Sunday, August 2, 2009

I doesn't even have enough time for myself.

The title says it all. I rarely have time for myself these days. And when I have the time for myself, most of it will be spend on my bed. To catch up some much needed sleep. And I don't even blog anymore. Most of the time the pc is just switched on after classes and left open while I sleep. Anyway I finally got to persuade what I had wanted for quite some time, which is environmental management. Kinda rare, but worth it. But it takes up all my time. Maybe I'm becoming a little lifeless. There's so much I want to blog about but I don't have the energy for it. Just went on the field trip for my environmental studies today. Took samples from the lake, rainforests & river for comparison & report purposes. Went jungle-trekking, wade through rivers & do all the nature stuffs. Too tired to talk more. Will blog in a few days time.

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