Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions ♥

In 8 & a half hour times, the clock is going to strive 12 & year 2009 will be history & the world is going to move forward once again to welcome the year 2010. I guess its a yearly tradition of mine to make a bunch of new year resolutions and end up keeping one or two. This year, I had decided to write the new year resolutions down on the blog, oh well, to keep me awake during work & to remind myself whenever I want to check on what resolutions I made ♥

1. To solved more of my family issue. It might take up lots & lots of times & patience, but running away is definitely a No-No. It's time for some of the invisible walls to crumble after so long ♥

2. Aiming distinctions for all my remaining units *Oh well, I think that's a little impossible but it never hurts to aim higher when it come to studies, a credit at least for all!*

3. I'm so going to lose the 4kg that I gained since I returned from Melbourne, with my brother wedding & followed up by all these festive seasons ♥

4. Balanced out my diet & exercise more *instead of sleeping for 16 hours a day*

5. Stop drinking like a frigging fish! *Wine, champagne, baileys & beer are definitely part of my life but its better to control the amount that I'm going to intake, I think*

6. Spend more quality time with family & friends that really matters to me, all my sweet stuffs who had been through ups & downs with me, giving me all the love & support that I ever need

7. Find the perfect apple pie recipe & bake one myself *or maybe bake 100* & eat it with a spoon! Da yum♥

8. Save more $$ & get the bag & the new phone that I had been eye-ing on for quite some time.

9. Shower all the love & care I have to my love ones. It's always give & take, it's never a one-sided thing ♥

10. Oh shit, the list has reach the tenth, its a little too much, oh stop swearing for one & of course, try my best to stop smoking ♥

Came across this funny picture & decided to uploaded it. I bet Nen will love this picture. It's so similar to his rice joke! Can't wait for him to be back next week ♥

Some people might wonder, what's the use of making up resolutions that you end up not keeping anyway? Why bother? Oh well, it doesn't mean that much if you doesn't keep it or make it at the end but sometimes, try thinking the other way round. Before you are to do something, you will consciously/sub-consciously think about it before you do it. If you never ever even think about doing something before, how are you ever going to actually do something at the end? Putting the idea in the mind as a constant reminder never harm, in fact, one day you will really end up doing it if you put in all the heart & effort in it ♥

Wishing everybody an early Happy New Year. Party people, drink & dance your night away. For the one who are planning to sleep the night away, have a good night of sleep & wake up in the new year 2010 & get a better head start for the year. For those who are spending the night with your love one, grab this special opportunity for once to tell them how much you love them & show them that you really do. As for me, I had no idea what I'm going to do tonight. Oh well, time will decide.

Happy New Year 2010 ♥

Morning worker bees!

Morning to all worker bees out there who's still at work like me. Well, almost half of my office had decided to go on leave, for an extended holiday or just to clear their yearly leave, whatever it is, the office seems so dead today, especially in the Operation Department. Gary decided to take leave as well since he wants to have his passport renew & Eugene, the fella who went drinking with us last night decided to go on MC when he's healthy as a freak *a little migraine & dizziness don't count k?*

Anyway had fun drinking with the colleagues at Kuchai Lama last night. Jessica & me had actually planned to go downtown to Velvet to meet up with Darren but due to a minor "lift" problem, that plan got canceled & we headed to Kuchai Lama *again!* for drinks, inviting Eugene & Ah Wei along. Managed to see some Indonesian-maid-and-police-drama while we were there. Anyway I don't have any pictures with them & I'm suprised to find out that Jessica & me actually had a lot of mutual friends, Darren & Kenny being one of the few. This is such a small world. Headed home around 2 plus.

So now, I'm stoning in front of the laptop when the workload for today is piling up real high. Bahhhh...... And I'm hungry. And I miss those lovely breakfast I had when I was in Melbourne! And apple pies too! See.....

