Monday, March 1, 2010

1st day of Uni is the ♥

Monash has officially started their lectures, tutorials & labs which mean I'm to resume my uni life again for God know how many more years. Drove all the way back to uni for my first & only frigging one hour lecture *which consist of introduction of the course =="* & I'm free. My all time favorite herbalist bunnykins then pergi ber-chillin' with me at the much missed place SnowFlake @ SS15! Just the right food on hot humid weather we are having these day! Sat there catching up, chatting all kind of nonsense & non-nonsense & practically waste our time there till Evonne & Andrew arrived, Evonne being the sweety brought cornflakes & cupcakes for us & Andrew brought huge lolli for bunnykins & me from Brunei.

Asia Cafe the next stop for solid food for the hungry couple. Weather got a lil' too hot that we decided to head up to the pool-foos area for air-conditioned area & a drink!
The all time common-favorite. It's a sad case that Hoegaarden is not available in most places yet!And a few round of pool with the babe & boys! All I can say is I manage to lose all the round. They went foos next, which I had totally no idea how to play after all these years! If you think my pool sucks to the max, wait till you see me foos cos you'll think you're dead & had gone to hell!

Back to Evonne's crib for mahjong later with Juice. First time seeing him so adorable & cute while playing mahjong! Mahjong is going to remain my favorite past-time weih♥ First day of uni was a lil' too chillin' & I do feel guilty for it =[ But I can never say NO to a good drink & a few rounds of mahjong can I? Argh!

Back to earth CRISTINE CHENG! Time to aim distinction on all my units!! Oh, wait a minute, drinks with the girls tomorrow first =P

Na-night people! Much loves♥

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