Monday, March 30, 2009

Night out to Classic.

Argh. At least I fulfilled my promise to Ginn =P Didn't really feel like going out that night because was starting to get sick *am still sick now =C* but when Ginn called me for god-knows-how-many-time & I had promised her back in the past to hang out with her, I decided to join her over at Station 1 located at Pandan Indah. Met her friends & was playing card games when they told me they are heading to Classic because some friends of their is dancing/singing there for the night as a replacement or something =="

Everybody, meet Ginn =)
- Bell - Me - Ginn -
Shit, I forget this guys name! Sorry! I'm really really bad at remembering people's name =C
Vincent on stage! He gave me his name card which is writen with the position "Financial Advisor" but he teaches part-time dancing & he can sings too. A fan of Jacky Cheung I assume =P
Ah Xing & Ginn
Bell & Ah Xing
Cheers people!

It was a great night. Everybody was being extremely nice & friendly & kinda click during conversations. And Classic wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Kinda nice, something like Devils.

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