Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home =)

Moved back to Cheras 2day.. Just finish posting up like 4-5 or maybe even 6 posts wid pics & everything.. Been infront of my lappie for hours but am feeling happy that I finally get to post up everything =) Holidays had started & some of my frens is going back to their hometown.. Will be missing them much..

But at the same time.. Plenty of my kakis who had went overseas are all coming back.. Wheeee.. Talking about meeting up & spending time 2gether again.. Promises made to those in Aussie that I'll transfer over to Melb either by Feb 2009 or July 2009, depending on my results (I was kinda lazing around during my 1st sem XD) Anyhow I'm practically living in another time zone now.. It's 4 sumthing in the morning & I'm still bright awake.. Used to it dy I guess.. I had been sleeping in the morning, waking up in the evening for past few months.. Well.. Since it's hols.. I got nothing to worry about as I could sleep all I want.. But I promised many frens that I'll do catching up wid them as I'm finally back =)

Actually I'm a lil worried about my results but no point thinking about it now as there's no going back.. What is done is done =) I'll just worried about it when it comes out then.. Till then.. I'll pamper myself wid spas, facials, food, sleep, vacations & yakking sessions.. Being the dad I sayang the most, he bought a fish spa package for me that consist of 60 sessions for my use =) He didn't even told me that he plans to buy it.. He jus came home & told me that he bought it & I could use all I want to.. Bring some frens along too if I wanted to.. One session @ its normal price cost around Rm38 and @ its package price it cost around Rm10.. I promised Gillian eons ago I'll go wid her again & now wid the package.. Wheeee... 10x dad! Muacksss! Kisses for my dad..

I'm gonna sign off now & find some other things to do.. Maybe call up sum frens who's living in the same time zone like me.. I had post all I want to post.. & it had taken me effing long!!! So dun nag me on not posting any posts.. Check it out k =) All you gotta do is scroll down sayangs..

I'm missing those who are coming back & those who are leaving anyway..

Maison 19/06

Yeap.. I'm getting lazy & tiling up pics in order to save time.. I had been lying on the bed wid my lappie on my legs for hours.. I went over to Maison again.. Yeap.. I guess I still prefer Maison over Bar Celona but it do feels a teeny winny bit weird of not going over to Bar Celona 2 weeks in a row.. It's just that I had gotten so use to Bar Celona wid the staffs and Ken (the Dj over there on Thursday) & all the yakking yakking sessions.. Anyhow.. Even after all these long break from Maison, the moment I reach I still have all my buddies.. This week was packer compared to the previous & the result was me meeting up more wid the old bunch.. Kent was there too.. He was catching his fligh around 6 a.m. later going back to Guangzou for 2-3 weeks I guess.. My high skool frens was there (those that I met up last week as in Jason, Emily, etc..) but wid more this week including Sam & Yeoh.. Nen was there.. Steph was there.. Sis was there (but the funny thing is she got blacklisted.. Lolx.. Long story.. But I was a lil pissed off wid her that nite.. Sry that I scolded you k sayang..) Kelvin was there.. My whole bunch of Monash kakis was there.. Daniel was there.. Hrmmm I guess you get the picture.. There's still tons.. Each wid their own bunch (in it with a few I know each bunch) so do the calculations!!

Anyhow I promised that I'll club less as it's holidays.. Lols.. Most people would choose hols to do most of the clubbing & partaying but not me.. This is b'cox after moving out for the whole sem, I feel like spending more time wid my parents as during skool times, I only spend my weekends wid them.. So now it's back to Cheras.. Spending time wid my parents.. Old Cheras kakis.. All the yamchas.. Lazing around.. Going to cybers.. Mamaks.. Yakking yakking.. Blowing water.. Eating.. Sleeping.. Road trips =)

Up: Me & Kent.. Well.. Hrmm.. He used to be my ex long long time ago.. Anyhow we're still frens^^"
Down: Me & Ah Lun.. He came wid Kelvin & I couldn't even recognize him at 1st!!!

Up: The poser is back.. Lolz.. Daren Daren.. Bumped into him.. & he decided to camwhore AGAIN!!

Down: The combinations of random shots throughout the evening.. There's me wid Steph, Wid Julian, THE KISS doesn't mean a thing k? Pics wid Jackson.. Mark & Daniel showing me their middle finger for no reasons.. Daren & me again.. Me & Kelvin.. Nen starting to blur off so I caught him laughing himself.. Lolz..

The day finals are over.. Gg..

