Monday, September 22, 2008

Phone stolen

For the past few days, many of you had tried to reach me & found me unreachable. My phone had been robbed/stolen by some indian fella called Roy. Suprisingly, he had did these or maybe other things that offence people lots of time that now, some people out there is looking for him. Meanwhile, I had went to Maxis just now & got my simcard back. Hence, you guys can still look for me using the same number. I'm using an old phone of mine now, hence many new contacts are gone. Please update me. Thanks.

Oh, btw, I'm thinking of getting the new Samsung Omnia but it is freaking expensive right now. Aiks! Don't feel like asking my dad to get it for me though, cause he seems to be facing some financial problem of his own now. Gillian & Chris suggested that they will cash in along for my new hp for my birthday gift. It's all about me myself saving lots & lots of bucks now. How sweet of them =)

A lil busy with my assignments now.. No updates till then..

Loves.. & Hatred & daggers to the Roy a.k.a. the fucktard Indian fella who stole my phone.

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