Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The previous post had been removed..

& the reason is... Well, after some sleep, I feel a lil better & when I read the post.. It makes myself hrmm cringe or something inside.. My brain is still numb from all the sleep.. Lols..

But anyhow, one thing remain the same.. She used to be my friend & that's it.. No more.. No more.. Not gonna take anymore of all this bullshits.. She can go do whatever she likes.. & just get as far as she can from my life..

The mid-sem test for micro *done*, marketing *done*.. Major assignments coming up next.. TV Studies *which I planned to use either Charmed or Sex & The City or Desperate Housewife or something else*, Communication Studies *the question is to do question 1 or question 2*, Marketing & Microeconomics *no idea what these 2 unit want for my assignment =P*

I guess my family's financial condition had just worsen.. Brother ain't that happy over in Australia with his own prob *hugs*.. I can't really say much about it but all I know is that I should work hard on whatever I'm doing now & that's all I can do.. This year ain't exactly the best year for my family I guess..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Of Vodka, Music & Party People..

I'm old.. I admit I'm already old..

Just came back from Euphoria a.k.a. MOS.. Went with a bunch of people & saw a bunch of people there.. All pretty faces & hyper-up party people.. Mark ffk us, which is something I'll nag on him when I see him.. He's the one who ask us to go at the first place.. It was frustrating for me at the beginning due to something (but I'm not going to say what, just put it as a fucked-up way of organising stuff) But anyway everything else went pretty well after that lil' sucky organising thing.. Opened up 2 bottles of some Russian Vodka *what the heck is this o_O?* but anyway both the bottles were drained up pretty fast by us and dancefloor was the next venue..

Okay, back to the starting point.. Why would I admit me MYSELF as some old fag? I could no longer party like I used to.. All of them dance like crazy & I found myself dancing to one or two songs then stone on the dancefloor as if I'm drunk or something which I'm not but it's just due to tired & no longer into the dance part then dancing to another song when some songs that I like came along.. The music was superb & the lightning "chun" & the crowd was flowing.. But still.. I think I prefer the chilling-way.. Sitting down, drinking, enjoying the music & people, laughter, drinking games, etc.. You get the idea..

Or maybe I'm just tired? Hrmm.. Maybe.. Anyway some of them got drunk and ... KO!!! Lol.. I know I'm not supposed to laugh or what but the sight is hilarious!!! Anyway drove "Bunny"'s car back to Monash Condo while I waited for him to wake up from his beauty sleep.. I'm feeling awake now.. Unlike last time which means drop-dead-on-bed-the-moment-back-room.. I miss the good old times, but maybe it's just a temporarily effect or I'm just getting on with life, enjoying a different kind of party-ing way like an old fag?? Lol..

Anyway.. REPUBLIC 2moro!!! Here I'm complaining about clubbing & I'm going again 2moro.. Well.. It's Azurous's *hope I spell it right* and Ken's event.. As a friend, well, we must be more supportive.. So I'm being the good friend, going for his big night & everything..

Pics later on.. Gah.. Too lazy now.. Buubyeee..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CCs & Dota??

Currently in FTZ with Andrew & his friends.. Lolz.. Dota dota.. Lose like mad.. I'm noob at it.. Can't help..

Yesterday also dota.. But then dota dekat Gamebox with Loon, Jason & other friends.. Ken, Mario, Cockcroach all later came over to yamcha.. Was "exchanging" some ghost stories.. Anyway against my better decision, I went back to play the new SDO.. Hrmm.. Can no longer play like I used to but it's fun sometime to just go mad at my keyboard, spamming buttons..

Anyway.. Went to Apartment @ The Curve on Sunday night to meet up with Steph.. All we did were chilling, talking, drinking (only me not her ==" I'm such an alcoholic.. Had like a glass of Baileys & red wine)(To Ian: I didn't drink from the bottle k? I drink from the GLASS) Gosh.. Anyway our conversation kinda went off topic but then isn't that a good thing? That means we still have other things to talk about beside one lil boring topic =="

Gosh.. Ian sms-ed me today.. & it did make me mad.. He knows I'm all stressed-up & stuff.. &..

