Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here in Melbourne.

I'm glad to announce that I have arrived here safe & sound AND is still FREE from H1N1 guys!! This is my second day here, its already 8 something at night over here & the weather is frigging cold which is a nice contrast compare to KL's weather now but I might get tired of the cold in a few days time. The cold reminds me of something. Both good & bad. I manage to meet up with quite a few people yesterday, had fun, bought some stuffs & had some good food but was really tired because it had been a long flight & day so I decided to call it quits & had a long conversation with my brother till like 4 in the morning? My brother's off today, so me, him & his girl went for shopping, having lunch & watching Transformer *finally!!!*. And I bought 3 nighties from PeterAlexander =D!! Cheers!! That's my favourite brand here & I couldn't find it anywhere but here. I'm happy. They are currently taking a short nap. Going for dinner. Took lots of pictures but am too lazy to upload it now. Stay tune my friends!

Anyway I saw Soo's blog. Don't be sad k? Even though physically you're not here with us but we still thinks about you & misses you lots k? And I realise we both took a similar picture in the airplane with the mask on. LOL. Coincidence. But I'm not uploading it now. I love you lots honey.

May your wish come true honey. Whatever wish it is. And this is just the first picture of your 21st birthday I'm going to upload. There is more coming up but not tonight.

To Sook Lee: Read your blog. Saw what you wrote. Touched *sniff sniff*. Don't worry. I'll be back really really soon. Then we will go do whatever we want again but if its about spending lots & lots & lots of $$, then I gotta consider!! LOL!! And if you're wondering why is there no picture of both of us together at your phone, its because its in my camera & see I TOO K the EFFORT to upload it because I know you want it! Say thanks to me please..... Haha!!!

Me & Sook Lee at Pavillion. Taken 2 days before I left. Lol. I want more cheesecakes please =P

p/s: Yesterday was the birthday of someone who really mean to me a lot. She's a really special person and wherever she is now, whatever she is doing now, if she sees this, I'll just like to tell her Happy Belated Birthday. I couldn't online or call or msg anyone yesterday. Sorry darling. I can't wait for you to be back from UK. So much to tell you.

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