Monday, June 7, 2010

Craving for some wine..

These days, I find it hard to go all into hardcore partying&drinking. Maybe its the crowd, maybe its the music, maybe its the club. Sometimes its good, sometimes its just norm. Couldn't find the excitement & the right mood for it like how I did last time. When I'm really troubled these days, I tend to buy a bottle of wine, light up some candles, put on some really soft music, burn some aroma oil & spend my night in the balcony alone, thinking, star-gazing, having a moment to myself..

Sometimes its red..Sometimes its white..

But of course, after a long blissful night, the trouble still await the following morning. Problems don't just go away by themselve, that's something I know. It needs to be faced, treated & solved. I'm still trying to find the right solution for this time. I'm tired of the old-way-apologizing-then-ignore-the-problem-because-everything-is-back2normal. Its just a really bad timing for this to happen, since it collide with other problems. And the worst part, exam is just round the corner & I find it so hard to study with the messed up mind of mine =(


Mom's coming back tomorrow & its only going to get uglier. Brace for it =(

[Day 5: Spent the whole morning & noon sulking over my family problem. I heard the conversation & heard the change of plans again from my brother. I wonder what's really on his mind. I wonder how much he changed. I just miss the old him in a way but people do grow up & move on to different stages & their priorities changes too. Manage to spend the evening going over two topic. Its only when I'm back alone, you came into my mind. Would it be very wrong if I'm missing you? I guess not right. I still regret sending you the message the other day. Hoping you will not misunderstand. Its gonna be a 60% for the day]

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