except for some shops closing down & new shops opening.. Nth much to buy.. Wanted to buy sum shoes end up buying a pair of slippers & sis getting a pair of leopard-printed shoe.. Went to the arcade & played some of the games.. They went for movie after that but I ended up going home for dinner..

Up: Connie, Keman, Jeanie & Me.. Was squeeeezing tightly at the escalator to get this pic..
Down: Keman, Sis & Connie posing at the arcade..

Another pic.. Lolz.. Was kinda funny.
Sis wid her prize of the day.. Hitted the jackpot while playing the candy machine.. (Actually Jason's the one who played for us)
The packet of candies & chocos.. The Hello Kitty was later changed to the pushie above^^

Gotta admit it was kinda fun though =)

Friday, July 4, 2008

I can't find my camera & my card reader!!!

Seriously.. I remember seeing BOTH my camera AND my card reader b4 I went out 2day.. But.. I jus can't find it right now?? Did I left it in my car or sumthing?? Gah!!! Gosh!!!

Anyway I was really busy for the past few days.. Did lots of stuff.. Went to lots of places.. Kay's back here for good.. Ian came (and went away again) which makes me miss him lots.. But I had the most amazing 2 days wid him.. Threw Kay a surprise party (in which she was really shocked!).. Sis came and stayed over at my house.. Ah.. Details I would had post it later on specific posts wid the pics..

I still gotta go back to Sunway & move some stuff 2moro.. Lots of stuffs happened.. Anyway I'm worried about my Sem 1's results.. I did very badly.. & I'm worried about my credit card's bill too!! Wonder how much I spent this month.. I can see my stacks of bills growing thicker & thicker inside my wallet.. Sobs.. Will post more 2moro!! Nites!!!