Ian: I will be sitting in my jacuzzi while missing you =)
Me: Is that a way to tell me how chilling & relaxing you're now?
Ian: To think of you is definately relaxing. & knowing you're having class & I'm going to sleep is a bliss =) Don't envy, I'll have my time to be liek you. Anyway miss you.
Me: Lols.. I hate you.. Anyway my class is going to end dy.. No class tomorrow.. Who cares =)
Ian:Exactly! Who cares.. That's the word I wanna hear.
*At this point, I didn't want to reply dy.. He's so far away in Melb & all he wanna do is waste some aussie dollar & sms me for? Feel like flying over to Melb & strangle him! Flying daggers for now =)*

Anyway.. There's nothing specific I really wanna blog about.. Life's still life =) Can't comment on whether my life's good or not, but for now, everything is kinda low-key & chilling & normal? I guess that's a good thing.. For now.. I think I'll try to enjoy the peaceful moments before anything comes up =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How much drama can a person stands for one day? ALOT wei!

Drama drama drama.. Seriously, I think the reason why the genre melodrama is created is for the purpose of satisfying the consumers' daily dramatic need.. Unfortunately.. Got involved sikit siki juga.. But anyhow.. I'm happy & okay.. I got much more down-to-earth problems that I gotta deal with other than some young girl's acting & not gonna satisfy her by putting her in my center of attraction.. *I guess that what she wants deep down inside.. To be on the limelight*

Handed in some assignment late.. Oh so shit.. Lol.. 2% deduction.. Gosh.. Promise no next time XP But anyhow at least there's a break from assignments for a week or two before the new wave of assignment hits.. My family.. Oh.. Dramatic juga.. Went home yesterday.. Mom spilled me with all her problems or should say "family probs" But she make it sound so worst.. Which later I found out why.. My beloved mom could never stand hunger and isn't good at controlling her own emotional when she's hungry.. Being stuck in the traffic jam for hours with her previous meal like 6-hours away make her hungry.. Traffic jam make her mad.. All negative feelings pouring to her only listener : ME! Anyhow I guess my family financial problem grew worst but how worst it is gonna be then I gonna wait till having a heart2heart talk with my dad before I know..

As for apa yang paling drama.. Fuiyoh!!! For those clubbing kakis, I bet you guys saw some of it.. Anybody went Maison on Thursday, if you're there.. I'm sure you get entertained... ALOT! Lols.. 1st guys fighting, then girls fighting, then back to guys fighting.. How dramatic life can get? Imagine you're there, getting drunk & looking at handsome guys & pretty ladies... Suddenly.. *WHAM* shyiok-nya!!! Anyhow I can't say I got involved or what.. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.. But I definitely wouldn't stand beside my friend & just look when she kenna slap or something.. I love dramas but not unhappy ones for my friend..

Well, to the best actress in the drama, who manage to stay low, putting on the angelic face *you're complete with a halo, my "dear"* and all the teary eyes, looking oh-so-scared, innocent puppy look.. I'm tired of that.. I don't have a pretty face like yours but at least I show the true side of mine.. There's something about you I don't understand.. You own tons of stuff, pretty friends, pretty face & body, a good boyfriend, tons of "material" stuff, a family who supports you.. What more could you still hope for? You can't be in the center of attention forever.. Stop creating problems and get on with the wonderful life that you always blog about.. If I have such a happy life, I wouldn't go & do stuff that will wreck my own life.. Lemme give you one final piece of advice, I don't blame some stuff on you due to the environment you're still in, but if you continue all this nonsense & bullshits when you're in college or uni, nobody is gonna give a damn for you.. That I'm sure.. In highschool, all this drama keeps the boring life & studies keep going & everybody helps to speculate it.. But not in college or uni.. Better grow up soon & get on with your happy life and stay out from where you aren't supposed to be crossing which makes your own life miserable & other people life too.. You can go ahead and wreck your own life but not others..

