Friday, April 18, 2008

It came to an end..

I remember the 1st day we were 2gether.. It came so unexpected, so fast, so innocent, so unintended..

I remember the short precious moments we spend 2gether when our love still burn like a razing fire deep inside us..

I remember the later days when I started to feel like I'm all alone in this world and the feelings start to fade and mixed up wid other emotions..
I remember the day when our story had reached its end..

I remember starting to drown myself in alcohol.. The bottle of Absolut I kept wid me, came in handy.. I started drinking..

I remember tasting my own tears, I remember how I wanted everything to be jus a nightmare..

I remember telling myself it's the best for us 2..

I remember getting myself lost in the world of drunken bliss for 2 days..

And now..

I remember waking up this morning, lying there, my mind sobering up..

Lying on my own bed, I came to a few answers..

I wanna say 10x to you, for loving me so much..

I wanna say 10x to you, for creating beautiful memories 2gether..

I wanna say 10x to you, for being my friend =)

And I wanna sat 10x to Gillian, Constance, YoYo, Sook Lee, Simone, Bryan, Sam, Ken, Fung, Kenji, Darren, Fung, Hoi, Loon, Daniel, Jackson, Dee for being there for me.. You seen the fallen side of me, seen me crying like a child, seen me emo-ing like a freak, seen me drunk like a madwoman, seen me crapping like a idiot.. But you guys was still there, offering me a hand to pull me up when I fall.. For that, I'm grateful because during the darkest moments of my life, you peeps showed me care..

I nearly had an accident just now, I was driving, & my mind wanders off to you again.. I didn't realised that I steer the wheel too hard.. Crashing the side, nearly got hitted by a car & crashing the traffic light..

At that moment, I finally woke up, I realised that losing you makes me breakdown inside.. It's useless to be 2gether if it makes either one of us sad.. I doesn't want that.. The wound inside my heart, will cure itself as time passes by..

10x for everything you had given me..

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