Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random babblings!

Still stuck in Monash waiting for my next Authorship & Writing class *that's a one hell torture* but feeling happy for now. Just finished my presentation for Consumer Behavior. I went like almost last & I saw all the other people's slide & stuff I got effing afraid because mine was like totally different without a target group or a product yet! I did mine based on lots of research, reports & statistics on all groups from male to female, older woman to teenagers, rich to poor, etc. & I got it all right! That's what she *the lecturer* wants! Yeah! And I just got my assignment back. 72% for 2 days of work! Not bad! Thanks God =P And the weather is no longer that torturing, its kinda windy here now & I can still afford to walk around unlike the previous day, me & Mark ended up at some office lounging area & sat there & talk in hush up voices for an hour or so. I'm blabbling, feeling great for now & can't wait for dinner later. Hoping it'll be a great night anywayz.

Bye bye for now =P Happy holidays to everyone out there!

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