Cafe Lagom, located at Malvern, one of my favourite breakfast place when I'm at Melbourne and its pretty close to the place where I stay, 2 trem stations. Well, you can choose to walk too if you want, about 10 minutes?
Had a cup of affogato. Ice cream with coffee, yummy, it reminds me of baileys in a way. Lol.
My brother was having an off-day at work & we decided to have a brother-sister-only-breakfast. He ordered Carbonara & some fries. Seriously, fries in Malaysia are kinda sucky if its to be compared.
And I had smoked salmon with sunny-side-up-eggs on muffins with lots of cheese & mustard & a side serving of bacons. Looking at the pictures is like torturing my stomach!
Well, this was not ordered when I was in Melbourne but @Finnegan's Irish Pub, Midvalley. Was craving for a cosmo when I came across this in the menu, Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream & custard! I never turn down apple pie although this looks/tastes more like an apple puff! I'm still looking for a perfect apple pie around in KL =] The craving never dies!

Back to work for now. Lotsa to do. Oh, wait a minute, its new year eve today. Any plans that doesn't involved crowded/stuffy places? Lol. I'm not sure what's my plan for tonight though, am waiting for my baby Evonne to get back from States, arriving around 12 before I can decide on a plan. But shower & a nap b4 that is a must! And its time to jot down my list of new year resolution, will do it after lunch. Keep track =]


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frontera with the boys =]

Must be sometime around last month, me & the Subang 3 wise men finally got together after so so so so long, oh well, 3 of them were there during my birthday but its not counted since there are too many others around as well. Had been craving for wings for quite some time so Wei Hua suggested Frontera @ JayaOne for dinner. Frontera features Texas-Mexican food, so if you are a fan or either or both, its definitely worthy to give it a try then. Famous for wings, nachos & enchiladas, as well for Margaritas =] The environment is pretty cosy & warm & definitely gives out welcoming vibes. Definitely a nice place to for a friendly dinner. Nothing too shabby or classy that tends to tips people off at times =]

We decided to take a seat on the outer porch at the beginning.
While waiting for our drinks, took some pictures here & there. Introducing you Wei Hua! *I wonder how many times had I introduce them? Lol!*
And me *lalalalalalalalalala* Haha. Then we decided to move inside since its getting a little stuffy!
Introducing you one of my favourite food, wings! It's sour & spicy, & the server will kindly ask you how spicy you want it! If you're a fan of spicy food *which reminds me of Ally*, you can go for the extra extra spicy one. There are some vege dips & cream cheese at the side =] The cream cheese is really really good, goes well with evertthing that we ended up asking for more & more!
For a beef lover like mine, I decided to tried out their fried steak. It was good, kinda different since most of the time the beef I ate is always either grilled, charboiled, stew, barbequed, fried or in the shabu-shabu style so its definitely my 1st time having it fried. Crispy outside & suprisingly its very tender & juicy inside. Comes with a side-serving of coleslaw, mash potato & texas toast. And there's somekind of dip that taste like potato gravy at the side.
The boys decided on their famous house burger. Chili cones & cheeses & beef serve with fries & coleslaw. There's a many others in the menu worth trying for though such as the beef enchiladas & chicken chimichanga =]
The late comer, Joe Win, who knew that dinner was @ around 7ish & went into the cinema 5ish!
Me & bunnykins.
The all time clown =]
Headed to Brussels Beer Cafe next which is just right opposite for some drinks.
While waiting for a table, it was weekend which means it'll be effin pack!
Joe ordered Leffe Brune.
Bunnykins with Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit.
Wei Hua with Stella Artois.
And me of course, Hoegaarden White! *Thx to it, I have a beer belly now* Loves! Guess everybody have their own favourite.
Picture time with my favourite boys!
And my eh-hem "sweetheart" =="
3 Subang Wise Men. Lol. Time for new nickname perhaps =P?
And then 2 babes came to join me after their movie session. Evonne darling who's in States now. Coming back tomorrow. Miss this "nut" like hell. Grrrrrrr. And the good news is, she's turning alcoholic soon =D
And the other one, Kimberly, who's already an alcoholic *high 5 to that*
Decided to play some card games while we are at it. Loser are ask to do silly stuffs. Had a video somewhere in my lappie back at home, will upload it sometime soon =D
Look @ Brian face. Macam damn kesian betul tu.
Me with my heels. Standing up. With everybody around us looking. That was bad.
Brian losing again~
Awh. So sweet!
Kim who had to hold her tongue out for the whole round through. We was trying to keep our sillyness to our own table since we did a few rounds of asking phone numbers & silly things that attracts the attention of others around us.
Spot the drawing? It's supposed to be a frigging Mickey Mouse. Wei Hua, go enrolled yourself in some drawing classes!
Ended the night with a cup of baileys. I guess baileys, wine, champagne & Hoegaarden is sticking into my life for good now!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My 20th birthday! Or maybe not.