Finally.. Account is over.. The whole bunch of us are pissed, down, emo.. Wateva you called it as all of us either have 1 hour of sleep or non at all.. & Wid the sun out & showering us with HEAT.. Non of us could feel worst.. Julian headed off to find some "entertainment" while all of us headed to Gold Chili 2 grab some food while waiting for Yang 2 wake up as the guys wants me 2 bring them over 2 my fren's saloon.. It's Ken's burfday the nite b4 & I did drop by @ Bar Celona for around 2 hours but ended up getting effing drunk.. I wasn't meant to go.. But b'cox of Yang & sum freaking threat from Ken himself, I ended up going.. While waiting the guys to do their hair.. I ended up going to Ken's studio (which is rite above the saloon) to grab some sleep.. As Ken himself made me go to his burfday.. I deserve to sleep and thrash his studio.. Lols..

Dozing off for bout an hour or two.. Woke up.. Feeling worst than ever.. Wander down to the saloon.. The guys are still doing their hair.. So I decided to wash mine too.. Not gonna cut it anytime soon.. I regrets cutting fringe so it's the torturing period now where my hair is not-long-not-short.. All I ever do is clip it up cox it seriously does irritates me!! Yang decided to perm my hair instead of blowing it straight.. So there it goes.. End up I look like a freaking aunty (but only at 1st).. Lolz.. The guys took 4 hours to do their hair.. Was planning to go Genting after that but Daniel wanted to do his hair at somewhere else & lots of fucking comments from Abel on $$ ended up some of us went back pissed off.. Catch a few hours of beauty sleep.. Then met up wid Julian & K when we decided to go for Sushi!!

Went to Taman Tun to meet up wid Daniel, Jessica, Mark, Abel after that.. Saw Jesicca for the 1st time.. Hrmm.. To be frank, she's not as hot as Daniel described.. After weeks of boosting on how hot & a beauty she is, I expected sumthing more.. Maybe I'm just being picky or she's just not my cuppa.. I had likings for WOMANLY females or feminine types.. Elegance =) Headed to Bamboo9 then Platinum wid Daniel & his bunch after that.. & I camwhored in Titanium's washroom.. Seriously.. I love the washroom like crazy & it got me all pumped up (a lil alcohol adding up to my estacy) & I start snapping.. Lolz.. Playing drinking games, lazing around at the comfy sofas.. Listening to house music & life bands.. Talking bout the life bands.. They can sing WELL!! After that it was CoCo Banana to meet up wid Alex & Tsuki (Titanium closes around 1 sumthing) then to Bar Celona for mee goreng & football match.. Finally Tiong came & fetch me & we went to Jaafar for food again XD

Up: Julian's wasabi-rush.. Lolz.. He ate too fast.. & this is the result.. But he seems to enjoy it so much that he decided to do it again.. LMAO..
Down: The weird-looking sushi that I dared K & Julian to try.. Actually it's octopus (how to you spell octopus??) soak in wasabi..

Up: Well.. That's the guys reaction while trying the sushi out..
Down: K was fooling around wid my camera & decided to take a pic of me due to "eye bags"

Up: The bunch of alcoholics whom I love lots!!

Down: This is the amazing toilet I fall in love wid.. & it got Versace all over it.. Logos, borders, perfumes..

Camwhoring sessions starting.. For a few minutes.. Please lemme share wid you guys my self-actualisation side.. Lolz.. I can't help it.. & here you can see my maggi hair =-=" I still don't get it why they will said it's maggi.. I thought maggi hair should be either Sparrow perm or wats-the-other-perm called dy.. It's hols.. 4giv me for my brain-breakdown..

Maison.. It's been so long..

Stop going over to Maison for quite some time.. The last time I went was like during Feb?? Oh gosh.. How much I miss the place & it's music.. No comment when compared to Master K's songs as each have their own different style.. But the atmosphere & people is way much better.. Suprisingly.. It wasn't that pack that Thursday.. Went wid Daniel & his bunch.. Was actually planning to meet up wid my sis over there.. Ya she's back!!!! Hrmmm but end up meeting tons & tons of other ppl.. Ppl that I kinda lost contact on.. Sry guys =) Was a lil busy here & there.. But it's a nice change as it was mostly Bar Celona or Bar Club lately =)

Bumped into Kelvin & his bunch (gaming freaks!!!), Jason/MunLing/GayLou/KitYee/etc.. (high skool seniors which used to be my so-called-family), sum college mates from Sunway.. Oh ya.. & Steph.. Lolz.. She was talking to Jeanie & didn't recognize me.. Lolz.. It was pretty fun.. Watching Euro Cup all the way as we switched sit to the lower level just for some distorted TV!!! Not a match that all of us enjoyed bcox Daniel, Derek, Andrew, Jason, Jackson.. All bet on the wrong team!! Lolz..

