Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random at 8 in the morning.

At this rate, I think I need to sit in front of my lappie for 2 days in a row if I ever wanna blog on everything starting from my honey's birthday since 12th of June. Which means my posts are delayed for a month & more! Terrible me! Its 8 in the morning here (6 back in KL) and I'm bring awake. Something is so wrong with me. Last night was my farewell dinner with my brother & his girl, food was awesome, wine was superb. Drinking sessions at home after that. Home-made Midori Illusion to get me really really drunk yet drinkable. At this rate, I think I might be the next one who's gonna get alcohol poisoning XD 2 more days left in Melbourne. Don't even feel like thinking about it. Holidays is coming to an end & I'm getting emo. Maybe my brother & his girl will take a short break back to KL? I'm going to pray really really hard for it!

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