I just realize that I didn't even blog on my own birthday yet! And I'm not going to do that now because I don't even have most of the pictures with only a few from my camera & all other in Tamara's place! And I forget to get it from him every single time I sees him! Anyway I finally decided to upload pictures taken last month on a trip to Melaka. Well, not here in the blog anyway, it's on my facebook. Will do it later over here =] It's Saturday today so most of the people should be out partying somewhere or at some nice tourist hot spots having their much needed holiday. Tonight is going be a night for me to sleep as much as I want! Time to regain some much needed rest before my eyes really go haywire!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Raymond Lam Concert ♥

Raymond Lam, well if you guys are a fan of HK TVB series you probably know who's he. If not, well he's just an actor who first started to sing for some series songs & later start releasing his own album, now with his 3rd one. He might not be as good as many other singers but he's definitely improving. Thumbs up to him! Well he decided to come over to Genting to have his 4th concert, he's been there before for a prize award ceremony. Been keeping track of his movies when he first acted 10 years ago & when I heard he's coming to Malaysia, decided to buy his tickets for the concert but I was a little too late, all the good tickets are gone well but at least, I get to attend it.

His concert was really good, with quite a number of special guests performing although I know who they are but no idea of their name. I guess my friends wouldn't be suprise, they knew me well enought to know that I never really keep track of superstars & names & faces, I'm even bad at remembering people's faces & names! I always get into a situation where someone approach me, greets me & I will give them the blank look! Like "Huh? Do I know you? You do look familiar to me but sorry, I don't remember your name!" Bought one of his album, which was been quite some time since I last bought one, oh well, minus the special jazz/blues/oldies cds since I mostly download or opt for pirated ones once awhile.

Recorded down part of 2 of my favourite songs by him & another 1 where he duet with another guy, meant for my darling who's at Spain now! Make sure you LISTEN to that one. It's for you, and only you ♥ Camera was running out of battery as usual since I didn't charge it, forgive me =)


A picture at the beginning of concert with ok dancers, love the effect though of having lots of light bulbs on their costume.Sorry for low quality pictures. Was sitting a little too far =[First special guest! And he sang lots of my favourite songs! Some song by Eason *Kam Seng will love that song* , Jay Chou, Lee Hom! He's one of the famous actor in Hong Kong now, reknown for his sense of humour *& his lack of height XD*. Acts mostly in comedy films. He's really good though, didn't expect him to be able to sing that well.Raymond's 10-year-buddy since he enter the entertainment sector. Couldn't really sing but seen him act in a few series, quite okay.A group of rappers, I heard they are from local or something, quite good. Well I love cantonese raps for some weird reasons XD Must be the HK genes inside my blood. And 永儿 having a duet with Raymond & a few of her own songs. Forget what's her english name though, love a few of her songs but not her.Crowds going crazy because I think its not that often that a singer would get off the surrounded area & move around right below the stairs from the entrance to the arena shaking hands. He was laughing himself too, saying that the shaking hand part is not only restricted to the VIP seats but even the cheap seats. True true.At the end, when he perform with the 2 funny dudes!Singing his ultimate love song!

And this is the video meant for my darling. You better know the song name or I might whack you when you're back. And don't forget my presents ♥

So that's practically the end of the post, took me like an hour to upload all the videos, connection at work is kinda restricted in a way for uploading stuffs. Really enjoyed the concert, much more than I expect!

**Edited:Just remember something, all the while watching this concert, it reminds me of Adrian even though I don't know why, must be all the superstars performing on stage. Wonder how he's doing at Taiwan now eh? If you're reading this, I hope one day, you will able to stand on your on stage, or appear in the big screen with your own big show. Merry Christmas to you sweetie.