Anyhow, if you're unhappy with the post above, there's no need to find me or anything.. I'll be going back to Seri Suria to collect my original SPM cert, so you'll be seeing me there =) Gonna visit my high school teachers & stuffs too.. Wheee~ Just learn how to grow up & you'll see the world in a different way..

Oooo.. & a msg to my darling Kay, you came back from Hong Kong & I'm glad to hear it from you the moment you reach home, telling me that you miss me, spamming me with miss call.. But like I say, I still think you miss me because you miss Hong Kong and I'm the only chiplak Hong Kong mui around.. Sob sob.. Darling ah darling, dun think too much k? Sometimes you just think too much.. I love you =) We had an appointment next week.. Yamcha or Skybar =)

Tiong's Birthday @ CocoBanana

Tiong a.k.a. Disable (in our "family") a.k.a. my very bery good friend over at Monash is finally 20! Happi Burfday MAN!!! He didn't want us to know it's his burfday.. Telling Bryan that he wanna give himself a surprise party.. He's a weirdo & thats why I love him so much.. & He's a amazing popper himself.. Clear the whole dance floor up.. Sapu kao kao.. But didn't get to record it down as there was a huge crowd surrounding him.. End up.. I could only get a video when he was dancing for fun & I can tell you.. What he did in the video is just like what? 10% of his dancing skill?

Was emo the whole day.. Feeling down.. Hang out over at Yang's saloon.. As usual, yamcha around, chill around at Ken's studio & dota.. Ken was trying on cap for like 15 minutes ==" Vain la tu.. Anyway Ken dropped me over at CocoBanana when he was on his way to BarCelona to spin for the night..My birthday boy =) No pressies for him, but the cake is a gift from me, Boy & his gurl =) I gotta walk all the way to buy the cake cox I got no car & it was like almost the bakery's closing time.. Lucky Max decided to drop me off to buy even though it was freaking jam!!
This silly boy love posting.. Hiao hiao!
Below is the video of my hiao boi dancing while he was a lil high over at the dancefloor.. Gg.. The video might not show exactly what I wanted to show you guys.. But I can tell you.. He's good!! & I love his magician friend~~

Met with lots of people.. They are friendly =) It's saddening that I had to leave early.. But still.. If there's fate.. We'll of cox ada chance untuk keluar lagi la man!

To my dear friend, you're one of the best among all my guy friends although you never treat me as a woman beside calling me "WOMAN"! I'm sure I'll see more of you when exam's approaching.. Meanwhile you're in Kuantan, enjoy your birthday with your mom & your beloved lao po!!! Although it's a saddenning thought that I didn't get to know you last year over @ Sunway, but it's never too late.. At least I get to know you now at Monash^^!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sending Ken off over at KLIA..

Mentioned on previous post, Ken's leaving to South Africa.. So his friends, me & Steph decided to send him off at airport.. Didn't drive to Sunway for the week as my aunty & uncle & cousins are flying over from Hong Kong.. Bao came to fetch me as Man Chun gotta work till pretty late.. Headed over to Sri Petaling to wait for Redford & Andy.. Makan makan & prepare the "cacat" cards below with signatures & others.. *to be completed over at airport with other ppl's signature!*
Off to airport next~
The guys bought Ken a farewell gift, which Ken suspected it to be something that will pop-up and frighten everybody! He forced his mom to open it up but his mom ignored it.. Gg.. His opening process >>>
*Snap snap* time.. Me & Ken.. Trying to put on a big smile.. I know I look horrible & fat..

