Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The month of August.

Well, its already September now. Time is flying really fast. Major assignments due dates, finals, mid-semester test, everything is approaching real soon. Been a month & a half since I'm back from Melbourne. Not much happened but like Sook Lee say, I might be suffering from pms. My mood swings are really extreme, riding on an emotional rollercoaster. I'm just a emo freak. Maybe =P I'm not exactly sure myself what's on my mind now, been trying to clear my mind up & have decisions made. Made a few decisions during the past few days but starting to doubt the decisions I made. I'm starting to hate my sleeps, because I'm having dreams that might seem sweet to other people but nightmares to me. I hate the dreams for feeling so real. I hate that it haunts me even when I sleep. Some friends said I'm a little too stressed out with the big event approaching *which I will tell when the time's right* & my workload, barely leaving time for myself to have fun. My life is officially lifeless. Its about studies, facebook, msn, sleep & repeat all over again. My english is getting shitty & I barely understood what I write most of the time. Its like when I blog, I just spill everything out, barely understanding it later. Well, its not like its a scholar paper so I might as well not care about it. Getting an average of 2 hours of sleep every night these days. Avoid sleeping if I could. I'm sick of dreaming the few same dreams every night. I'm tired of thinking/worrying/stressing out the same matters during day time. When I start focusing my work during the day, my mind finally give the same old matter a rest, I thought things might be getting better. It got worst. During the night, it spill out in an extraordinary way, way more extreme during the day, felt much more real, in my dream & the feeling stays when I woke up. I can still feel it. Its not a healthy sign.

Maybe the month of September will be a better one. Heading to Quattro tomorrow night with a few besties to chill. Why Quattro of all place, well, its because Yang gave me a whole bottle there. Maybe just what I need now. Thanks Yang, for all your advice. I'll think about it.

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