Sunday, July 12, 2009

People do change. They really do.

I always believe the old saying that says "Changes is the only constant thing". Its true. And I realise whether I like it or not, people around me are constantly changing, for better or for worst. I myself change too. I had been feeling lost for quite sometime, and is still feeling the same. I guess its time to really get a good grip of myself and set my foot and it and starts a new chapter of my life. I hate feeling lost. I really do.


Kenry said...

you hate feeling lost ahh...paiseh ah bring you 'yao fah yuin' the other day ==

loves cris said...

I will just take the other day as a "shit happens" day XD I no you don't mean to bring me 'yao fah yuin' right?? Dun larh leave comment here. Leave it at cbox larhh!! I seldom see comment geih!