Up: Me wid my darling sister.. Yeap.. I'm free to admit that I'm fucking happy that she's back^^"
Down: Me wid Jason.. Neva seen him for around one year I guess..

Up: Me, Tiffany & Emily.. Seeing them reminds me of my high skool times.. Up: Me, Jeanie & Steph.. Grabbed it from Steph's blog XP I should seriously remind myself not to hunch my back...

Down: Lalalalaa.. This picture wasn't taken at Maison but at Bar Celona (which me & sis went on the nite b4) And mui's getting all crazee when she decided that she wanted to dance on the bar top & nearly pulled the curtain off the ceiling.. Lolz.. Gila betul la dik ini..

Went Genting wid Chris & Gillian dearyy.. Sat limousine up to meet my dad.. We were bored wid KL & the stuffy weather so when daddy asked, we all agreed.. Walked around, enjoying the cool breezy weather when we came accross a mini fish spa.. Lolz.. Since we got nothing better to do, me & Gillian decided to go for it.. Lolz..

Belows are 2 pics of Tiong being "harassed" by me in the library while studying for Accounts.. Due to unknown reasons, I hate Accounts like crazee & got bored of it after 5 minutes of reading.. So I decided to play wid Tiong's hair.. Revenge time *wicked grin* Everybody was laughing like mad.. Lolz.. I guess the whole bunch of us enjoy some entertainment while studying.. We aren't those who agreed to study 2gether, sit down & each bcame absorbed wid their own studies.. I guess I'll miss them during hols T_T"

Siaw Vun a.k.a. Honey's burfday 08/06

Back 2 sum older posts that I had been wanting to post on but the pics were stuck inside my camera.. I guess some closer frens sure had heard of what happened on between me & honey.. But I can assured you everything is okay although we sees each other lesser compared to the previous year due to some family probs (her side not mine).. It's her burfday anywayz & she celebrated earlier due to finals.. It was all about burning chicken wings & sausages, drinking games & gambling.. Later on Tiong & the bunch came over (b'cox I made them do so) 2 accompany me.. Between what happened between me & her & wid tons of strangers over there.. The nite is kinda emotional, fun, boring, interesting, all kind of feelings merged 2gether^^"
A picture of me wid my burfday darling.. Anyway all the pics was taken after the drinking games & stuffs.. So.. I was all high & hot & messy.. Gah.. 2 hell wid my looks =)
Up: Group pic of honey, me, Andrew & his frens & Mei..
Down: Me & Terence (You can notice how hot it is wid all my hair getting wet due to swear & sticking on to my forehead)

Up: Me & Daren.. He loves posing for the camera.. Camwhoring guys!! Lols.. He's one of the reason I drank so much.. He made me lose in the so-called-drinking-game that almighty-he created..
Down: Daren & honey sharing burfday cakeys & camera pose..
Up: Another burfday kiss for mwah burfday honey..
Down: Well.. As usual.. Can't expect anything good from this so-called-Tiong guy.. I forget what we was doing at that time that make us post this way.. The ugly side of me.. Lols.. But was having tons of fun!

Up: Gambling session.. Abel lost at the end.. A lesson had been taught : Stop when you're winning.. Lols.. Down: Honey getting tipsy & raining kisses..

It's a fun/emotional nite for me.. Anyway I spend some time thinking on what to buy for her.. Ended up getting her 2 pressies which is not something luxury but memorable.. Hope you'll love it hon!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sorry guys.. There's still lots of pics in my camera.. But now it's my USB hub turn to malfunction.. Urgh.. Talk about bad luck.. Anywayz I'll try to upload it A.S.A.P. k^^? Actually the pics in my camera is basically on hrmmm another study time activity =) Cutey hair I did for Tiong.. Lolz.. And some pics on a reunion wid my sis.. Yeap.. She's back from camp.. Went Bar Celona wid her and Redford.. And finally pics on Thursday nite out to Maison (been so long since I go there.. Am suprised that I still met up wid plenty of frens there) But after Maison I dropped by Bar Celona while to meet up wid some other frens too.. But only half an hour.. Ken hav sum awesome nice new songs!! Way to go *wink*

Sorry for lack of updates nowadays.. I'll try to see what's wrong wid my comp.. Sobs..