Steph *she cried when Ken's off to the departure gate, cheers gurl =) He'll be back.. He just bought a yearly ticket not a one-way one!* Ken & Me^^
The group of guys who were there to send him off.. They really "em sek dak" lor.. With the cards & everything..
I found this picture inside my camera.. God knows when the guys took it.. They took my camera.. Found it cute.. Decided to post it up.. There's even pictures of the guys inside the washroom but of course.. THAT I'm not gonna post =="
This is the emo part.. The hugging part..
The guys looking at him as he's walking towards the immigration area.. Sad =C
Take care k Ken?!?!? Gambateh on your work.. & bring back lots and lots and lots of diamonds for all of us.. WHeeee~~~

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I skipped my econ's tutorial again.. How dead am I gonna be? Lol..

But I'm glad that I finally can sleep over 7 a.m. for once cox it's been frigging tired (emotional-wise and physical-wise) these few days..

Headed to CocoBanana yesterday with Daniel (and it's so last minute!!! He called me when he reached like Sunway??) & it's his burfday and of cox, I pergi lar.. Somemore yesterday was feeling freaking down dy!!!

Reached there, we all decided not to go in (I can say I'm happy with that decision bcox I really hate the club's inside!!) and we decided to chill at the lounge-like thingy outside the club.. Chill is to put it mildly.. Making everyone drunk was the main point duh!!! So we drank, chat, played drinking-games.. Have our own time like it was over in Titanium!

Once again.. Happy Birthday my darling Daniel!!! You're the best out of best & don't doubt it k? (Sudah turning old dy.. Ish!) I remember all the work you did for my birthday & I hope yours will be filled with the same happiness & blessings.. Loves =)

Oh ya, to Steph.. Cheer up babe.. I had been through all that (when I was in highschool) & just ler her do her own stories & stuff.. If you wanna feel sad, better feel sad cox Ken left dy then to feel sad for someone who wants you to be sad! Ken, your friends, your boyfriend, family, all wouldnt want to see you sad.. That I'm sure especially Ken's part!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loves =)

Posted 3 posts with lotsa pics.. Kam's birthday, MOS & Ken's farewell.. Gotta go do my assignment now dy.. Took me lotsa time!! Anyway I'm feeling freaking emo today.. Had long talks with lotsa people.. Still feeling down though.. Playing poker with Roger.. Friends trying to cheer me up.. Wanna say 10x to them!! Lots & lots of 10x!!! I appreciate it.. I'll be okay! Jus lemme chill for a sec though..

Check out the pics & stop complaining that my blogs contains lots of words & no pics duh! Especially the "bunny"/"rabbit"!!!!! Gambateh on your assignment and me on mine =D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ken's farewell =C

Ken is leaving for South Africa tomorrow & it's kinda sad.. Ended up over at Poppy on Saturday for his farewell with his friends.. As usual, Poppy is freaking crowded on Saturday.. Bumped into lots of people that I used to know.. Hi-bye friends.. Parked my car over at Ken's house cox I don't feel like driving downtown on a Saturday night.. Saw Tiffany.. She's such a big girl dy compared to the last time I saw her.. Got crazy when I saw her.. Me & babies *loves* She was smiling all the way till her bedtime then she starts bawling.. Lol.. Sat Man Chun aka Sam's car to Poppy.. Went in.. Started drinking.. Chris Frontier (or Chris something.. 4get names as usual) was spinning there that night.. Ken was complaining about how boring is house music.. Yaadaa yaadaa yaadaa but I enjoyed it.. Cox it's like always R&B or old school wherever you go.. So a change is nice..

Didn't take much pictures.. Mostly is Ken & his friends but I decided to post the 1st pic with the last pic we took at Poppy.. Ready........

Taaaadaaa~~~~~~~ 4 of us after our "swim" at the pool!!! I look wet... Bao look wet.. Sam striped!! Lol!!!!!
Me & Ken... He's leaving 2moro.. Or I should say in 21 hours time.. & it'll be years without seeing him.. I wish him all the best in South Africa.. May he prosper & be rich when he's back =P!!!! AND no marrying black people ya!!!!
Ken with his dearest godsister - Stephanie aka Stephiie.. I love her hair.. Makes me miss my "maggi" hair even more!!!
Moving on will be Ken with all his buddies.. He's gonna miss them...
Ken & Bao.. Don't Ken look gay???
Group pic....
Ken & Ah Loon....

