Thursday, September 4, 2008


Remember the happy moments you went through & be grateful of it..
Remember not to stay down over small matters as life is much more than that..
Remember to give everything you have in everything you do..
Remember to appreciate your loves one & cherish them..
Remember to love yourself before you love others.
Remember to look at the half-full side of the coffee instead of the half-empty side..
Remember to look everywhere around you & do not miss out all the people around you..
Remember to look at mother nature & appreciate what God has created for us..
Remember to be yourself & not someone else as life is short & there isn't much time to waste..
Remember to be always satisfied with what you have =)

Didn't know what got to me.. Just feel like listing out some thoughts of mine.. All this thoughts are something that everybody know, but they always tend to forget.. Life isn't that long that we can go waste ourself out.. Live every moment to its fullest & no regrets.. Having regrets wouldn't change the past.. Why not live a better future?

Loves Cris =)

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