Love you guys.. Wow.. Everybody is flocking back to KL soon.. Happy =) My darling.. Amelia woman.. Ian.. Boi.. Matt.. Shin.. Nash.. Ting.. Wow wow wow.. =)

- XoxoxO - Cris - Muackz -

Friday, June 13, 2008

"Study" Time^^

It's examination time for Monash students so everybody is studying hard.. Well.. But for some students (like me) 24-hours of studying is impossible.. So we decided to study smart.. Play hard.. Lolz.. We took up the empty classroom at Building 9.. Me, Tiong, Able, Mark, K *the "Able" family* (except for the missing Julian.. Hmph!) is studying hard for Management.. Ming Yu came over for no reasons but to disturb us.. He's from KDU so he can chill sikit.. Was studying studying studying.. Then.. Suddenly.. It's our famous cards time again =) Did I tell you guys? Everyday pasti ada card session for us.. Sometimes it's poker.. Sometimes it's "chor dai di".. Sometimes it's blackjack.. We ended up playing "chor dai di" & instead of betting $$.. We decided the loser (the one who hold too many cards) will get drawn.. The step for guys go like, 1st time losing, drawings on chest/breast.. 2nd time, on stomach.. 3rd time, on the middle area, ribcage I supposed.. 4th time, on the back.. Hrmmm 5th time, on hrmm.. The ASS!!! Lolz.. For gurls (I'm the only gurl T_T) it's on the whole hand and face..

Havinh the time of our life.. Lols.. Everybody did lose.. Except for Mark.. OMIGOSH!! His cards was like *wow* so everybody ended up being dissastified by Mark as he's the only one who's clean after the 2 hour card games^^"

For special moments like these.. Pictures.. MUST BE TAKEN!! Lolz.. I got plenty of it.. Like around 50++ pics.. But too lazy dy.. Post a few enuff =P Enjoy enjoy.. Farneeee wei.. Lolz..

Up: Able get drawn on the stomach.. The smiley face.. Was freaking cute when he moves his stomach!! Lolz...!!

Down: Tiong's chill out look.. He said use to the feeling dy.. Look at his hrmm breast =X Already kenna draw dy.. 2nd time losing.. The picture on his stomach was supposed to be some hrmmm girl spreading her legs.. But the face look macam pontinak pulak!!

Up: K's turn.. I think the guys are starting to run out of idea on wat to draw.. So you can see one side of K's chest is jus plain scribble which all the guys say itch alot when they hrmm draw over the nipple^^"

Down: Ming Yu's turn.. One side scribble.. One side star.. Anyway he lost jus one time =) Lucky him..

Up: Able lost damn alot.. Seriously.. He ended up being drawn on the back too =-="" By MARK!! Lols.. My pen ran out of ink T_T

Down: 3 guys being drawn (that time only half the process of the game)

Finally.. My group picture =) All the losers.. Lolz.. I get drawn on my hand.. But can't see.. They was trying to copy Mark's fishy tattoo.. But ended up looking like a child's drawing of ice cream with a smiley face =-="" Lolz.. Anyway... Fun nite!! LALALALA.. Can't wait till the finals end =)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jewel Exhibition/Dinner @ Genting 31/5

Daddy received invitation for Facet Fire's Jewellery Exhibition/Sales @ Genting so off we go to Genting as mommy's still in Hong Kong =) I was the only young girl over there.. Everybody there is at least 30 and above beside the models & some V.I.P like Amber Chia & Carrie Lee.. The dinner is superb.. The jewellery is nice (but freaking expensive!!) Lolz.. I got to sit next to Carrie Lee & suprisingly she's nice =) Met some other people like Shu Umera previous make-up contest winner from Singapore, etc.. Anyway Carrie Lee offers me her personal lesson (which normally she don't offer to people she doesn't know unless is friends or introduce by friends).. Waiting for a longer break & daddy agree to it as grandpa from H.K. had been urging me to.. Aiks.. Long story =) Overall.. It's a nice experience =)

Here are some candid shots of jewels & models.. Enjoy^^

Up: My cutey Moet & Chandon mini size champagne drink^^"

Down: One of the exclusive jewel piece^^Up&Down: Jewels.. Jewels.. The cheapest piece at the show is also around RM 300k.. Wow..

Up: Amber Chia & Carrie Lee posing wearing some of the jewels =) Carrie is sad that the pics can't be used by Facet Fire as she's not a model or ambassador hence her manager banned the pics to be used by Facet Fire..

Down: Other models doing the show for the jewel..