Monday, April 20, 2009

Updates =)

Okay, after much thoughts & re-reading my own past few posts, I decided to delete the crappy emo posts cause having those few posts around makes me feel shitty & kill my mood to blog at all!

The next question would be: Am I feeling better now?

And the answer will be: Hell yeah =) I'm feeling much much better with all my friends around me & getting addicted to Restaurant City over in Facebook *I know its lame! Shoot me!*

Ended up spending most of my holidays at home resting, doing my Freudian's psychoanalysis assignment over at the uni's lab with bunnykins & ended up playing Restaurant City!! Anyhow it was San's birthday on Saturday, did our hair & stuff, went over to her house, chilled around while waiting for others to arrive then start hanging around at home, drinking with her mom & friends. Lolz. Nen came after & we left early to fetch Kent & his wife, went over to Damansara Perdana for german beer & red wine. Kinda love the atmosphere over there. Reminds me of Hong Kong, open air bar & windy weather.

Due to my emo-ness lately, I didn't bring my camera anywhere I go so no pictures =)

I did lots of thinking & there's more to come but I guess there's stuff I gotta face & deal with it a.s.a.p.

Till then, its buuu-byeeee^^"

Loves =)

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