Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honey 21st Birthday!

This post had been delayed for more than a month. The pictures had been lurking around my computer, haunting my conscious for not uploading it. And with my trip to Melb, now there's even more pictures lurking around my computer. God bless me. Anyway this is the 21st birthday celebration of my honey, Ms. Soo Siaw Vun. Well, it was just a private celebration between me & her. Not the typical youngster-kind-of-crazy-bash-ko-ed-kind but well, it was sweet enough for me & satisfying enough for her. All she need to do was get dressed at the right time & I had everything planned.

Woke up really early in the morning to get this little gift below =)

The sunflower actually meant a lot, well, lets just say she understand it. But in general, I can put it as 2 sunflower = particular someone & me, will be accompanying her, showering her with sunshine, especially in the darkest moment of her life.
Picked her up empty handed *the flower I had it over in the restaurant in the afternoon as part of the suprise* & arrived at my chosen place, El Cerdo, a Spanish Tapas Bar.
A little picture & message meant for one of the best mates in my life. Friends are everywhere but true mates are rare jewel that are hard to find. Thanks God for crossing our paths.
And this is me =) Well, that's was the first time I cut my hair =)
And she was all suprised when the waitress brought the flower over, a picture taken.
Camwhoring with the bread basket XD
Her with her yummylicious drink.
The in-house famous Sangria, a red wine punch with the gift from me to her.
On the house complimentary soup of the day.
The mix appetizer plate that we ordered to share. The portion is really big.
My all time favourite, Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak.
While waiting for the 2nd main course we ordered which was the Oven Roasted Iberico Spare Ribs *no pictures taken =C we were too desperate to get our hand on the food that pictures were forgotten*, we took more pictures =)
Me with my cuppa of Sangria, I can say they have one of the best Sangria in town!
Poser lagi. Tired of pictures? But theres still more to go =) Much much pictures on this memorable day.
The 2nd part of the surprise, I delivered the cake with the flower together during the afternoon so that she will see me empty handed. I love the candles a lots, got it from some gift stall. The first thing that came into my mind when I first saw it was "I'm definitely getting Siaw Vun a birthday cake no matter what she says cause I'm sure she will love the candle" & the best part was, she really did!
The kind waitress offer to snap more pictures for us.
Happy 21st birthday my honey! I wish you had a great time!
Pictures doing the talking. This is so far the favourite among all the pictures post.
Oh, and on the house gift for the birthday girl. A glow-in-the-dark-pig =D Just right for the theme of the restaurant!
Loves =)
.... *ran out of comments XD*
Kisses for the birthday girl!Next, I decided to bring her over here! It's not nothing like Luna Bar of Sky Bar, its just a hotel's poolside bar but still, I'm loving the place. Great view, relaxing & with just the right atmosphere for chilling sessions! Check it out at Hilton KL Central or you can also choose the one at Le Meridien KL Central =) Soo says it feels a little like Pan Pacific over at Sutra? Maybe a little, but I will definitely prefer Pan Pac due to their ocean XD
Birthday wishes starts pouring into her phone. Busy busy. Well, it was expected =)
Me again! Obviously, duh!!!
And she starts acting all silly after she got off the phone!
Well, apparently me & Ian have similar thoughts on sending her flowers. The meaning behind might be different, but well, its still flowers & girls definitely love it.
And I hereby announce the happy birthday girl with her 2 bunch of flowers.

p/s: Honey, please click on the picture to enlarge it & read the message writen. You're one of my best & you forever will be. Loves you so much. Thanks for being my friend.

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