Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dedicated to my one & only lougong, Chim Yee Yin..

Our lovely highschool time.. Remember how I always love to kiss you & hug you?!? Those hugs & kisses will remain with you..
& this picture is for all the night you spend at my place.. Sleeping & sharing your heart & wearing my cloths.. Lols.. Loves..

By the time I'm writing this post, my lougong a.k.a. YeeYin is already over at Shanghai, getting used to her new environment, meeting up new people, starting a new life over there, pursuing her dreams in chinese medical.. I will miss her lots..

Lougong, I'm sorry I ditched you on Friday which was your last day over in KL.. The reason I did so was I can't bare to see you leaving me and I'm afraid I'll bawl and cry like a kid.. I tried calling you on Saturday morning, but I couldn't get through.. I was so happy when I receive your msg all the way from Shanghai.. Remember to take care of yourself over there.. It's a new life, meeting up with new people.. With your personality, I'm sure everybody will like you & stop being so shy & try open up to other people k?

By this time next year, you will be in Shanghai & me in Melbourne.. I don't know when we will meet each other again, but every moment of not seeing each other will just make me miss you even more.. You're one of my best girlfriend & will always be.. No matter what happen, just give me a ring or msg & I'll try my best to be there for you.. I wish you luck in your studies & I'm sure you will give your everything to it..

Memories of me & you will always stay inside my heart..

I will keep my promise of having you & ONLY you as my lougong (I mean girl ones) & there will never be other lougong for me.. & I'll be your notty lil but one & only loupo k?

P.s.: Don't poke me with those needles when you come back k^^?

Remember all my love to you.. I love you lots & lots & lots.. Muaacksss.. Kisses for you.. & I'll send my hugs & kisses & care & loves through air to Shanghai to you k???

Please don't forget me k lougong?

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