Friday, May 29, 2009

Random pictures of April!

Didn't really blog much this two months & when I logged in today, I happened to find something funny in my chatbox. I would just love to comment that my blog is a space meant for me & my friends so I don't really care much about what other people think & say cause I'm still being stubborn, sticking back to the believe that blog is a personal space for me & my friends =) Say what you guys want =) And if nobody did anything, then there is no need to feel guilty and the gossip is just something I heard. No offense meant =)

April had been a hectic month, so is this one. Life in uni is stressing me out *I'm frigging regretting why I choose Monash at the 1st place* and I managed to hand in two of my assignments late, one which if I failed, I will be considered failed for that particular unit which means I'll be wasting about 4k of cash for nothing & retaking the whole unit next semester *fingers crossed* The other sad outcome out of this stressed-period will be I managed to gain extra two kilos T_T Part of the reason will be all the birthday dinners and weddings I went to this month. Yeap! There goes another bachelor, my super Mario! My mushroom man is no longer single & is now wed, expecting to be a dad in 7 months =) Congrats to you & you did a good job during your wedding & ah-hem "bachelor party" *I don't even know thats considered as a bachelor party =="* I managed to meet up with most of my Cheras kakis during the wedding =) I didn't take any pictures because my camera had ran out of battery & it had remained that way since the beginning of this month! I'll wait for pictures from J.R. then =) Will blog more this weekend. Till then, enjoy a lil' random pictures from my phone!

Don't really remember when I took this picture. If I'm not wrong will be before my Telok Gong double Ds session *drinking & dining* with Nen, Ken & his wife. I remember I was waiting for about an hour before they came over & pick me up XD
Me & Sook Lee! Went over to FunOK for a lil' gathering. Always one of my best girls =)
My frigging pale look with eye bag due to assignments. To my oh-so-dear Sook Lee, you +oil for your exam, I +oil for mine. Let's see who dies first XD
Introducing you Sook Lee's lifetime lover, Mr.Mango *its actually a mango sago but according to her, anything that comes in mango flavour she'll still loves it* & my little icy treat for this weather, honeydew sago with our lone cup of ice lemon tea!
This place is actually another version of The Apartment, perhaps a cuter & funkier version.
Anyway I love places which I can sit on the floor =)
While hanging out in the infamous "bus station" of Monash, we spot something! See the chicken?!? Bunny!?!? I want wild chicken for dinner XD
Dinner session with Abel, Bunny & others in Asia Cafe.
The crazy fella who's sedang pening dekat Penang sekarang =) I miss you lots & no worries, everything will be okay k? Time will heal everything, sour or spicy or bitter or whatever taste you're tasting now lar. Eat more cakeys =)
Well, me & him actually went on a quick shopping trip to Pavillion but ended up spending the whole day over there cause we were waiting for both of our stomach to get empty & makan our all-time-favourite Subway!
And this is a new chilling dessert, just right for this weather that my honey introduce to me last month, located opposite Asia Cafe, SS15 on the second floor. Try it out =) Its a Tawainese dessert. Nice hanging out spot anywayz =)

Back to uni stuff then =)

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