Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random babblings!

Still stuck in Monash waiting for my next Authorship & Writing class *that's a one hell torture* but feeling happy for now. Just finished my presentation for Consumer Behavior. I went like almost last & I saw all the other people's slide & stuff I got effing afraid because mine was like totally different without a target group or a product yet! I did mine based on lots of research, reports & statistics on all groups from male to female, older woman to teenagers, rich to poor, etc. & I got it all right! That's what she *the lecturer* wants! Yeah! And I just got my assignment back. 72% for 2 days of work! Not bad! Thanks God =P And the weather is no longer that torturing, its kinda windy here now & I can still afford to walk around unlike the previous day, me & Mark ended up at some office lounging area & sat there & talk in hush up voices for an hour or so. I'm blabbling, feeling great for now & can't wait for dinner later. Hoping it'll be a great night anywayz.

Bye bye for now =P Happy holidays to everyone out there!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks for everything and I'm sorry.

I finally had the courage to face one of my problem. I know I had been a coward, running away from it for some time and I really appreciate all the support my friends had given me all this while. I don't really know if the decision I made will be a decision I'll not regret in the future but I guess that's the best for me now. Maybe one day I'll regret but till that day, well, I'll leave it for that day.

I had been selfish enough in this relationship and the feelings had became unhealthy and had causes both of us enough pain. I didn't know how to tell you on the phone just now and one day, if you happen to visit this page, I hope you'll be able to read this. You had been wonderful to me, giving me a lot which I just take and take. You had leave a deep impression in both my mind and heart, leaving me a lot of memories, both sweet and bitter ones. You made me felt what it is to be loved, pouring effort into this relationship and I was being dumb, doing things that hurt you deep. When things get rough, I tend to run away instead of solving it together with you. When I see a side of you which I didn't know, I get afraid, I disliked it and try to find the easiest solution which is to ignore and pretended it wasn't there but it does not happen that way. You're a very good man and you know how to love and trust. I remember the night when you light up the beach and sang for me, remember the night when you light up candles and hug me tight, remember the little gifts you send to me, remember all the long conversation we had which lasted through the night, remember the song you sang to me at the airport, remember the sweet little messages you gave me for the first month, remember all the sweet little things you did for me and of course, I remember me myself doing all the things that you hated. Lol. You're special to me, you once was and always will but its time to make the decision, not letting things drag. In one way, I'm glad to hear that you're okay with this decision, in another way, I'm disappointed? sad? to know that you're okay with this decision. I guess I'm being selfish. I just want to say, thanks for everything you had done for me and you had taught me many stuffs. I hope that whatever is on your mind now, you'll succeed in doing it and I believe you will. You're a good man and deserve someone much better than me. You'll find a girl who will love you much more than I do, much more giving then I'm and be happy with her. Thanks for everything, Ian Thien.
Its 6:13 p.m. now & I can imagine the jam outside Sunway & over at Bandar Tasik Selatan so I opt to stay over in Monash's libray with Soo to do my marketing research for a new perfume launch in Malaysia but I'm here blogging & playing facebook so I guess I'm going in the wrong direction. Its unhealthy. What a unproductive day but I can't help it! I'm in no mood for all my uni work & I guess I'll be dead by Wednesday. According to Soo, I need someone or something to motivate me & she got motivated up all sudden because of nothing o_o" Haha. Anyone interested to motivate me to the right direction?? And I mean the RIGHT direction, not the other direction which is all-fun-&-no-studies which will lead me to my death when the results is out! I dunno what I'm blogging actually =P It's nothing. Don't be bothered =) Anyway I got some pictures taken last week, will update it soon! Bu-bye^^!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Updates =)

Okay, after much thoughts & re-reading my own past few posts, I decided to delete the crappy emo posts cause having those few posts around makes me feel shitty & kill my mood to blog at all!

The next question would be: Am I feeling better now?

And the answer will be: Hell yeah =) I'm feeling much much better with all my friends around me & getting addicted to Restaurant City over in Facebook *I know its lame! Shoot me!*

Ended up spending most of my holidays at home resting, doing my Freudian's psychoanalysis assignment over at the uni's lab with bunnykins & ended up playing Restaurant City!! Anyhow it was San's birthday on Saturday, did our hair & stuff, went over to her house, chilled around while waiting for others to arrive then start hanging around at home, drinking with her mom & friends. Lolz. Nen came after & we left early to fetch Kent & his wife, went over to Damansara Perdana for german beer & red wine. Kinda love the atmosphere over there. Reminds me of Hong Kong, open air bar & windy weather.

Due to my emo-ness lately, I didn't bring my camera anywhere I go so no pictures =)

I did lots of thinking & there's more to come but I guess there's stuff I gotta face & deal with it a.s.a.p.

Till then, its buuu-byeeee^^"

Loves =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1 down. 2 to go.

Stress stress stREsssSSSSS!!!!!

Business Law this thursday...

Authorship & Writing next monday....

Its killing me.......


Friday, April 3, 2009

Poppy moments.

Had mahjong sessions with kor & his friends last Saturday over at Yong's house. I guess it had been around 5 years since I last met Yong. Went to have my hair wash since kor wants to cut his hair. Its another small world, apparently a friend of mine work there as the senior stylist *someone who I had lost contact with for maybe 2 years?* Makan kat Sungai Long after that when we decide to go Poppy so all of us headed home & get prepared. The only sad news is that kor decided to ffk on a last minute decision. Aiks ==" Nen came over to pick me up with Kit & met up with Kenry & his friends over there. Poppy is Poppy. Pack as usual with its Saturday crowds & the music is still kinda old with a few exception. Poker face is still my favourite =) Oh and Nen make me & him do the so-called-opening-session on the dancefloor. The club was already packed at that time but the dancefloor is still effing empty as in not a single soul there so Nen tagged me along & start dancing in the middle & wow, after 2 songs, it was fully pack. So called mission accomplished =)

The crowd dancing the night away.
- Jacklyn - Chong - Me - Nen -My 24/7 buddy. If I ever need support from someone for spilling illogical-out-of-the-world-talk, he is definitely the one!
Jacklyn & me!
Kissy kissy! Thanks babe *wink wink*
Me & Yan. She reminds me of Eunice =="
Candid moments!
Look who's here! Stephanie~ Been really long since I had seen her.
Haha. Can't wait for your finals to end & my break to come. Lets go Eve or someplace! And I'm sure Ken will not kill you. No worries *wink*
The king of weirdo!

I remember taking more pictures but too bad, its not in my camera so I assume it'll be either Jacklyn's or Stephanie's! Its a dramatic night *eyes rolling* but I'm glad everything end up okay for now =)