Sunday, September 6, 2009

A quicky lunch.

Had a quick lunch with the boys last month. Been so long since I really went out with them, can't wait till exams end for this new found place by Wei Hua =) Headed over to some place over at Subang for some sort of rice, not bad weih =P Its not the place, the food or the environment that matters. Its the people that matters =)

Bunnykins =P
A new addition: Mongul!
And well, that's me =P
Last but not least of course, will be Wei Hua. But obviously, this cute little fella decided to take pictures of us & some silly stunt & forget to take a picture of himself! Hence, I got to rely on my old pictures to show that he was there!

More of them after my exam!! Wings!!! I'm craving for wings =P

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