Sunday, June 6, 2010

The infamous Cold War.

There is tons of things out there that have the power to bring me down, but when it comes to family, they are the ultimate one that can bring me not down, but makes me go all crazy & haywire. The pain is comes from deep within, the problems can stress me out 24/7, drives my mind crazy, making me feels like I'm living on the verge of breaking down every single second.

When it comes to me & my parents, love can really exist between me & them. Don't get me wrong, I love them to the max, they give life to me, they shower me with all their love & tried their best to give the best damn life could me. But then, there's almost NO communication & understanding between me & them. And yet, love still exist. I tried all the ways, talking to them, arguing with them, standing strong on my point, showing it to them, all kind of ways I can think of, but till now, none prove to be success. And one more thing, the trust is no longer there. They said I betrayed their trust & yet, they never ever tried to understand for once why I did the stuff I did at times. I admit I had my faults back then, I fell & learned from my lessons but I truly believe that it never hurts to let me take a small step of my own once in awhile instead of locking me up. There's so much more & it hurts only not them but me too....

Dad, mom, both of you are the few person I love the most in the world but if only we could tried to communicate & understand, each taking a step back instead of the way it is now.. It would only be so much better =(

Anyway had a new hair cut again few weeks past but since I didn't blog on my blog for like so long, I guess its good to upload a few new pictures of mine.. Am getting used to this hairstyle & it makes me feels like I'm 15 again.. That's what my friends say anyway.. There's more description to it.. Mushroom.. Tweety bird.. Maruko Chan.. Take your pick =)

Taken before Nikki's Wedding dinner..On the way to fetch Jacklyn for massage session with the sister & Doreen =)

[Day 4: Day 2 went really well until after 4play @ Zouk, my mind was filled up by you & only you. I guess that's what happened when I force myself not to think of you for the whole day. Just when my self-control went down a lil' you came into full force in my mind & I ended up sending the "IMY" message to you. Oh God, I hope you wouldn't hate me for doing it. I just, put it that way, my feelings got a better hold of me. Day 3 was pretty normal until my dad decided to start a cold war with me. The infamous Cold War is still going on.. It makes me feels constantly down. If I'm to give myself an average rating on my emotional performance for these 3 days? It got to be 0%.]

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