Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting better!

Sitting in front of my desktop in my brother's room *yesh, it got reallocated after I got my lappie becoming the "common computer" such a waste* waiting for my brother & sis-in-law to be to reach home from the airport! Today had been a great day in a way, though tiring! Picked Kay up, headed to Millenium for yummy dim sum & desserts. Next stop, Pavillion for some shopping spree. Still looking for the perfect shoes *really fussy/picky when it comes to heels* for the my dress. Gg! Tried Aldo, Charles & Keith, Guess, Eclipse, Nine West, Nose, Vincci+, Tangs, Parkson, etc. but am still not getting the shoes! The big day is approaching so so so soon! *panic panic* Manage to get a T-shirt from Pull & Bear though & a new pair of shades. Broke my old pair the other day while shopping at Bangsar. Not exactly as nice as the old one, well, my face isn't exactly that suitable for shades anyway. Headed for a quick drink *pastilah Hoegarden.. winks to Gillian* in La Bodega after that. Helped Kay picked out someone's birthday present next =P Back to Millenium hotel for my brother's big day for some reservation & stuffs, Noble House next! Just can't wait for the pair to be back, bunking up with them tonight like we always did when I was @ Melbourne. Grandparents flew over from HK early, my room now belongs to them now.
More to come. With the pictures estimated taken during the BIG DAY, the pictures accumulated in my lappie waiting to be upload will be more than a thousand! FML.
6 more days to go ♥

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning morning morning ♥

A very very very very good morning to everybody out there, especially to all my sweet stuffs who's mostly still traveling in their own dreamland. This blog had been sadly neglected. Been really busy for the BIG day coming up. Countdown is on! Can't wait!! And I have like 500 plus pictures lying around my laptop, waiting for exposure =) Having a little nice cup of Americano now & hey, coffee works like miracle at times like these ♥ I'll be long dead if there's no caffeine & alcohol. Just dropping by to say a little hello. Will blog more when I'm done with my work. Brother's coming back tomorrow. WooHoo! I miss him so much, just what I need @ times like these.

7 more days to go ♥

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Might as well...

I think I might as well just close my whole blog down right? Since I realize I don't blog anymore these days. All I did was sleep & sleep & sleep & more sleep. God! But I don't think I will. Just still feeling a little lazy. Decided to hop in & say hello to everybody to prove that I'm still alive & breathing & crapping!

Anyway headed to Yaki Yaki for Adrian's birthday last night. Supper is such a bad idea! Happy Birthday my taufu =P More to come. Stay tune =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A quicky lunch.

Had a quick lunch with the boys last month. Been so long since I really went out with them, can't wait till exams end for this new found place by Wei Hua =) Headed over to some place over at Subang for some sort of rice, not bad weih =P Its not the place, the food or the environment that matters. Its the people that matters =)

Bunnykins =P
A new addition: Mongul!
And well, that's me =P
Last but not least of course, will be Wei Hua. But obviously, this cute little fella decided to take pictures of us & some silly stunt & forget to take a picture of himself! Hence, I got to rely on my old pictures to show that he was there!

More of them after my exam!! Wings!!! I'm craving for wings =P

Friday, September 4, 2009


This week had been a hectic one. Rushing reports & essays at the library now. Consequences of having a night out on Wednesday. It was a really awesome night, thanks to all my friends. Been quite some time since I drank & dance like that ♥

A big cup of Caffe Mocha right beside me ♥ Just what I need. Back to lab reports on jelly crystals & formation of nitrates.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The month of August.

Well, its already September now. Time is flying really fast. Major assignments due dates, finals, mid-semester test, everything is approaching real soon. Been a month & a half since I'm back from Melbourne. Not much happened but like Sook Lee say, I might be suffering from pms. My mood swings are really extreme, riding on an emotional rollercoaster. I'm just a emo freak. Maybe =P I'm not exactly sure myself what's on my mind now, been trying to clear my mind up & have decisions made. Made a few decisions during the past few days but starting to doubt the decisions I made. I'm starting to hate my sleeps, because I'm having dreams that might seem sweet to other people but nightmares to me. I hate the dreams for feeling so real. I hate that it haunts me even when I sleep. Some friends said I'm a little too stressed out with the big event approaching *which I will tell when the time's right* & my workload, barely leaving time for myself to have fun. My life is officially lifeless. Its about studies, facebook, msn, sleep & repeat all over again. My english is getting shitty & I barely understood what I write most of the time. Its like when I blog, I just spill everything out, barely understanding it later. Well, its not like its a scholar paper so I might as well not care about it. Getting an average of 2 hours of sleep every night these days. Avoid sleeping if I could. I'm sick of dreaming the few same dreams every night. I'm tired of thinking/worrying/stressing out the same matters during day time. When I start focusing my work during the day, my mind finally give the same old matter a rest, I thought things might be getting better. It got worst. During the night, it spill out in an extraordinary way, way more extreme during the day, felt much more real, in my dream & the feeling stays when I woke up. I can still feel it. Its not a healthy sign.

Maybe the month of September will be a better one. Heading to Quattro tomorrow night with a few besties to chill. Why Quattro of all place, well, its because Yang gave me a whole bottle there. Maybe just what I need now. Thanks Yang, for all your advice. I'll think about it.