Ken & his loupo (or lougong) I dunno which one is the male and which one is the female ==" Forget dy.. Lol.. Sweet couple...
Ken end up drunk (expected) and I gotta drove all the way his car back from Sri Petaling to PJ.. Luckyly I still remember my manual driving skills & reach his home safe & sound.. Anyway he's too drunk to be bothered with my sucky manual skills.. Sending him back dy then it's my turn to drive my own car back to Sunway.. Drop dead on my bed.. But something make me really piss off that night.. But since its over, let it be gone.. Gotta send Ken to airport tomorrow & till now I dunno who's gonna fetch me but Ken said that he'll plan for me.. Hope he doesn't forget...

To Ken: Gonna miss you lots & lots when you're gone.. Send my regards to Stacey & your mom k!?

Euphoria aka MOS

Headed to MOS with Andrew & his friends.. Mark was there too =) It's my 1st time in Malaysia's MOS.. So I was like "observing" the surroundings & I love it.. Lots! Although the alcohol is a lil bit more expensive compared to most other clubs in KL, but still, its worthy =) & I can say they definitely have one of the best lighting & dance floor in KL clubs.. Thumbs up.. Dj Patrick's song was awesome, very very fresh & its much more up-to-date compared to most other local Djs.. *But I personally think that not many locals appreciate the music though* Anyhow it was really fun.. & definitely planning to be back for more =)

Loves =) Even their brochures are cool.. Not sure if I spell the word "brochures" right or wrong.. I kinda forget all my spelling these days.. As long as you guys understand..
The crowd that night on the dance floor.. They have these huge dance floor.. Which means everybody can dance =) Me & Andrew.. Gosh.. I miss college times =="
Angeline - Andrew's some other friend whose name I forget *sorry lar.. I'm bad at remembering names* & me!!!
Guys of the night =)
Mark, me & Andrew chilling outside MOS after.. All of us were hanging around Sunway Resort..
Me & Mark.. He's leaving Malaysia soon.. Sobx T_T
Guys acting chun.. Lol.....

Was freaking tired after that.. But it was worthy.. & I'm truly happy that night unlike some other nights which I gotta emo =="

Kam's Birthday Pic =)

WooHoo.. Finally.. Kam's a.k.a. my dearest godbrother birthday pic.. Celebrated at Bar Clubs with tons & tons & tons of people from all over KL..
Introduction : My drunken brother! Birthday tradition : DRUNK!!! Me & Kenry.. He came back from Canada & is now my sis's new bf.. Lol..
Kenry with the girls =) Such a player.. Lol..
Me with Melody & her friend =) Been ages I seen her..
Chuck San's friend, Chuck San & me.. Enjoy talking to her again!! Gg..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pissed off!!!!!! Dissappointed!!!! Duh!!!!

Ken's farewell yesterday @ Poppy.. Will posted the pics & events there on anther post..


And there's something I wanna add on, it got NOTHING to do with my ex (Elvin) being there with his current girlfriend.. He's my friend, and he can always have a new relationship and of course, I wish him all the best and wants him to be happy for sure lar wei =) Everybody got to move on =) I did, he did.. And end up.. Friends =)

It got to do with some other people.. I got some heavy thinking to do.. Ask lots of advice from friends and so-not suprisingly, all of them gave me the same answer.. So I'm like.. Hrmm..

Gtg to yamcha with Bryan & let him photostat the articles I found so hard.. Shit! I did all the hard work & he just photostat? Unfair!!! More on it later!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sex & The City.. That's the TV Series that I had decide to do my assignment on.. But the finding article part is hard.. Still in the finding process.. Found some that were really interesting but they don't offer full text.. Gosh..

