Sunday, April 20, 2008


I woke up 2day, feeling like the world had come to an end.. Pathetic rite??? Went breakfast wid parents after emo-ing on my bed for a whole 2 hours!! Gosh!! Came back.. Decided to start on my account's assignment *which I'm still getting nowhere* Couldn't concentrate.. So I grab my laptop & everything I need & headed out to 太子 cafe over at Sedaya.. Sat there, start doing assignment.. Got stuck.. When Nen called me up.. It's like.. GodSENT!!! Decided to meet up over at Station 1.. Went over there around 1 sumthing..

We started chitchatting & crapping like crazy.. Till 5 sumthing.. He made me think bout lots of things.. Mind start clearing up.. Went home.. Then went to visit my granddad who's in hosp.. Dinner after that wid my parents.. Talked bout my plans going to Aus.. Talked bout my future.. Talked bout my bro who's over there & his plans.. Till now, I had no idea on when I'll go over to Aus.. It's all up to me, my parents said so.. Drank wine wid my dad.. Came home late..

Gillian came over & fetch me & went yamcha over at 茶屋.. She always know when I needed her the most.. Talked talked talked.. Or should say I was singing over there.. Thinking sum stuff over.. & I feel much better now.. I finally came face to face wid it.. Glad =) It will take sum time for me to get you out of my heart completely.. But I'm rdy to be frens wid you if you wan it..

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