Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday =_="

Went to Jeanie a.k.a. my dearest sister 18th burfday.. Boohoo.. No pics due to some private happening.. Haha..

Fetched Elvin to Hang Tuah over to his fren's place.. Next round.. To Ruums.. Bill's informal burfday.. Yaya.. Why Ruums?? The only reason is bcox Ken's spinning over there that nite =C I wasn't even dressed up at all.. No make up.. Nothing.. Ahhh.. Who cares.. Pics will speak for itself =)

Bill wid his burfday cake.. It was 3 sumthing when we cut the cake at the club.. Haha.. Gotta wait for Ken 2 finish his work..
Me & the burfday boiii... Wheeee.. See my so unfit dressing for club? Lolz..

Next we moved on to Ken's studio for next round.. Haha.. Pics taken at his studio.. All guys are gila gila drunk dy.. Ken.. Bryan.. Bryan.. Bill.. & another I 4get his name.. Posing.. Hahhaa..
If you find Ken very familiar, he's also known as Master K if I'm not wrong.. Spinning at Bar Celona.. Hahaa.. Ken & Bryan giving Billy his burfday kiss...

And out of random.. A picture me & Bill & Bryan took during Thursday when we went over to Bar Celona in pyramid.. Haha..

Nice??? Hahaa... I know what you gurls are thinking.. Bryan's such a hottie.. Yeah.. True.. But.. 2bad.. He's a player.. Boohooo....

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