Monday, September 29, 2008

Currently back in Hong Kong.

I'm currently back in Hong Kong & not gonna be coming back for a few weeks.

Most of you must be asking: What about your class? The answer is I went back before my mid-sem break started & I'm going back only after it has ended.

There is a few things that happened in KL recently that made me feeling kinda down & low, which I didn't blog about due to assignments & stuffs but some close friends do know about it & if you are one & you doesn't know, feel free to chat with me if you ever see me online in MSN. In short, I'm trying to escape/forget/run away/or face it, I don't know what I want from my stay here, but I think is to sort out my own heart & thoughts, & move on.

Meanwhile, it's all about my cousins & family over here. Gabby is getting bigger by day & she's adorable. She makes me feeling all over in love with babies. But I guess I was never out of love with babies.

Loves =)

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