Friday, May 16, 2008

Monday - Wednesday - Thursday.. Uh uh.. 3 nites this week over at Bar Celona.. Grrrrr.. Yesterday sucks.. Not the songs though =) The songs were nice.. Spend sum time over at Segafredo *hope I didn't spell it wrong* eating a salad.. Ya.. That's only wat I should eat now =C & doing my assignment =) Everybody was like so happi chatting, fooling around & I just gotta do my assignment.. Went into Bar Celona.. Didn't really club much.. Not into it.. Was just sending greeting all around.. But oh gosh.. Elaine was wild =) Went home early =) Not gonna stay till it close.. Too late dyz.. Got assignment rush summore.. Fui yoh!!!

Assignment assignment.. After next Tuesday *which is when my last assignment is due* it's all about studying & revising for exam dy!! Gotta work hard!! If not dad's gonna kill me.. Sobx.. I seriously hate assignments =C It's like a torture for students send from God =P But in my case.. The God is referred to Monash.. No offense to those who's religious.. I'm brought up as a free-thinker =P But Wednesday nite was fun =) Met up wid Elvin & sum of his frens.. Ken, Bryan, Fung, Elaine, Ah Sa & sum others was over there too =) Piggy headed me.. Got back my perfume & stuffs from Elvin but left my I/C wid him =-=!!

Saturday rave's.. Hrmmm.. Anybody going????

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