Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poppy again on the 25th April 09.

I guess I'm becoming a frequent customer of Poppy's despise all my complaints. Lol! I was actually planning to stay at home that night when Stephanie called me & ask me to Poppy with the girls. Mom just went back to Hong Kong & dad's away so I decided to go last minute with them. Drove over there & met up with Jacklyn & Jeanie. Bump into freaking lots of people that night, Ah Loon, Xian Zhi, Kean How & the whole bunch of my Cheras boys, Daniel & Andrew & the PJ darlings, Ken & many many others! It was a happy night, well till the drive home & something unpleasant happened. Anyhow I heard lots of juicy stories, seen lots of drama, to conclude it, a damn happening night lar weih!

And here is something I didn't upload for a long time. Pictures!
This is my favourite picture of the night! Kenny was laughing really loud when he saw this particular picture. Try to imagine what he's thinking when he saw this!
- Me - Stephaine - Cally -
The other babes =P
The peace pose! Acting cute but failed =C
Btw, some of the pictures is contributed by Kenny's camera so the colour's a bit different! I'm the only one looking normal in this picture! Oh-ho!
Me & my sister. She's starting to grow up at last, glad of it =)
Sisters in the back, still sisters now, & hopefully so is the future =) 12 years & counting =P
Me & Jacklyn =P
- Kenny - Jeanie - Me -
The three of us again!
Someone that didn't appear in my blog for a long time! The missing friend of mine that become a 24/7 perfect boyfriend to Ashley, his beloved babe! Lol! Ken!!
The party people =)
The 3 babes =)
And here come the chau tut pictures =P There's more of it but its all in my facebook =P
Haha. I hate Kenny who spend the whole night taking all this chau tut pictures larh!
Wondering what the heck I was doing =P

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