Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sook Lee 21st Birthday♥

Once again, I manage to stay away from my blog for God-knows-how-long. Guess I'm not really into blogging mood these days. And I manage to forget how good it feels to have a place I can vent out all I want. Yes, I have Twitter for that purpose, but oh well, the limited word count for each post really pissed me off at times, so blog is still the place where I can write all I want even if it ends up longer than my essay? I pity my friends who read this, or maybe if they need a bed time story, they can just click in here & read & sleep. Lol.

Uni has started again & I'm trying hard to change my bad lazy habits & trying to attend more lectures & tutorials & do all my laboratories works & shits. But habits are hard to change but I'm still working hard on it. Want a change of lifestyle too, wants to stop wasting time on useless things & that include useless people too. Sleeping at the right time at night is a tough thing to do these days & that leaves an exhausted me the following day since I'm no longer in the holiday time zone where I can sleep till whatever time I want to. Oh well, that's life.

The pictures below are taken from one of my best girlfriend's 21st birthday, Sook Lee, which I organised for her. And oh yes, her birthday is during January, which was 2 months back. Yes, a much much delayed post but looking back at my blog's achieve, I realize I haven't even blog about my Melbourne trip & my birthday, both which happen last year so don't be surprise one day if you guys suddenly see two ONE YEAR OLD posts one day... But that will be the day...

Back to my very-the-dear Sook Lee's birthday. She wanted to celebrate at the place I celebrated mine last year which was K-Box, no clubs & bars for her as well but ended up I suggested a nice restaurant, just the place for a private party/dinner with a few of her friends. Memorable enough for her I hope. So dear, is it good enough for you? Or you had imagine it to be better & I failed you miserably?

The birthday girl♥The black & white table setting. The party was black & white themed but forgive me for adding the colourful "Happy Birthday" banner thing at the back, just want to do it =]
Cupcakes that reads "Happy 21st Birthday Bitch" as the cake & dessert =]
Rushed there right after work to get the decorations & settings up. Had the last minute confirmation & plans with the manager over there too. By the time everything is done, its time for a short break. Chilled outside with a glass of white wine♥ Loving the environment lotsa!
Came across these 3 utterly adorable siblings outside, playing at the playground.
The toddler♥
And the brother who came back and ask me to "take another picture" of him because he dislike the first one. Lol! Definitely not a camera-shy-kid!
Me & the birthday girl♥
- Jeleine - Sook Lee- Cristine -
Another shottt with flashlight!
And definitely the wrong shot of me & the 9 years brother-sister-relationship, Tommy Chin! People do get the wrong meaning, but oh well, who cares♥
The primary school mates! Cheers♥
With the cupcakes♥
Group pictureee! Barely fit into the camera. Was it a total of 28pax huh?
Big MaMa ♥ Sook Lee ♥ Cristine
End up chit-chatting with Big MaMa the whole night after dinner. Catch up time because when I flew to Kota Kinabalu, she wasn't there so we decided to do the catch up session in KL. One of the Sabahan I grew to love♥ lots.
Last duty of the night, to count the money & pay the bill. End of work! Hooray!
Headed next to Decanter @Sri Hartamas for drinks with the primary schoolmate. Oh, I think I forget to mention, the private dinner was organised @ B I J O U, Mont Kiara. Nice food, nice ambience, nice drink. Definitely the place to go♥
Me being the poser with the alcohol while my brother Tommy decided to look all serious & smiling. He's definitely the wild one, not me k?!
- Tommy - Me - Jenn Lim -
Me & Jacob the biscuit
Jeleine & me.
Kissing the glassss.. Poser betull... Hahaaa...
To drink or not to drink?
Well, wine is still the love♥ of my life. Bought a bottle from Decanter which was really really good at a really cheap price. Product of South Africa, medium bodied, definitely good. Headed to friend's place for a heart2heart / wine night session after. It was a hell out of a night, definitely one of the memorable ones in my life.

[I'm feeling useless at the moment now after everything that had happened recently. In a way, it makes me feel myself that I had managed to fail in almost everything, business, studies, relationships & maybe even friendships huh? I know it might sounds wrong to say it, but I definitely misses you at times like these. I miss the way you care for me, the way you will be there for me despite the time I call you, the way you will not ask a single question & listen to all I had said before you judge or comment & most important, the way you will offer me a hug before & after everything. And the way you will smell me even if I had not showered all day. Lol!]


eS-eLLe said...

You did great! Trust me. =)

Cristine said...

Lol. I always trust you. I always do. And I always will =P