Thursday, March 25, 2010

A lil' update with some awfully nice pictures♥

As usual, I stayed away for days from my blog again. Maybe my life's just too death to be blogged about. The reason that I'm blogging now, is not because of the blog or anything but I just need a reason sneak a lil' time off my reports & quizzes & assignments. Skipped the whole day of lectures just to catch up with my work. Was really busy for the past week, same old reports here & there, a research field trip for my Ecology studies for the whole weekend, in which I got bitten with more than hundreds of mosquitoes. Literally it was the mosquitoes' New Year that day in the forest & I'm apparently their main dish. My sensitive skin reacted real badly to the bites. It went swollen & red & it hurts & burns like mad. When I thought it was just about to get better, the after/secondary-allergic-reaction came! *Bang* Went to the doctor who gave me an injection right on my right cheek butt *sobs*, lotsa medicines that makes me go dizzy & woozy & an MC for 2 days which ended me on bed sleeping off the 2 days. So here I'm in the uni library camping, trying to catch up with my workload by tomorrow!

Anyhow the pictures from my field trip was not uploaded yet but I manage to found some really interesting shots of the photographer that came along with us. These pictures was from the field trip last year but it was taken at the same place & oh well, the pictures was just wonderful. Superb. Pictures courtesy to Yong, the photographer & our lovely demo too.
Enjoy =)
The beautiful sunset from the 100 years old lighthouse located in Bukit Melawati. The vast forest beneath that, oh well, that's two of our research spots.
1st research spot: The Mangrove. Practically, its the kind of habitat located near to rivers/oceans & its all muddy. No hard rock soil for you to walk in, plain mud.
And you can sink really deep in if you walk in the wrong spot. Above is a picture of a senior sinking into the mud, you can practically see half of his body went into the mud. That's how deep it can does! Beware people
Found this shot in the folder too. No idea if it's a worm or a caterpillar but it sure do look interesting *breathing hard.. still trying to overcome my own phobia towards worms*
2nd research spot: The secondary forest which hundreds of years ago, used to be mangroves. In it, you can come upon hundred-years-old mangrove trees!
I just love all this shots. Shots of nature, the creation of God.
And this is our 3rd research spot, located at Gombak: The primary rainforest.
The unpolluted Gombak stream/river inside the forest. If you are to drive in Gombak area, you can see the river most of the time but it definitely looks way much different from here, yellowish, muddy & polluted. This is how its supposed to be in fact given the chance that we human take cares of it & not pollute it for our own convenience.
Beautiful isn't it?

[Lots of people was surprised when I decided to switch from my Double Degree Business & Communication course to the current one, Bachelor of Science in Envinronmental Management. Most of my friends did come up to me and ask me the infamous million dollar question "Why?" Oh well, I seriously had no answer for it. Interest perhaps? And the knowledge I gained through this course might not be the million dollar tip on how to invest on the future markets or how to be the best CEO but its something really meaningful, given you the basic understanding of this place we're living in & all its other inhabitants. In a way, it gives me more insight of lifes, at the same time, more questions towards it too. But for now, I'll just try my best to walk on this path that I've choose.]

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