Monday, September 29, 2008

Currently back in Hong Kong.

I'm currently back in Hong Kong & not gonna be coming back for a few weeks.

Most of you must be asking: What about your class? The answer is I went back before my mid-sem break started & I'm going back only after it has ended.

There is a few things that happened in KL recently that made me feeling kinda down & low, which I didn't blog about due to assignments & stuffs but some close friends do know about it & if you are one & you doesn't know, feel free to chat with me if you ever see me online in MSN. In short, I'm trying to escape/forget/run away/or face it, I don't know what I want from my stay here, but I think is to sort out my own heart & thoughts, & move on.

Meanwhile, it's all about my cousins & family over here. Gabby is getting bigger by day & she's adorable. She makes me feeling all over in love with babies. But I guess I was never out of love with babies.

Loves =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Phone stolen

For the past few days, many of you had tried to reach me & found me unreachable. My phone had been robbed/stolen by some indian fella called Roy. Suprisingly, he had did these or maybe other things that offence people lots of time that now, some people out there is looking for him. Meanwhile, I had went to Maxis just now & got my simcard back. Hence, you guys can still look for me using the same number. I'm using an old phone of mine now, hence many new contacts are gone. Please update me. Thanks.

Oh, btw, I'm thinking of getting the new Samsung Omnia but it is freaking expensive right now. Aiks! Don't feel like asking my dad to get it for me though, cause he seems to be facing some financial problem of his own now. Gillian & Chris suggested that they will cash in along for my new hp for my birthday gift. It's all about me myself saving lots & lots of bucks now. How sweet of them =)

A lil busy with my assignments now.. No updates till then..

Loves.. & Hatred & daggers to the Roy a.k.a. the fucktard Indian fella who stole my phone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My weekend^^

Weekend had been a bliss, filled with lots of light chilling around Cheras.. Went to Newway with Jack on Saturday, then off to some saloon as he wants to cut his hair & got my hair wash over there.. The people there can massage really well but too bad, they are bad at blowing hair =C Headed to Gamebox after that, dota time.. Lose 9 9 as usual.. Due to the suckiness in my skill, I think any people who team with me will end up losing.. Arghhh =) Headed home after that & end up staying at home doing nothing but having long talk with Ian..

He pointed out lots of flaws in me which is so true.. Like I said, the flaw is so true & even me myself admit that it's no good to have those kind of attitude & personality as it will harm my future career, relationship, family, everything.. Nobody is perfect in this world, that I gotta admit.. Anyway I can't say I'll try to change as that's me & that's all the flaw that make up for who I am today.. But I'll try to if I can as some flaw really sucks lots!! Aiks.. Hope I can do it =) 10x baby =)

Hrmm.. Sunday night, doing nothing but chilling around at home doing nothing.. Aiks.. Back in Sunway dy, now over at Ken's studio.. Getting sleepy.. Previously I did post a post on Angel & I'm glad to say, thing is getting along well with her.. In fact, she's here with me now over at Ken's studio.. Maybe there is still someone outthere I can call a friend.. I doesn't know what future has in place for me but I guess all I can do is face it with all I have.. For now, I'll appreciate the moments that she & me has to share.. Happy =) Lols.. Card game for now.. Guess I gotta run..

Aiks.. It's gonna be busy for the next 2 weeks for me.. Lots of assignment.. Imagine all 4 of my major assignments due on the same week..!! Oh gosh.. Headache.. Coincidently, Ian's assignments are all due in the same week as me.. Hahaha... I seriously miss Ian now =) It's about 3 over in Melb now, which means it's about time my lovely brother wake up & get ready to work.. At the same time, I think Ian is sleeping like a pig now.. To say I'm a pig.. He's the pig.. Buahhahaaaa...