By the way, it's Christmas Eve tonight. Tired of all the same old Q "So what's the plan?" I seriously have no idea! Don't ask me! My plan so far is to get home & shower after work, get some sleep first & go out if I manage to wake up! Everywhere will so crowded, don't really have the Christmas mood either! Although Christmas is definitely my favourite festival of all but still, this year wasn't such a good year either! But still, a early Christmas to all my sweet stuffs out there.. MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Laundry with the childhood mates!

Met up with the golfer since he's back from Melbourne for holidays last Saturday! Not much change since I last saw him in Melbourne & like that time, he still eats like mad, but not as mad. Whenever I thought of the dinner that night with him in Melbourne, it give me creeps. 3 meals in a row, non-stop, walking from one diner the next. He must have 3 stomachs or something I guess but anyhow, I miss him lots, no restrain in talking with him. Any topic is just fine *but I think he love sex-related/golf-related* the best! Oh well, I better get back to what's related HERE before I wander off any further!

Met up with Tommy & Jenn *or was it Jehn?* Lim @ The Curve since Jacob had to be off to airport to pick his sister & Kok Keat had to pick up his sister as well somewhere in Sri Petaling. The suprise extra of the day is Khai Sing, welcome to the group! Sook Lee is left out because she had to get herself to the airport as well & fly her now-no-longer-single-body/brain to Perth for 2 weeks! So stop complaining girl, I didn't complain when you guys went lim teh the other night without me *oh well, I was working but still, without me!* Had our dinner at The Teh Tarik Place since Tommy wants something quick, too hungry to sit at a nice restaurant & wait for food to be serve in a slow speed. Was discussing where we should head next, it was raining back then, too lazy to drive, decided to head towards Library *yeah, again!* but then it was packed & was too lazy to wait for a table so we settled at Laundry then!

Tommy trying to think of what to drink. He's craving for hard liquor for unknown reasons!
But they made me make the choice at the end! And of course, I ordered the ♥ love ♥ of my life, red wine! Well, this wasn't the one I chose at the first place but they ran out of the one I wanted so well, we settled for Cabarnet Sauvignon then. It was okkaay, drinkable, but not my favourite though but oh well, it was make up by the company!
This is the newly-single-Tommy aka my dirty-minded-childhood-friend.
And this was once the 1st-crush-of-my-bff, Jehn Lim!
In replacement of my bff Chin Sook Lee is Khai Sing! Another just-turn-single after like 6 years?! *p/s: Sook Lee, I personally think you turn "coupled" at the wrong time*
And of course me! Snapped while trying to enjoy the ♥ of my life.
The 2 fellas who crap.
Me & Khai Sing. Been so long eh?
He's really someone I miss quite a lot too in a way. He's like something nice to have around but shit, who the hell brother charges their sister for using their shoulder!?!?
Me with my Junior friends!
And here come the late comer, Kok Keat! Well, at least he didn't ffk! Oh, did I ever say he's my 1st crush... You see... This is where all the history comes out... Oh well... I was young... And he doesn't have a watermelon head at that time.... And he's cute..... And we kinda had a very innocent thing going on..... Nothing physical, Tommy Chin!! But just we always sit close to each other, have sweet talk, kinda shy around each other after we ergh ergh ergh say that we **** each other.. I guess I was wondering back then how it feels like to hold his hand, but oh well, we never got to that stage. Too young.. Must be around 12?
I think I would framed this picture in gold *well if I have the $$ anyway* if I was 12!

The whole night is practically talk of "Do you remember back then......" "Oh I remember who-who-who was always like this, doing this & that...." "Look at us now........" & some secrets here & there & with the PERVERT around, a little horny talk, ergh well I guess sex just relates to everything! Can't wait for the next hangout session! Let's include Jacob, Sook Lee, & Che Wei this time as well!!

p/s: Sorry guys that I didn't make it to Jehn Lim's place for the next round. Something was terribly wrong with my eyes & I'm happy to say I threw that old pair of contacts into the drain & get myself a new one! And I'll put my specs in the car next time larhh.. It was there just took it down like a month ago!