Thursday, June 3, 2010

The path of thorns.

So many questions on my mind right now yet so little answers. Having long talks with friends, friends who really care about me helps so much but at the same time, I spend more time alone, searching & thinking. Maybe I just need some room for myself, to keep myself sane. Its time for me to stop walking down the path of illusion & walk to the path of thorns. It hurts me but its the right path & maybe there will be something for me at the end of the path. Its time to answer unanswered questions. Somethings that are meant to be done had to be done. No use escaping & blinding myself from a curtain I made & drawn around myself. Its time for changes to be made before its too late. Doesn't want to find myself standing in hell before its really too late. I don't believe in the saying that "Nothing's too late" because nobody knows what will happen the next minute. Its time to grow up & move on to another stage of life, leaving unnecessary things behind & truly cherishing what's really important to me.

p.s: Saw one of the pictures token in 4play the other night when I headed to Zouk. Loving the new blue dress =P Will upload it once Jacklyn tagged me with other pictures! Can't wait!

[Day 1: Today was pretty good. Manage to spend lots of time with this really good book Ian recommend to me, he knows what's best for me & I really appreciate him. Other time was spend talking to Andy, Kelly & Jeanie. Thanks for hearing me through & offering me piece of advice. I'll think about it. In a way, I'm proud of myself emotionally today, was doing pretty good despite what happened in the morning with my dad. I'm sorry dad. Giving myself a 70% because there's still moments here & there when I think of you.]

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