Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ts time to give up on foolish dreams & pursuit for simpler, satisfying, happy things in life.

Its time for me to give up foolish dreams & pursuit something simpler, something achievable. So many things had happened in this short month but what had passed is already the past. Its time to focus on present & work harder for a better future. Praying for a good night of sleep, free from nightmares, free from what is troubling me.

Goodnight people

[Day 0 - It was supposed to be day 3, but the promise I made to myself is broken. Maybe promises are meant to be broken, I didn't broke it myself, it just happened, all because of A & E. So starting from today, its day 0. Wasn't doing so well today, I saw the three of them in the car & I know it still bothers me. Maybe I'm just not meant to be part of this whole happy family thing. I wonder what friend really means. Then there was the incident in Empire Gallery. I know what's on his mind, its amazing at times how I know what he is thinking. Definitely not a good thing. I give myself 0%]

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