Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay.. Here's what happened yesterday.. Early in the morning.. Jack Shen woke me up.. Uh oh.. & I was wondering.. What wind blew this guy 2 call me? *bad feeling* Taadaa.. I'm right.. So I went 2 meet him up later.. Then he start telling me what happen.. Ask some question.. Yaadaa yaadaa.. I feel like I'm being investigate by a police =_="

Lols.. Then.. He fetched me over to Lih Yun's house.. To talk to her.. I could see her eyes all puffy.. Serious shit.. I'm confused myself.. & I seriously doesn't wanna be drag into a problem which I thought had been solved!! But somehow.. I was kinda dragged into it again.. If you guys remembered my ex, Ah Po.. You would kinda know how & what happened between me, Cons, & Yun.. Haih.. Pathetic.. Thinking back.. It's all like a child game.. But that was the past..!! Anywayz.. I made it clear.. I want friends & NOT enemy..

So.. When I reach back home.. My mind was all cramped, stressed, emo.. I fell dead on bed.. Sleep sleep sleep.. Jack called me.. Cons called me.. Sorry guys.. Too tired.. Then.. Woke up.. Feeling bad.. Really really bad.. Somemore Elvin's still working.. Haih.. =C No one to turn to.. So.. But sumhow at nite.. The problem was said to be solved.. I hope it really is!!! Yeah..


Anywayz I decided to post some of the pics that was taken a few days ago while makan-ing with Yaggy @ SS 2 @ sum Jap restaurant.. Forget the name dy.. Sushi sumthing? Or sumthing sushi?? Hehee.. Bad memories.. & later we headed to some dessert house "Kei Dak Sek" Read Read in cantonese plss =P Anywayz.. It's nice catching up with Yaggy.. Hehee.. He's funny.. Buahahaa.. & Cute?? =X Or weird =P??*ooo btw.. Yaggy just told me the name of the Jap restaurant.. Sushi Tomo =P*

The shy guy who went dinner wid me.. He's not that shy actually.. But.. Unwilling 2 show his true face..
This pic was taken by the GUY above.. It's nice though.. Looks kinda pro.. Hahaa.. Me likey =)
Starting camwhoring.. First a normal one..
This one was taken by Yaggy.. He took it 4 me..
& the stupid act of acting cute.. Buahahaa.. & I failed again^^"
Our delicious dessert.. Honeydew Sago (Yaggy's) & MY "Guai Ling Gou".. Buahahaa...

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