Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mui's new hair..

So sis came over to Sunway & dragged me to Cuckoo Saloon.. Sam & Billy's new partnership.. Over at ss 15.. And the waiting begans.. Snap sini sana.. She reached like 5 sumthing.. Finished at 9 sumthing.. Kesian me.. Who got nth to do.. Lucky Bryan drop by.. Buahahaa.. If not might be dying dy.. The process of her hair.. No pics while she doing treatment & cutting though..

Down.. Final product.. Red sial.. I think my mom will get heart attact when my mom see her.. My parents so not up for this modern style.. My mom alwayz said she's the extreme one.. Haha.. I agree =D

And.. After Bryan viewed my blog.. He complaint that there's no pic of me & him.. Serious lar.. I didn't take much pic wid him also.. Maybe is the fact that I see him everyday sudah lose the feeling of wanna capture him in pic.. Haha.. So we agree the next time we go out.. Dun wanna dance.. Dun wanna drink.. Apa pun tak mau.. Only snap snap snap.. Buahahhaa.. Rite Bryan??? But I found this one pic.. Eiei.. I remember dy lar.. In my older post got me n you de pic also lar.. Lolz...

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