Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay.. I'm seriously frustrated..

Some idiotic moron or whoeva or wateva it is.. Deleted all my post from my blog.. Wtf??? When I log in to it, I was like.. !@#!@#!@# Totally gobsmacked/out-of-words..

So this time.. I make my blog private.. Yaya.. I know.. It's like so fussy of me.. But who cares.. I dun care whether how many strangers viewed me or wateva.. I just wanna spill my @!#%$^&% here & let my frens know what's going on.. Haha.. So they can keep track of me when yamcha ma.. If not.. I'll be talking about ABCXYZ then they will be like thinking DEFUVW.. Damn POTONG!!

For now, I'm using back some of the old backgrounds, but most of the side fancy fancy stuff and my beautiful white flower is gone =C Well.. I got like plentisome of assignment.. No time for all this.. I'll do it during the weekends...

Seriously.. Monash.. Grrr.. Assignments.. But.. I'm happi.. I'm more happi about sumthing.. But.. I'll post about it k? I know some of you will be shocked/suprised/bitching bout me bout how slutty I could be/wateva.. But I don't care.. Something is just now gonna work out for me.. So.. Why not chase for my rainbows & happiness now?

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