Friday, April 25, 2008

Brief updates.. I'm lazy =P

I'm exhausted.. Seriously.. Gonna go back to my home in Cheras... &.. DROP DEAD!!! Off phone n everything.. Who knows.. I might =P

Monday.. Nth much.. Classes & everything.. Assignment finally done!! Surprisingly.. Nick & Kiat Thai called up.. Went yamcha.. Buahahahaa.. Lots & lots of catch up.. Old peeps neva die =P

Tuesday.. Find Bryan & Ken & others yamcha.. Yamcha dy.. Say wanna sing K.. End up.. Going Flam.. Going Coco Banana.. Going Bar Celona.. They said they wanna have sum drinks?? *as if we haven't have enuff* And some stories happened.. Will post it in another blog.. Wanna do all the bitching & swearing.. Jk jk..

Wednesday.. Went Ruums.. Some frens burfday.. Drank like mad.. Due to the "happening" during Tuesday.. Wednesday nite.. I was gone.. Seriously gone.. Walking in the swaying way.. Vomitted & everything..

Thursday.. As usual.. Ken's working day.. Went over to Bar Celona again.. & I feel so dead now.. But thx to Bryan.. For all the chatting & stuff.. He cheers me up.. Hahaa.. Nice guy =) On my way on falling for him.. As best buddy =D!!!!

I finally got some pics from Ken's hp.. Will post it next..

Love ya guys.. To Ken.. Sleep well.. Haha.. To Bryan.. Stop skipping class & club lesser, sleep more.. To Fung.. It's your off day.. So.. Enjoy =)!

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