Loves =)

Btw.. To Steph & Jakalyn (Hope I didn't spell it wrong), life is just too short to waste time over small matters.. Everything that you guys went through, I went before too.. But when everything is over, you guys will think back & laugh back at how silly life can be.. It's a stage everyone goes through & take it as a lesson, an experience.. Steph, just ignore everything k^^? Enjoy the moments you have now with your boyfriend & I'm sure Ken will want it the same way too.. Btw I miss Ken lots! He messaged me the other day from South Africa, he say he miss Malaysia lots & the people over here & he told me that he only tends to miss the people even more when he can't see them.. This will teach him a lesson to appreciate us more.. Cheers =)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Remember the happy moments you went through & be grateful of it..
Remember not to stay down over small matters as life is much more than that..
Remember to give everything you have in everything you do..
Remember to appreciate your loves one & cherish them..
Remember to love yourself before you love others.
Remember to look at the half-full side of the coffee instead of the half-empty side..
Remember to look everywhere around you & do not miss out all the people around you..
Remember to look at mother nature & appreciate what God has created for us..
Remember to be yourself & not someone else as life is short & there isn't much time to waste..
Remember to be always satisfied with what you have =)

Didn't know what got to me.. Just feel like listing out some thoughts of mine.. All this thoughts are something that everybody know, but they always tend to forget.. Life isn't that long that we can go waste ourself out.. Live every moment to its fullest & no regrets.. Having regrets wouldn't change the past.. Why not live a better future?

Loves Cris =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More updates coming up!!

Been really busy lately.. Didn't really get to blog much.. Lots of pics to upload & stuff.. Blahh.. Will get round doing it latest by this weekend.. Been hanging out with Angel, Kam Seng a.k.a my brother =), Siaw Vun a.k.a. my honey who came to my house during the few days holidays.. Lols.. For now.. Here is a picture of me after my ball!!! Lols.. Just feel like camwhoring & took this pic.. I still love curly hair more than straight ones! Can't help it XD

Oh ya.. Btw.. To my ex-teammates in SSS, remember this jersey!?! I miss our basketball times.. My #4 Jersey.. I still prefer this jersey then our dark blue one *although my dark blue one is #7* but still.. This one is nicer & more comfier.. Awhh.. I miss those time.. I'm sure Xue Ying will agree with me!! Hoho.. Gotta run for dinner.. Angel coming over to pick me up..

Loves =) Oh ya.. & lots & lots & lots of *hate* to Ian Thien... Hohoho.. Can't call you dy.. My iTalk card ran out of credit..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dedicated to my one & only lougong, Chim Yee Yin..

Our lovely highschool time.. Remember how I always love to kiss you & hug you?!? Those hugs & kisses will remain with you..
& this picture is for all the night you spend at my place.. Sleeping & sharing your heart & wearing my cloths.. Lols.. Loves..

By the time I'm writing this post, my lougong a.k.a. YeeYin is already over at Shanghai, getting used to her new environment, meeting up new people, starting a new life over there, pursuing her dreams in chinese medical.. I will miss her lots..

Lougong, I'm sorry I ditched you on Friday which was your last day over in KL.. The reason I did so was I can't bare to see you leaving me and I'm afraid I'll bawl and cry like a kid.. I tried calling you on Saturday morning, but I couldn't get through.. I was so happy when I receive your msg all the way from Shanghai.. Remember to take care of yourself over there.. It's a new life, meeting up with new people.. With your personality, I'm sure everybody will like you & stop being so shy & try open up to other people k?

By this time next year, you will be in Shanghai & me in Melbourne.. I don't know when we will meet each other again, but every moment of not seeing each other will just make me miss you even more.. You're one of my best girlfriend & will always be.. No matter what happen, just give me a ring or msg & I'll try my best to be there for you.. I wish you luck in your studies & I'm sure you will give your everything to it..

Memories of me & you will always stay inside my heart..

I will keep my promise of having you & ONLY you as my lougong (I mean girl ones) & there will never be other lougong for me.. & I'll be your notty lil but one & only loupo k?

P.s.: Don't poke me with those needles when you come back k^^?

Remember all my love to you.. I love you lots & lots & lots.. Muaacksss.. Kisses for you.. & I'll send my hugs & kisses & care & loves through air to Shanghai to you k???

Please don't forget me k lougong?