Saturday, March 29, 2008

I wan..

As you can see from the topic, I'm tryin' 2 tell you guys I wan sumthing..

Yes.. I have this sudden urge..

It might be due to assignments & all the crazy workload..

Or maybe due 2 the current emo-fied me.. *I found out sumthing I dun like*

I jus wan2..

I wanna CLUB!! Anybody wanna go too T_T??

Let's partayyyy like it's our mother fucking job..

Call me call me.. I dun mind leaving my number here.. All of you guys should have it anywayz..

Hotline : 012-2112835

Anywayz.. Jeanie's gonna be back next week.. It's her burfday.. Gg.. Miss my sister like crazy lar.. Thinking back & counting years, we had been sisters for 11 years & more to go..

B back soon k darlingz..

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