Monday, September 8, 2008

My weekend^^

Weekend had been a bliss, filled with lots of light chilling around Cheras.. Went to Newway with Jack on Saturday, then off to some saloon as he wants to cut his hair & got my hair wash over there.. The people there can massage really well but too bad, they are bad at blowing hair =C Headed to Gamebox after that, dota time.. Lose 9 9 as usual.. Due to the suckiness in my skill, I think any people who team with me will end up losing.. Arghhh =) Headed home after that & end up staying at home doing nothing but having long talk with Ian..

He pointed out lots of flaws in me which is so true.. Like I said, the flaw is so true & even me myself admit that it's no good to have those kind of attitude & personality as it will harm my future career, relationship, family, everything.. Nobody is perfect in this world, that I gotta admit.. Anyway I can't say I'll try to change as that's me & that's all the flaw that make up for who I am today.. But I'll try to if I can as some flaw really sucks lots!! Aiks.. Hope I can do it =) 10x baby =)

Hrmm.. Sunday night, doing nothing but chilling around at home doing nothing.. Aiks.. Back in Sunway dy, now over at Ken's studio.. Getting sleepy.. Previously I did post a post on Angel & I'm glad to say, thing is getting along well with her.. In fact, she's here with me now over at Ken's studio.. Maybe there is still someone outthere I can call a friend.. I doesn't know what future has in place for me but I guess all I can do is face it with all I have.. For now, I'll appreciate the moments that she & me has to share.. Happy =) Lols.. Card game for now.. Guess I gotta run..

Aiks.. It's gonna be busy for the next 2 weeks for me.. Lots of assignment.. Imagine all 4 of my major assignments due on the same week..!! Oh gosh.. Headache.. Coincidently, Ian's assignments are all due in the same week as me.. Hahaha... I seriously miss Ian now =) It's about 3 over in Melb now, which means it's about time my lovely brother wake up & get ready to work.. At the same time, I think Ian is sleeping like a pig now.. To say I'm a pig.. He's the pig.. Buahhahaaaa...

Loves =)

Btw.. To Steph & Jakalyn (Hope I didn't spell it wrong), life is just too short to waste time over small matters.. Everything that you guys went through, I went before too.. But when everything is over, you guys will think back & laugh back at how silly life can be.. It's a stage everyone goes through & take it as a lesson, an experience.. Steph, just ignore everything k^^? Enjoy the moments you have now with your boyfriend & I'm sure Ken will want it the same way too.. Btw I miss Ken lots! He messaged me the other day from South Africa, he say he miss Malaysia lots & the people over here & he told me that he only tends to miss the people even more when he can't see them.. This will teach him a lesson to appreciate us more.. Cheers =)

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