Friday, April 3, 2009

Poppy moments.

Had mahjong sessions with kor & his friends last Saturday over at Yong's house. I guess it had been around 5 years since I last met Yong. Went to have my hair wash since kor wants to cut his hair. Its another small world, apparently a friend of mine work there as the senior stylist *someone who I had lost contact with for maybe 2 years?* Makan kat Sungai Long after that when we decide to go Poppy so all of us headed home & get prepared. The only sad news is that kor decided to ffk on a last minute decision. Aiks ==" Nen came over to pick me up with Kit & met up with Kenry & his friends over there. Poppy is Poppy. Pack as usual with its Saturday crowds & the music is still kinda old with a few exception. Poker face is still my favourite =) Oh and Nen make me & him do the so-called-opening-session on the dancefloor. The club was already packed at that time but the dancefloor is still effing empty as in not a single soul there so Nen tagged me along & start dancing in the middle & wow, after 2 songs, it was fully pack. So called mission accomplished =)

The crowd dancing the night away.
- Jacklyn - Chong - Me - Nen -My 24/7 buddy. If I ever need support from someone for spilling illogical-out-of-the-world-talk, he is definitely the one!
Jacklyn & me!
Kissy kissy! Thanks babe *wink wink*
Me & Yan. She reminds me of Eunice =="
Candid moments!
Look who's here! Stephanie~ Been really long since I had seen her.
Haha. Can't wait for your finals to end & my break to come. Lets go Eve or someplace! And I'm sure Ken will not kill you. No worries *wink*
The king of weirdo!

I remember taking more pictures but too bad, its not in my camera so I assume it'll be either Jacklyn's or Stephanie's! Its a dramatic night *eyes rolling* but I'm glad everything end up okay for now =)

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