Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting better!

Sitting in front of my desktop in my brother's room *yesh, it got reallocated after I got my lappie becoming the "common computer" such a waste* waiting for my brother & sis-in-law to be to reach home from the airport! Today had been a great day in a way, though tiring! Picked Kay up, headed to Millenium for yummy dim sum & desserts. Next stop, Pavillion for some shopping spree. Still looking for the perfect shoes *really fussy/picky when it comes to heels* for the my dress. Gg! Tried Aldo, Charles & Keith, Guess, Eclipse, Nine West, Nose, Vincci+, Tangs, Parkson, etc. but am still not getting the shoes! The big day is approaching so so so soon! *panic panic* Manage to get a T-shirt from Pull & Bear though & a new pair of shades. Broke my old pair the other day while shopping at Bangsar. Not exactly as nice as the old one, well, my face isn't exactly that suitable for shades anyway. Headed for a quick drink *pastilah Hoegarden.. winks to Gillian* in La Bodega after that. Helped Kay picked out someone's birthday present next =P Back to Millenium hotel for my brother's big day for some reservation & stuffs, Noble House next! Just can't wait for the pair to be back, bunking up with them tonight like we always did when I was @ Melbourne. Grandparents flew over from HK early, my room now belongs to them now.
More to come. With the pictures estimated taken during the BIG DAY, the pictures accumulated in my lappie waiting to be upload will be more than a thousand! FML.
6 more days to go ♥

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