There's not gonna be any "ladies night" for me this week =C Gotta start doing my assignmentS which is like all due next week! Saturday night is reserve for Ken so I guess I gotta cancel my other plans to buy more time.. I'm sad to say that Ken is leaving next week to South Africa (& that's sad =C although we had broken up, he's still my close buddy) Went dinner with him on Sunday night.. & every time I sees him, it's like reminding myself that he's leaving so soon! Hence I'm gonna go Poppy this Sat no matter how much assignment there is to meet him up! It's his farewell man!!


Decision made.. After few months of thinking and planning and re-thinking and re-planning on what to do for my hair (like straight, curl, short, long, thick, etc..) Came to my decision.. But this particular style that I want gotta takes me at least half year to be in the way I want it to be.. Sad sad.. It needs at least 3 time of cutting it short & 1 time of rebonding in 2 diff ways.. But since its decided.. I went to cut it on Tuesday over at Yang's saloon.. For now.. It's like SHORT.. Well.. Cut about 4 inch but for me it's ALOT duh! It's without any style now, no longer long like last time & still shitty!! But well, that's what I wanted.. But I can't imagine how I'm gonna go through this 6 months.. Lols!

After cutting my hair.. Headed up to Ken's studio.. Hanging out there like last time.. He got a new student, Jeffrey & coincidently, it's Adrian's friend too.. Practically we just chill around, listening to his student spins and Ken start playing is guitar.. Max took over playing later on with Ken being irritating, singing.. Went out for dinner over at AC with them later on then it's dota in Wtf mode.. Shocking!!! Gg.. Then back to his studio for more music, with alcohol & card games this time.. As usual, we hang out till whee hours in the morning.. Then back to our own home for our beauty sleep.. It was nice to hang out once in awhile =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures =)

These pictures had been in my computer for 2 weeks.. & I never had the time to post it.. The first few of it is taken over @ Sunshine with J.R., Loon, Laurence,.. =)

The 2nd part of the pictures are taken over @ BarCelona bfore Bryan went back to Sandakan.. His finals are finally over.. & he decided to have one our "memorable nights out" before he went back.. Which means.. Thursday over @ BarCelona.. Lols.. Ken's songs are getting nicer.. Way to go =)..

To Bryan : You still own us a dinner duh!!! Don't forget.. Come back to KL faster.. Miss you tons!

Anyhow there's also some pictures taken during my favourite brother burfday over at Bar Club & some from previous week taken in MOS a.k.a. Euphoria .. Will try to post it asap.. Gotta run.. Gg..

Me & J.R. He might be a lil' old.. But the important thing is to be young at heart!
Me & Laurence babi!!! Didn't really get to see her much since I left Sunway College.. Loves^^!
Me & Loon Loon a.k.a. Jackie =) A good friend who remains a good friend of mine after all these time!!! 10x!!

Bryan, Me & Fung!! Fung.. You shouldn't had left that early.. So unlike YOU!! XP
Winson, Bryan (with him pretending to smoke) & Fung.. Winson's dancing is improving.. Gambateh =) I miss your cutey Jasmine.. When are you gonna bring her out^^??
Some ppl I bang into *didn't went Bar Celona for quite some time*.. Wei Lip & Michael!!
Julian.. With his usual goofy smile =) He can smile 24/7 per day and his jaw won't hurts..

Ken a.k.a. Dj MasterK *Keep fit lar duh! You're getting fatter!*, Bryan, Herman & Winson.. Anyhow.. Miss you guys lots.. But with you guys busy with work & studies.. It's hard =C Anyhow.. Dinner gathering hosted & paid by Bryan coming soon.. Wooo Hooo...

To some people out there: It's none of your business if I do love to club & party.. So? I still attend my tutorials & lectures, do what I need to do, still having some friends who really love me for who I am.. Go get a life & stop bitching about other people's life as if they are yours.. I'm happy with my life & walking a step closer everyday towards my dream.. But what about you guys? Still stuck & remain unchanged for years? Aiks =="